FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

Crucial for us to adhere to our strategic plan, execute it effectively: Brandon Fernandes

Gourav SamalGourav Samal
November 20 2023
(Courtesy : File Photo)

At present, Qatar is ranked 61st in the world

In less than 24 hours, India will be facing Qatar in the Round 2 of 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers match at the Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar. 

Although India will be playing on their home ground, the Qatar team, ranked 61st in the world, poses a significant challenge in the Asian region and represents a major threat to India. The Qatar team will undoubtedly be determined to secure three additional points in their second match of this fixture.

Before today’s training session, prior to tomorrow’s scheduled match, Indian player Brandon Fernandes graciously allocated some time to engage with the media and provide thoughtful responses to their inquiries.

Brandon Fernandes looked confident about tomorrow’s tie. He said, “Tomorrow is going to be a very difficult game for us. We are coming from a very good victory against Kuwait at their home. Now we are playing at our home. We will be well prepared and ready to go tomorrow.”

Motivation from the Kuwait game

When asked about the motivation they have grabbed from the match against Kuwait, Brandon Fernandes stated, “It is very motivating because we went there to take all three points. We got the three points and now tomorrow is a new challenge for us. Qatar is a very good team. We have to go according to our plan and execute the plan tomorrow and see what happens tomorrow.”

“It is incredibly motivating as we went there with the determination to secure all three points. We succeeded in obtaining the desired outcome and now, we face a new challenge tomorrow. Qatar proves to be a formidable team, hence it is crucial for us to adhere to our strategic plan, execute it effectively, and await the outcome of our efforts”, Brandon Fernandes added.

Injury concern

Brandon Fernandes has experienced an injury to his elbow, but he has made a successful recovery and is now prepared to make valuable contributions to the team. “I had encountered an elbow issue during the ISL game. Fortunately, my recovery has been progressing smoothly. I have diligently resumed my training over the past few days”, he added.

Presence of fans at the stadium

There is no doubt that a considerable number of enthusiastic supporters will gather tomorrow to wholeheartedly back their home team. Undoubtedly, this show of unwavering support will serve as a great source of motivation for the team, inspiring them to deliver an even more impressive performance. 

Brandon Fernandes also expressed the motivation the crowd will bring for them, “We anticipate a substantial turnout of supporters rallying behind our team and we are committed to delivering our utmost performance. The outcome of the game will undoubtedly be a result of our collective effort.”

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