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Top five interesting WWE Elimination Chamber facts that may surprise fans

Published at :February 12, 2024 at 5:00 PM
Modified at :February 12, 2024 at 5:00 PM
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The WWE Elimination Chamber PPV has become a staple event in the wrestling calendar since its inception in 2010, marking its fourteenth edition in 2024. Alongside other gimmick PPVs like Hell in a Cell and TLC, it has provided fans with memorable matches, surprising moments, and controversial booking decisions over the years. From pivotal storyline developments to noteworthy statistics, the event has left its mark on the wrestling landscape.

Despite occasional criticism for questionable choices, both in storytelling and match quality, the Elimination Chamber remains a highly anticipated event, offering a unique blend of athleticism and drama. As fans eagerly await each year’s installment, they reflect on the event’s rich history and eagerly anticipate the excitement and unpredictability it brings to the world of professional wrestling.

Here are Five interesting facts related to WWE Elimination Chamber that may surprise fans:

5. Chris Jericho has done the most eliminations

Chris Jericho is the master of surprises and sly maneuvers. He has etched his name in the annals of Elimination Chamber history. With a whopping 10 eliminations across eight heart-pounding matches, Jericho stands tall as a titan of the Chamber. Yet, despite his dominance, his lone triumph within the unforgiving structure came with a dash of controversy and a sprinkle of assistance.

Who could forget the cunning plot in 2010, when Shawn Michaels played the role of the ultimate wingman? With a well-timed superkick to the Undertaker, Michaels paved the way for Jericho to snatch the World Heavyweight Championship right under the Deadman’s nose.

It was a moment of brilliance and conniving strategy that solidified Jericho’s status as a crafty and calculated competitor. While victory may have eluded him on other occasions, Jericho’s legacy within the Chamber remains unmatched, a testament to his unparalleled skill and ingenuity.

4. Triple H started the Elimination Chamber match in WWE

The Elimination Chamber made its electrifying debut in WWE in 2002, introduced to fan by then-General Manager of Raw, Eric Bischoff. But the man behind the idea is none other than “the Game” Triple H. Designed as a diabolical structure to intensify the brutality of traditional multi-competitor matches, the Chamber quickly became a staple of WWE’s pay-per-view calendar.

Its intricate steel construction and unique format added a thrilling dimension to championship clashes, where competitors battled not only each other but also the unforgiving steel surroundings. Over the years, the Elimination Chamber has provided fans with unforgettable moments and served as a proving ground for the toughest and most resilient WWE Superstars.

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3. Shayna Baszler created history in 2020 (Won by single-handedly eliminating all the superstars)

In a ruthless display of dominance, Shayna Baszler bulldozed her way through the competition in the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match, leaving a trail of bodies in her wake. Like a force of nature, Baszler entered the fray at No. 4 and wasted no time in making her mark.

With precision and ferocity, she dispatched Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan in record time before turning her attention to Natalya, whom she treated to a painful encounter with a Chamber pod door.

Liv Morgan, despite her resilience, found herself succumbing to Baszler’s relentless assault, leaving Asuka as the final obstacle in Baszler’s path. As the stage was set for a showdown of epic proportions, Baszler’s dominance loomed large, setting the stage for a collision of titans at The Grandest Stage of Them All against Becky Lynch.

2. Triple H has won the most Elimination Chamber matches

Dubbed “Mr. Elimination Chamber,” Triple H has etched his name in WWE history with a record-setting four victories inside the devilish structure. His dominance began in 2003 when he pinned the seemingly invincible Goldberg to claim victory and retain his championship.

Two years later, The Cerebral Assassin seized the vacant World Heavyweight Championship in another memorable Chamber match. In 2008, Triple H added yet another triumph to his resume, securing a world title shot at WrestleMania. His final Chamber conquest came in 2009 when he outlasted all others to snatch the WWE Championship from Edge’s grasp, solidifying his status as the undisputed king of the Chamber.

1. The Undertaker’s coat caught fire

The Undertaker’s entrance is a cornerstone of WWE’s presentation, with its dramatic elements creating an unforgettable atmosphere. However, at the 2010 Elimination Chamber PPV, his entrance took a terrifying turn. As the World Heavyweight Champion, he entered the bout as a late entrant, spending an unusually long time in his pod.

When he finally emerged, a mishap with one of the pyros engulfed him on fire, creating a scene of panic and chaos. Despite the ordeal, The Undertaker remained in character, swiftly shedding his cloak and hat and rushing towards the Chamber. Many initially mistook his urgency for intensity, unaware of the danger he faced. This incident showcased The Undertaker’s professionalism and commitment to his character, even in the face of adversity.

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