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Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill win WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at Backlash 2024

Published at :May 5, 2024 at 12:52 AM
Modified at :May 5, 2024 at 12:52 AM
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Darshanbir Singh

The dynamic between Bianca Belair and Damage CTRL has certainly been one of the most intense storylines in recent WWE history. With the addition of Jade Cargill to the mix, the rivalry has reached a whole new level of excitement. The momentum she brought from her impressive debut on SmackDown, coupled with her alliance with Belair, Naomi, and the resolve to take down Damage CTRL, has shaken up the landscape of the women’s division.

The addition of Jade Cargill to Bianca Belair’s team provides a formidable force against Damage CTRL. Cargill’s dominant presence, combined with Belair’s athleticism and Naomi’s experience, poses a significant threat to the reigning champions. However, Kairi Sane and Asuka are no strangers to adversity, and their cunning and resilience make them dangerous opponents.

The upcoming showdown for the gold promises to be a thrilling encounter, with both teams bringing their A-game to the ring. It’s a clash of power, skill, and determination, and the outcome is anyone’s guess. But one thing’s for sure: the WWE Universe is in for an electrifying showdown as these two teams collide.

What happened in the Tag Team Titles match?

Next on the line was the Women’s Tag championship match. The first to make their way to the ring were Kabuki Warriors accompanied by Dakota Kai. Next to make their way to the ring was Bianca Belair, who had an incredible week with WWE draft and after here, it was Jade Cargill who made her way to the ring with an electrifying entrance.

The match was started with Bianca and Asuka punching each other and Bianca with a shoulder tackle. The pin was attempted but failed. This was followed by a submission move by Asuka and then a vertical suplex by Belair. Cargill was tagged for the very first time in the match, same with Kairi Sane.

Kairi was then caught by Cargill who hit her with a back breaker and furthermore tagging Belair again, thus dominating Kairi Sane. Kairi rolled herself out of the ring followed by a kick to Belair, stunning her at the ring side. The match was finally dominated by the Kabuki Warriors. Belair was tried to be pinned but it failed. The tag was made to Asuka but both the wrestlers were dominating Belair in the ring.

Kairi was tagged again with the pin attempt but failed. Asuka was tagged and Belair moved out of the harms way. The Champions were trying to keep EST away from the powerhouse and they were successful as they prevented the hot tag to happen. There was a double team move but the pinfall never happened as Belair kicked out at two. Finally, the hot tag happened and from the start, she dominated the two heels, thereafter a chokeslam to Kairi and then pinning her, who was saved by Asuka.

Jade wins her first championship at WWE

The match was dominated by Warriors when official told Kairi that she wasn’t legal and the momentum changed. Both Belair and Cargill were locked in an arm bar, thereafter, both of them countered it and this is awesome chants were present here as well. Cargill tried the Double Chokeslam but never happened.

Belair used double team with Cargill but the pin was never successful. Belair was hit with a shoulder first and then an insane elbow. The pin was saved by Cargill interfering in the match. The heel term was thereafter hit with KOD and Cargill’s Finisher move and we have the new Champions.

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