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WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results, Highlights & Winners: Rhea Ripley retains the World title

Published at :February 24, 2024 at 8:03 PM
Modified at :February 24, 2024 at 8:10 PM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Ripley dominated Jax, Becky & McIntyre won the Chamber matches, Cody want The Rock and much more!

WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Premium Live Event is officially over and it is one of the must watch pay-per-views on the road to WrestleMania 40. This is one of the extreme road block on the road to WrestleMania, where a number of extreme moments happened. A number of matches for WrestleMania 40 has been confirmed in the show and WWE had a great reception from the Australian Fans. Get to know what happened on the Elimination Chamber 2024: Perth, as we came out with the complete summary, highlights, results and winners of this year’s Chamber PLE.

Elimination Chamber 2024 Summary & Highlights

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match- Kabuki Warriors (C) vs Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae

WWE Women's Tag Team Match
WWE Women’s Tag Team Match

Indi Hartwell got a major pop from the home crowd and she starts the match with Kairi Sane. Indi took down Kairi with a shoulder tackle. Kairi locks Indi’s head and Indi powers herself up and big booted her. Candice tagged in and they came up with a double team offence. Asuka got tagged in and bullied LeRae. Candice fights back and looks to control Asuka. Candice went for the top rope and Kairi took her down, when referee is distracted. 

Kairi looks to take Candixe down, bur wnded up landing shoulder first in the turnbuckle. Asuka stopped Candice from tagging Indi. Kairi flew from the top rope and took down Candice. Asuka tags in and took Indi down. Kabuki Warriots work as a unit and took control of Candice. She took down both and tagged Indi in. Indi is fired up and took both out.

Indi hit a spine burster on Asuka, and to Kairi over Asuka again. Indi took Asuka and tags LeRae. Indi hit a face burster and Candice hit a Lionsault. Asuka took Indi in control, but Indi tags Candice in. Kairi stopped their double team plan offense and took Indi out. Kabuki Warriors hit their finisher Reverse DDT-Insane Elbow combo for the win.

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

Women's Elimination Chamber Match
Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

Becky Lynch (1) and Naomi (2) started the match. Both grapple in the ground and Lynch took Naomi down with a shoulder tackle and Naomi gave it back. Both look for a quick cover, and both perform arm through on each other. Bith caught each others leg and thr tackle game continues. Naomi hit Becky with a step-up enzigiri and drove Lynch face first to the turn buckle. Becky hit a drop kick to the face and both took the fight to the ridge. Naomi hit Becky fsce first to the steel chain link and delivered a leg drop from the chain rope.

Tiffany Stratton (3) entered the match and took both down with her gymnastick skills and a double drop kick. Tiffy hit a spine burster on Becky and blew her face firsr to the floor. Naomi hit a cross body from the top rope on both and took both with a splash on the opposite corners. Becky fights back and Tiffy strikes her. Tiffy took both Naomi and Becky to the shoulder. Naomi escapes and Tiffy hit a rolling slam on Becky. Tiffy went for the top rope, where Becky stops her and hit a back drop.

Liv Morgan (4) entered the chamber and is fired up and she took Tiffany Stratton a number of ride to the glass pod. Liv hit a backstabber in Becky and took control of the match. Liv hit them knee to the face and hit a Code Breaker on Becky. Tiffy stops Liv’s momentum with a souble foot shoulder stomp. Tiffany and Naomi went for the steel ramp, where Lynch brutally attacked Tiffy down.  Liv went for the middle rope to land on Tiffy, where Naomi hit a sun set powerbomb from the top of Glass pod. Tiff used the impact and pinned Naomi to eliminate her.

Raquel Rodriguez (5) entered the match, where she took shot on Tiffany and Lynch. Raquel swings Tiffany to the steel chain. Raquel and Liv Morgan fight each other and Raquel took Liv to the steel ramp and hit her with a vertical suplex on the chain link. All the three members tried their best to eliminate Raquel and burried her, but she kicked out, bodies were down everywhere.

Bianca Belair (6) entered the match and took Tiffany to the glass pod, took Liv down and hit a vertical suplex on Becky. Belair clears the house, but Raquel is still on the feet. Belair and Raquel showcase power, where Raquel drags Belair out. Raquel looks for a vertical suplex, but Belair hit a Tornado DDT on the steel ramp.

