BAI selection trials: Full schedule, fixtures, results, live streaming details

M Sudharshan

May 7 2023
BAI Selection Trials Badminton

Lakshya Sen and Kidambi Srikanth are the top shuttlers taking part in the badminton trials for Asian Games 2023.

The BAI selection trials for Asian Games 2023 is set to be held in Hyderabad from May 04-07. World Championships 2021 medallists Kidambi Srikanth and Lakshya Sen will be spearheading the men’s singles contingent. The BAI (Badminton Association of India) has been conducting selection trials for major team /individual events for the past year. On the other hand, few players with good form from recent tournaments and high BWF rankings are given automatic entry (top 20).

A total of 20 players (10 men and 10 women) will be selected for the Asian Games 2023. Out of the 20, six spots have been assigned directly and the remaining spots (14) will be selected through the ongoing trials.

Selected players for Asian Games 2023 (Direct Entry)

HS Prannoy, PV Sindhu, Satwiksairaj Rankireddy, Chirag Shetty, Gayatri Gopichand, and Treesa Jolly.

2012 Olympics bronze medallist, Saina Nehwal is the only notable absentee from the trials due to an injury.

Top Seeds for selection trials

Men’s Singles – 1. Kidambi Srikanth, 2. Lakshya Sen, 3. Priyanshu Rajawat, 4. Mithun Manjunath

Women’s Singles – 1. Aakarshi Kashyap, 2. Malvika Bansod

Men’s Doubles – 1. MR Arjun/Dhruv Kapila, 2. Krishna Prasad/Vishnuvardhan Goud

Women’s Doubles – 1. Shika Gautam/Ashwini Bhat

Mixed Doubles – 1. Rohan Kapoor/Sikki Reddy

Total spots available 

  • Men’s Singles – 3
  • Women’s Singles – 3
  • Men’s Doubles – 1
  • Women’s Doubles – 1
  • Mixed Doubles – 2

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Trials Format

The men’s and women’s singles players will be divided into groups. 

The Men’s singles section is divided into two stages

Stage 1 – Players to play round-robin matches within the group

The top two ranked players from Stage 1 shall proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – The four players will play in the round-robin format and decide the positions from (1 to 4).

The women’s singles section too consists of two stages and the process remains the same as that of men’s.

For the doubles events, there will be only one stage with all pairs playing round-robin matches to decide the final standings.

Where and when to watch BAI selection trials live telecast in India?

Unfortunately, the BAI selection trials will not be live telecast.

Where and when to watch BAI selection trials live streaming in India?

The BAI selection trials will be live-streamed on BAI YouTube channel.

BAI selection trials fixtures, schedule and results

May 04

Men’s Singles

Group B

Bharat Raghav lost to Lakshya Sen (14-21, 9-21)

Bharat Raghav lost to Sai Praneeth (21-18, 10-21, 16-21)

Maisnam Meiraba lost to Mithun Manjunath (20-22, 21-12, 11-21)

Lakshya Sen beats Maisnam Meiraba (21-14, 18-21, 21-16)

Women’s Singles 

Group A

Ashmita Chaliha beats Aakarshi Kashyap (21-15, 21-19) 

Aakarshi Kashyap lost to Unnati Hooda (15-21, 18-21)

Shriyanshi Valishetty lost to Ashmita Chaliha (10-21, 21-11, 14-21)

Shriyanshi Valishetty lost to Unnati Hooda (19-21, 9-21)

Group B

Malvika Bansod beats Anupama Upadhyaya (21-5, 21-11)

Aalisha Naik lost to Malvika Bansod (13-21, 7-21)

Aditi Bhatt beats Aalisha Naik (21-16, 21-14)

Aditi Bhatt lost to Anupama Upadhyaya (13-21, 21-11, 16-21)

May 05

Men’s Singles

Group A

Kidambi Srikanth beat Ansal Yadav (21-12, 21-11)

Sidhanth Gupta lost to Kidambi Srikanth (14-21, 16-21)

Priyanshu Rajawat lost to Sidhant Gupta (14-21, 17-21)

Priyanshu Rajawat beat Ansal Yadav (21-10, 13-21, 21-12)

Group B

Mithun Manjunath beat Bharat Raghav (21-13, 21-15)

