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Why do Liverpool fans boo the English national anthem?

Rajarshi Shukla

May 7 2023

The Red’s fans were seen booing the national anthem in the game against Brentford

On the occasion of King Charles III’s coronation, Liverpool supporters criticised the national hymn, although this is hardly shocking.

The jeering of the national anthem became common in the 1980s and during the Conservative government’s “managed decline” of the city. Reds fans have a long history of being anti-establishment. The government’s shortcomings after the Hillsborough tragedy solidified those sentiments even further.

The national anthem is still whistled when Liverpool competes at Wembley, as it was before last season’s FA Cup final. This fury against social and economic inequity has persisted within a left-leaning city and audience.

Many people from Merseyside feel they have been let down by the government over the past ten years under the Conservatives, and they see the food banks outside of Anfield, Goodison, and other Premier League venues as proof of the country’s expanding inequality.

On coronation weekend, Liverpool’s home game against Brentford served as a venue for supporters to vent their anger at a system they feel is failing them and the rest of the nation.

The national song was mocked and whistled by Liverpool supporters on the day of King Charles III’s crowning.

Before the team’s match against Brentford, “God Save the King” was played, which caused several of the audience at Anfield to express their disgust.

The Kop was chanting “Liverpool, Liverpool” when the national anthem was playing.

Liverpool believes that by choosing not to play the national anthem, they will avoid criticism for being the only team to “disrespect” the event. Instead, they believe that it is best to let each individual supporter decide how to respond.

Additionally, there is a perception within the club that the Premier League’s message implied conformity through its use of language.

The Premier League maintains that the decision was still up to individual teams and that there was no mandate or edict.

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