What are the criterias for qualification to BWF World Tour Finals 2023?

Ruby AgarwalRuby Agarwal

November 20 2023
BWF World Tour Finals 2023
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Current world champions have been awarded directly entry for the competition.

In the thrilling world of badminton, the pinnacle of competition is undoubtedly the BWF World Tour Finals. This prestigious tournament brings together the crème de la crème from the badminton world, offering a platform for the top eight players or pairs in each discipline to showcase their skills on a global stage.

However, earning a spot in this coveted event is no simple feat, as players must navigate through a rigorous qualification process that adds an extra layer of intensity to an already competitive sport. In this article let’s discuss the qualification scenarios:

Qualification process for BWF World Tour Finals 2023

The journey to the BWF World Tour Finals commences at the culmination of the BWF World Tour circuit. Top eight players and pairs in each category in the BWF World Tour Rankings will be invited to compete, with a maximum of two players or pairs per Member Association being eligible.

Only the best 14 results from BWF World Tour tournaments during the year will count towards the BWF World Tour Ranking, and of the best 14 results, a maximum of three results from Super 100 tournaments will count.

Prior to applying the rules of the qualification process, the world champions in each category are awarded direct entry into the competition. So, only seven spots out of the eight is mathematically available to the shuttlers. The final list of athletes qualified for the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2023 will be confirmed after the China Masters 2023 (November 21-26)

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Eligibility Criteria

Beyond the rankings, players must meet specific eligibility criteria to earn the right to compete in the BWF World Tour Finals.

  1. Affiliation with a National Badminton Association: Players must be members of a national badminton association recognized by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). This criterion ensures that participants are legitimate representatives of their respective countries.
  2. Age Requirement: Players must be at least 18-years-old on the day of the tournament. This age stipulation reflects the physical demands of high-level competition and ensures that participants are prepared for the challenges that the BWF World Tour Finals present.
  3. Health and Physical Condition: To compete at the highest level, players must be in good health and peak physical condition. This criterion underscores the demanding nature of the sport and guarantees that participants can endure the rigors of elite-level badminton.
  4. Language Proficiency: A unique criterion sets expectations for participants to be able to speak and understand English. This linguistic requirement ensures effective communication and contributes to a seamless and globally accessible tournament experience.

Confirmation and contingencies

Upon being selected to participate in the BWF World Tour Finals, players face a critical step – confirming their participation in writing to the BWF by a specified deadline. This ensures clarity in the roster and allows for the seamless organization of the event.

In the unfortunate event of injury or illness preventing a selected player from participating, the BWF has provisions for replacement by a reserve player. This contingency measure ensures that the tournament remains competitive and showcases the best talent available.


The BWF World Tour Finals stand as a testament to the dedication, skill, and determination of the world’s top badminton players. The qualification criteria act as a stringent yet fair filter, ensuring that those who grace the court are not only at the pinnacle of their sport but also embody the values of excellence and sportsmanship.

As the badminton world eagerly awaits the next edition of this illustrious event, the qualification process remains a captivating chapter in the ongoing saga of global badminton supremacy.

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