Tiffany toom Belair out to the ramp and attack Raquel, where Liv stood over the pod and landed a Senton on Raquel. Becky and Tiffy fight on top of the pod and Tiffy pushed Becky down over Raquel. Tiffy flew from top of the pod and delivered a Swantom bomb on everyone. Tiff and Liv fight each other and Liv hit a Flatliner from the top rope. Tiffany is eliminated.

Raquel hits a power bomb on Bianca Belair to the steel chain link and to the ring. Raquel chokeslammed Liv and hit a senton from the top rope. Becky tried for a DisArmer on Raquel and she powered up both Becky and Liv. As Raquel toom both down, Belair hit a KOD to Raquel to eliminate her. 

The EST dominated the match, where she took both down and hit a lionsault on both of them. Liv hit a backstabber on Belair, but Belair took Liv a swing to the steel chamber. Belair looks to punish Becky, but Liv stopped her and hit a couple of step up enzigiri. Liv sent Belair to the glass pod. Becky hit a DDT and Reverse DDT on Belair and Liv.

All the three went to the corner and Liv jit a sun set Powerbomb on Belair. Becky hit a missile drop kick on Liv, but not enough for the pinfall. Lynch went for the top rope, Liv stopped her and hit a super-plex. Belair hit a 450 splash on Becky, but Becky has her knees up.

Liv countered KOD and Manhandle slam with a Code breaker and rolls Belair to eliminate her. Becky hit a Manhandle Slam on Liv Morgan and pinned her to win the Women’s Elimination Chamber match. Becky Lynch (Winner) won the Women’s Elimination Chamber match and will be the challenging the Women’s World Champion at WrestleMania XL.

EliminatedWrestlerEnteredEliminated by
1Naomi2Tiffany Stratton
2Tiffany Stratton3Liv Morgan
3Raquel Rodriguez5Bianca Belair
4Bianca Belair6Liv Morgan
5Liv Morgan4Becky Lynch
WinnerBecky Lynch1

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match- The Judgment Day (C) vs New Catch Republic

The Judgment Day vs New Catch Republic WWE
Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match

When the Ring Announcer abou to introduce The Judgment Day, Dominik Mysterio grabbed the microphone. Dom introduced and he got the boo from the Assie crowd too. Bate and Dunne took Dom out of the ring and the match began.

Bate got fired up right away and took Finn Balor down with a splash and a standing moonsault. Pete Dunne got tagged in and he targets Finn Balor’s hand. He extended the fingers and stomped over tbe elbow. Bate hit a senton from the top rope. Damian Priest gets the tag and he hit a big right hand in Bate.

Priest hit a Falcon Arrow on Bate and tags Balor in. Finn locks Bate’s neck and slows down the momentum. Bate breaks the lock, but Finn locks the sleeper hold. Priesr got tagged in and stopped Bate from tagging Dunne. Priest punishes Bate, by locking him in the corner.

Priest distracts referee and Dom hit Bate. Priest looks to finish off things, but Dunne breaks the pin. Priest threw Dunne out of the ring and tags Balor in. Bate fights back, taking Priest out and tags Dunne. He is fired up and takes down both Balor and Priest with a Moonsault from the top rope to outside the ring.

Bate got tagged in and he took Balor with a vicious Clothesline. Priest got tagged in and he lands brutal strikes on Bate. Balor blind tags in and both take Bate in control. Balor land stomps on Bate with the help of the bottom rope and looks for a swingblade, but Bate took him to a swing.

Priest tried to attack, but Bate took him on the shoulder and took him for a long ride. Bate tags Dunne in and he flew over Priest. Dunner hit his finisher on Balor and looks for the pinfall, but Dom took Balor’s leg to the rope. Dom is sent out and Balor used the distraction to hit the swing blade, and a drop kick. Balor went for the Coupe de Grace, but Dunne caught him and poke his fingers. Bate & Dunne hit a double Tyler Driver and Priest breaks the pin.

Priest tried to take control, but Dunne and Bate took Priest down with a double elbow attack and a Burming-hammer. Bate and Dunne punch Priest and took him to the corner with a drop kick. Priest is sent to the top rope and The Cath Republic looks for a Vertical Super-plex, but Balor stopped them. Priest hit a double, Down from heaven Chokeslam and Balor hit a Coupe De Grace for the win. The Judgment Day retained their Tag Team titles.