Maisnam Meiraba beat Bharat Raghav (23-21, 21-17)

Sai Praneeth lost to Lakshya Sen (10-21, 17-21)

Mithun Manjunath beat Sai Praneeth (18-21, 21-9, 21-13)

Women’s Singles 

Group A

Unnati Hooda lost to Ashmita Chaliha (18-21, 22-20, 17-21)

Aakarshi Kashyap lost to Shriyanshi Valishetty (Walkover)

Group B

Anupama Upadhyaya beat Aalisha Naik (21-13, 22-20)

Malvika Bansod beat Aditi Bhatt (16-21, 21-16, 21-14)

Men’s Doubles

MR Arjun/Dhruv Kapila beat Nithin HV/Sai Pratheek (21-17, 21-18)

Krishna Prasad/Vishnuvardhan Goud lost to Suraj Goala/Pruthvi Roy (21-14, 17-21, 23-25)

Women’s Doubles

Radhika Sharma/Tanvi Sharma lost to Shika Gautam/Ashwini Bhat (24-22, 11-21, 15-21)

Mixed Doubles

Rohan Kapoor/Sikki Reddy lost to Sai Pratheek/Tanisha Crasto (17-21, 22-24)

Hariharan Amsakarunan/Varshini beat Hemanagendra Babu/Kanika Kanwal (22-20, 23-21)

May 6

Men’s Singles

Group A

Ansal Yadav lost to Siddhanth Gupta (11-21, 21-17, 15-21)

Kidambi Srikanth beat Priyanshu Rajawat (21-18, 21-17)

Group B

B Sai Praneeth lost to Maisnam Meiraba (Walkover)

Lakshya Sen beat Mithun Manjunath (23-21, 21-18)

Stage 2

Mithun Manjunath lost to Kidambi Srikanth (24-22, 13-21, 14-21)

Lakshya Sen beat Siddhanth Gupta (21-17, 21-11)

Women’s Singles (Stage 2)

Malvika Bansod beat Unnati Hooda (21-13, 21-14)

Ashmita Chaliha beat Unnati Hooda (21-17, 21-19)

Ashmita Chaliha beat Anupama Upadhyaya (21-12, 21-16)

Anupama Upadhyaya beat Malvika Bansod (21-16, 21-18)

Men’s Doubles

Suraj Goala/Pruthvi Roy lost to Dhruv Kapila/Arjun MR (14-21, 14-21)

Krishna Prasad/Vishnuvardhan Goud lost to Nithin HV/Sai Pratheek (19-21, 21-13, 21-18)

Women’s Doubles

Tanisha Crasto/Ashwini Ponnappa beat Radhika Sharma/Tanvi Sharma (21-16, 21-13)

Mixed Doubles

Hemanagendra Babu/Kanika Kanwal lost to Rohan Kapoor/N Sikki Reddy (12-21, 21-15, 15-21)

Hariharan Amsakarunan/Varshini VS lost to Sai Pratheek/Tanisha Crasto (15-21, 15-21)

May 07

Men’s Singles (Stage 2)

Kidambi Srikanth beat Siddhanth Gupta (21-13, 21-16)

Lakshya Sen beat Mithun Manjunath (21-17, 21-18)

Kidambi Srikanth beat Lakshya Sen (21-15, 21-14)

Siddhanth Gupta beat Mithun Manjunath (15-21, 9-21)

Women’s Singles (Stage 2)

Malvika Bansod lost to Ashmita Chaliha (21-7, 15-21, 9-21)

Unnati Hooda lost to Anupama Upadhyaya (16-21, 23-21, 18-21)

Men’s Doubles

Dhruv Kapila/Arjun MR lost to Krishna Prasad/Vishnuvardhan Goud (17-21, 21-14, 17-21)

Nithun HV/Sai Pratheek lost to Suraj Goala/Pruthvi Roy (11-21, 16-21)

Women’s Doubles

Shikha Gautam/Ashwini Bhat lost to Tanisha Crasto/Ashwini Ponnappa (18-21, 13-21)

Mixed Doubles

Rohan Kapoor/N Sikki Reddy beat Hariharan Amsakarunan/Varshini VS (21-13, 21-18)

Sai Pratheek/Tanisha Crasto beat Hemanagendra Babu/Kanika Kanwal (Walkover)

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