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Five possible reasons why Imperium were split up on WWE RAW

Published at :April 23, 2024 at 6:53 PM
Modified at :April 23, 2024 at 6:53 PM
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(Courtesy : WWE)

Darshanbir Singh

After months of tension within Imperium, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci seemed to be reconciling. However, on WWE Raw recently, after a loss to The New Day, Kaiser viciously turned on Vinci, attacking him outside the ring. This betrayal shattered any hopes of their reconciliation, leaving Vinci battered and their partnership in ruins.

The shocking turn of events leaves Imperium’s future uncertain and sets the stage for a bitter rivalry between the former allies, as Gunther seemed happy with what Kaiser did, it will be no harm in saying that there are plans for them, let’s have a look at them closely:

A Singles run in store for Giovanni Vinci

As a singles competitor, Vinci could undergo a character evolution, showcasing new facets of his personality and skills. Whether he adopts a more aggressive in-ring style or explores different aspects of his character, Vinci’s solo run allows for growth and development as a performer.

While Gunther can go for the main event storyline, Vinci can obviously be seen as someone who can challenge the United States Champion or the Intercontinental Champion.

The best one between Vinci and Kaiser

Giovanni Vinci’s singles run in WWE could ignite a fierce feud with former partner Ludwig Kaiser, showcasing the intensity of both competitors. Vinci, driven by betrayal, seeks to prove his worth against Kaiser, setting the stage for a personal and high-stakes rivalry.

Their clashes would not only demonstrate Vinci’s resilience and determination but also highlight the dynamic athleticism and in-ring prowess of both wrestlers, captivating audiences with their explosive showdowns.

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Gunther leaves Imperium

Free from leading Imperium, Gunther can now operate independently, focusing solely on his own interests and goals. This newfound autonomy grants him greater flexibility and control over his career trajectory.

He can pursue championship opportunities, engage in fresh feuds, and develop his character without the constraints of faction leadership, positioning himself as a dominant force in WWE’s singles competition.

New plans for Ludwig Kaiser

With Kaiser always being under the shadow of Gunther, The Imperium split provides an opportunity for character development and evolution. He could undergo a transformation, delving deeper into his motivations and backstory to become a more complex and compelling character in WWE’s narrative landscape.

Could it be the point where Kaiser wins a mid-card Championship, thus avenging Gunther’s defeat and Gunther wins the World Championship? We will find that out in the near future.

Vinci goes back to the NXT following WWE Draft

Giovanni Vinci might opt for an NXT return as he potentially had a very good time there. He can go to revamp his character and skills. This stint offers a platform for him to explore fresh personas, hone his in-ring abilities, and engage with fans in a novel manner.

By immersing himself in NXT’s vibrant environment, Vinci can undergo a transformative journey, emerging as a revitalized and dynamic performer ready to make a significant impact both in NXT and potentially back on the main roster.

With the WWE Draft coming, it is possible that Kaiser and Gunther also split up eventually. With both of them parting ways, WWE can try and look for new ways in which they can help all three wrestlers to mark their presence in the Company, at all the shows including SmackDown, Raw and NXT. It will be interesting to see how the story progresses in the upcoming shows.

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