Grayson Waller Effect- Seth “Freakin” Rollins & Cody Rhodes

Grayson Waller Effect WWE Elimination Chamber 2024
Grayson Waller Effect

Austin Theory is on the ring and says that it is disguisting to be there in and showed hatred to the Australian crowd. Theory then introduced “The Aussie Icon” Grayson Waller. Waller took a Shoey! 👟🍾 before entering the ring. Waller played the Aussie! Aussie! Oye! Oye! with the Australian fans. Waller introduces Seth “Freakin” Rollins to the stage and the live crowd is growinh crazy with the Woah! Woah!, singing Rollins’ song.

Waller calls out Cody Rhodes stating that who cannot able to finish his story! Cody Rhodes had a great reception from the Australian Crowd, who sung his song way too loud. Cody asks Perth what do we wanna talk about, but Waller stops him and says the crowd to Acknowledge Roman Reigns.

Waller asks who Seth wants to face at WrestleMania 40. Rollins says that the chamber is stacked up and he has news for them and said that he is days away from getting medically cleared and says that the opponent has no chance to win.

Waller asks Cody, why he took Roman Reigns vs The Rock, the greatest WrestleMania main event away from them. Rocky Sucks! chants went wild everywhere. Cody says that he is a fan of Rock during his teenage and if we was here, he will say that he is a candy and Waller said that he will call them Cody Cry Babies. Waller is in favor of The Bloodline. Cody says that Rock is once a people champ, but a people champ should be around the people.

Cody has some announcement, he says that Rock slapped him on the face and challenges Rock for a one on one match anyplace any time. Rollins says that he admires his bravery, but when it comes to Bloodline, there is no one on one.

Rollins says that if he got to face The Bloodline, he’ll be having his back. Waller tried to cut off, but Theory pulled the mic from him and mimic The Rock. They heard enough. Cody hit a Cody Cutter and Rollins hit a stomp on Theory. It seems like Waller is turning face, as he watch his friend being assaulted by them.

Men’s Elimination Chamber Match

WWE Elimination Chamber 2024
Men’s Elimination Chamber Match

LA Knight (1) and Drew McIntyre (2) start the match, where McIntyre chops Knight and he strikes back with a neck-breaker. Knight hit an elbow from the top rope. McIntyre took Knight to the corner and threw him over. CM Punk chants from the crowd triggered McIntyre as he mocked CM Punk’s GTS finishing move and looks for the GTS, but Knight escapes.

Knight hit a sunset powerbomb onto the knees and took Drew to the steel ramp. Knight blew McIntyre face to Logan Paul’s Pod and then to Kevin Owens pod, where Owens strikes from inside the glass. Knight is having total control of the match.

Kevin Owens (3) is unleashed from the pod and attacks both Knight and McIntyre. He sent McIntyre out on the steel ramp and targets Knight. Drew came back and took Owens to the top rope. Owns pushed him down and hit a frog splash. McIntyre hit a powerslam to Knight.

Owens hit a code breaker on Drew and landed as a senton on Knight. Owens mocked all the stars inside the pod and took Drew to the top repe. Owens and Knight work as a unit and looks to have a vertical suplex to McIntyre. However McIntyre pushed both of them and hit a cross body on them.

Bobby Lashley (4) is unleashed and he took McIntyre. McIntyre stopped him soon with a Belly to Back suplex. McIntyre looks for a Future Shock DDT, but Lashley countered it and took McInyre to the steel chamber. Lashley hit a suplex to McIntyre on the steel ramp and looks for a hurt lock. McIntyre gets inside the ring and hit a Glassgow kiss to Lashley. Lashley threw McIntyre with a powerful slam. Owens super kicked Knight and Lashley but not enough for a fall.

Randy Orton (5) is unleashed and he took both Kevin Owens and LA Knight. Orton hit a powerslam on Owens and hit a DDT of the steel ramp. Lashley hit a face burster to Orton, Flat liner to McIntyre and Spear to LA Knight. McIntyre took Lashley shoulder first to the ring post. Knight took Drew down with a DDT on the steel ramp. It seems like Orton is hurt lower back and he still delivered a back drop to LA Knight. 

Logan Paul (6) looks to enter the match, but Owens entered hit pod and attacked him right away. Owens pushed Paul through the glass pod and hit his groin on the pod. Logan Paul fights back by sending Owens to the chamber. Owens quickly fired up and hit a vicious clothesline.

Lashley sent Owens breaking the pod and speared Logan Paul threw the pod again. Lashley broke two pods back to back. When Lashley tried to recover, Drew McIntyre hit a Claymore on him. Lashley tried to fight Knight, but Drew hit another Claymore and eliminated Bobby Lashley.

