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Tanga Loa arrives in WWE as The Bloodline defeat Randy Orton & Kevin Owens at Backlash 2024

Published at :May 4, 2024 at 11:32 PM
Modified at :May 5, 2024 at 12:04 AM
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Darshanbir Singh

Tanga Loa is the younger brother of Tama Tonga.

The only match with no Title on the line started when, with Tonga’s assistance on the day of his debut in WWE, Sikoa shockingly attacked his brother Jimmy Uso on SmackDown following WrestleMania, claiming The Tribal Chief had given the order. The next week, the carnage persisted as Tonga crashed into Kevin Owens‘ before Solo and his “MFT” attacked KO in a gory manner because of what he had said to the faction members the week during which Tama Tonga debuted and attacked Jimmy.

One week later, scarcely had Solo and Toma arrived at SmackDown when Owens stormed in seeking revenge, starting an intense brawl that lasted all the way to the ring. Owens was ultimately overcome by The Bloodline’s two-on-one attack, even though he was engaged in a never-ending battle within. That was, that is, until Randy Orton showed up to level the playing field, making it possible for KO and The Viper to send The Bloodline packing.

Paul Heyman was openly instructed by Nick Aldis to have The Bloodline ready for the WWE Draft episode of SmackDown. Thus, the SmackDown General Manager didn’t waste any time in setting up a match that put Sikoa and Tonga against Owens and Orton in light of the ensuing chaos.

The match begins between The Bloodline vs Randy Orton & Kevin Owens

The match was the kickoff match for the Backlash and also started with an electrifying entrance of Kevin Owens, after that, it was the viper Randy Orton who made his entrance with a singalong from the crowd, the entrance was as good as the wrestler and it was visible that they loved it. The 11000 people in Lyon, France were so good that they announced everything with Samantha, who was at the ringside.

Solo with Tama Tonga and WWE Hall of Famer Paul Heyman arrived at the ring with a loud boo from the audience, Tama Tonga was said to have his first match at WWE after he made his debut with questions arising who is the Tribal Chief and the chants of “We Want Roman” from the crowd. The match started with a brawl without the bell even ringing.

There were officials everywhere as it was out of hands of everyone with Owens stunning the security and chaos unfolding. The match was followed when Nick Aldis came and announced that the match is a street fight with no rules, where Orton was handling Sikoa and Tama was being handled by Kevin Owens.

All the four wrestlers were in the WWE Universe, it was Kevin Owens who was giving a beatdown to Solo and Tama Tonga jumping on him from behind with the face team in the control and Orton slamming Tonga on the announcer tables again and again with Solo on the steps. Tonga was hit by a garbage can after that and on the other hand kendo stick attacks were made to Solo Sikoa.

The match was followed when tables were taken out and the Bloodline was dominated for the very first time, as said by Cole. Finally, it was the time when the animal like Kevin Owens put Tonga through the table. Solo thereafter put Orton through a table with a Samoa Drop. It was then time for the Bloodline to dominate as they gave a brutal beatdown to Kevin Owens with kendo to the ribs from Solo and getting a boo from the audience with you suck chants for the heel team.

Tanga Loa makes his WWE debut

Solo was put through the table as Owens made a counter earlier. The match progressed with Tonga bringing out the chairs and then stalked by Orton before a powerslam, we saw the Vintage Orton after that and then an RKO before a pin which was saved by Solo with Solo Sucks chants still being on.

While Solo placed Randy on the table, there was an RKO outta nowhere on the table and thereafter chairs to Tonga by Owens in the middle of the Ring, hitting a Brain Buster through the chairs to Tonga. As he went for the pin, it was Tanga Loa, Tama Tonga’s brother who came and pulled the ref out of the ring followed by the Samoan Spike to Kevin Owens and then a pinfall, thus winning it for the Bloodline.

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