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Top five all-time top scorers for Malaysian football team

Rajarshi Shukla

May 14 2023
Malaysian football team

FIFA recognises the national squad as the heir apparent of the former Malaya national football team, which was established for the 1963 Merdeka Tournament one month prior to the establishment of Malaysia. The Malayan Tiger’s moniker, Harimau Malaya, is the team’s authorised title.

We look at the top five players with the most goals for the Malaysian football team. They have discovered some elite players who were acknowledged by big European teams and have scored numerous goals.

5. Dollah Salleh: 33

At the 1989 Southeast Asian Games, Dollah Salleh captured the gold medal as part of the national squad. By defeating South Korea 3-1, he also contributed to the national team’s victory in the 1993 Merdeka Tournament. Dollah also participated in the inaugural ASEAN Football Championship, when the Malaysian football team advanced to the final but fell to Thailand 0-1 in the process.

He participated in the 1996 FIFA Futsal World Championship in Spain while playing for the Malaysian national futsal team. Following the conclusion of the 1998 season, Dollah discontinued playing.

4. Shaharuddin Abdullah: 39

At the Olympics in Munich in 1972, he represented Malaysia. Shaharuddin participated in all three matches in the group and scored in the 3-0 victory against the US. He appeared in 70 games in all, scoring 39 goals for Malaysia internationally.

He was welcomed into the Hall of Fame for the 1972 Summer Olympic football squad by the Malaysian Olympic Council in 2004.

3. Isa Bakar: 45

Isa played for the Malaysian national side at the 1974 Asian Games in Iran, where they placed third. Isa netted twice against North Korea, the only other Asian team to compete in the 1966 World Cup, to help Malaysia win 2-1. He played for the Penang team that won the Malaysia Cup in the same year. Additionally, he assisted Penang in 1976 in their victory at the international Aga Khan Gold Cup competition held in Dhaka. 

Although he and Mokhtar Dahari combined to score 16 goals for the nation’s squad in 1976, they were a potent offensive force. Isa scored 45 goals for Malaysian football team in 69 total international appearances.

2. Zainal Abidin Hassan: 50

According to the 2020 Globe Soccer Awards, Zainal made 180 games for Malaysia throughout his international career, scoring 78 goals overall (including non-FIFA ‘A’ international fixtures). In 129 games against national ‘A’ teams from foreign countries, he scored 50 goals.

He also participated in the 1996 FIFA Futsal World Championship in Spain while playing for the Malaysian national futsal side. He was admitted to the FIFA Century Club on August 3, 2021.

1. Mokhtar Dahari: 89

When Mokhtar Dahari made his debut as an international player for the Malaysian football team in 1972 over the Sri Lankan national football team, he was just 19 years old. He assisted Malaysia in winning two gold medals in the Southeast Asian Games in 1977 and 1979, as well as a bronze at the Asian Games in 1974. He even scored both goals in the 2-0 friendly game between the Malaysia Selection and Arsenal F.C.

in 1975, which sparked speculation that major English teams were considering signing him. He received an offer from one of the European powerhouses, Real Madrid, following the game, but he turned it down out of loyalty to Selangor, his hometown club, and out of devotion.

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