Knight and Drew are the two men standing. Knight hit a vertical super-plex on McIntyre and hit a BFT to Orton and McIntyre. When Knight tries to pin McIntyre, Styles came from nowhere and attacked Knight with a steel chair. Styles hit a Styles Splash on the Chair to Knight and McIntyre pinned him to eliminate LA Knight.

Owens was fired up and took all the other three down. When Owens looks for a swantom bomb on McIntyre, he had his knees up. McIntyre looks for a Claymore on Owens, but Owens countered with a Pop-up Powerbomb. Owens then hit Logan with a Stunner. However Orton hit him with an RKO to eliminate Kevin Owens.

Orton is suffering pain in his lower back and he has face off with Drew. Both exchange hands and Oron took Drew down. Orton changed his focus to Logan Paul and looks for a vertical super-plex, but Drew stopped him with a shot to the back. Drew hit a neck breakker on Orton and kicks up, where Logan Paul hit a cross body from the top of the pod. Logan Paul brought the Brass Knuckles and tease of attacking them, but Orton hit an RKO out of nowhere to Logan Paul to eliminate him.

It came down to the final two between Orton and McIntyre. Both are running out of gas. Orton hit an elevated DDT to McIntyre and looks for an RKO. Orton measured McIntyre, but got countered with a Spine burster. McIntyre looks for a Claymore and Orton seems he hurt his back so hard.

Orton is struggling to stand on his feet, but he hit an RKO on Drew. When Orton looms for a pin, Logan Paul re-entered the chamber and knocks out Orton with the brass knuckles. Drew pinned Randy Orton and won the Elimination Chamber. Drew McIntyre (Winner) won the Men’s Elimination Chamber and will be heading to face Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40.

EliminatedWrestlerEnteredEliminated by
1Bobby Lashley4Drew McIntyre
2LA Knight1
3Kevin Owens3Randy Orton
4Logan Paul6
5Randy Orton5Drew McIntyre
WinnerDrew McIntyre2

Women’s World Championship- Rhea Ripley (C) vs Nia Jax

WWE Elimination Chamber 2024
Women’s World Championship Match

Rhea Ripley was celebrated by the home crowd in Australia and had a great reception. The match began with Nia Jax pushing Rhea, but she quickly fires back wirn a kick to the face. Ripley looks for a Riptide, but Nia counters taking her down and hit a senton. Ripley fights back, but Nia took Ripley down and hit a leg drop.

Jax continues to assault Ripley by tearing her hands apart and stomping to the floor. Jax punishes Ripley’s back and leg. Jax trash talks with Ripley’s family member and took her over the the shoulder to bend her. Ripley counters with a Gelatine and Jax threw her down.

Rhea Ripley fights back with chops tk rhe chest, buf Nia muscled her with a couple of powerbomb. Jax delivered a leg drop to the back of fhe head. Jax went for the second rope and Ripley makes Jax hanging. Ripley stomped her on the mid section and takes control.

Ripley hit a couple of clothesline and Jax hit a Samoan drop on her. Jax went for the leg drop, but landed with nobody holds. Ripley climbs the top rope, but Jax caught her and hit a Samoan drop from the middle rope. Jax looks for Annihilator, but Ripley took her to the shoulder and lands her face first to the turnbuckle. Ripley hit a Frog Splash from the top rope, but not enough.

Ripley looks for a Rip-tide, but Jax sent her out. Jax looks to kick Ripleu on the face, but she pulled her leg and dropped her face first to the apron. Ripley clears the announcement table, but Jax hit senton and flying elbow drop to break the table. Jax took Ripley to the ring and hit an Annihilator, but Ripley kicked out.

Jax looks for another Annihilator, but Ripley pushed her to the apron. Ripley tried to fight back, but Jax pushed her. Jax climbed the top rope, where Ripley hit a vertical super-plex from the top rope and hit a RipTide for the win. Rhea Ripley wins the match to retain her Women’s World Championship.

Elimination Chamber Results 2024

  • Asuka & Kairi Sane of Kabuki Warriors defeated Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.
  • Becky Lynch won the Women’s Elimination Chamber match by last pinning Liv Morgan.
  • Damian Priest & Finn Balor of The Judgment Day defeated New Catch Republic to retain the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.
  • Cody Rhodes challenged The Rock for a singles match.
  • Drew McIntyre won the Men’s Elimination Chamber match by last pinning Randy Orton.
  • Rhea Ripley defeated Nia Jax by pinfall to retain the Women’s World Championship.

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