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Who is Makram Daboub, Palestine's commander at AFC Asian Cup 2023?

Published at :February 2, 2024 at 4:45 PM
Modified at :February 2, 2024 at 4:45 PM
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(Courtesy : AFC Media)

Samannay Sen

Makram Daboub previously served as a coach specializing in goalkeeper training.

Despite all the after-effects of the war and terror, Palestine made it to the round of 16 in the AFC Asian Cup 2023. The architect behind their success is surely their Tunisian manager Makram Daboub. He has kept the team focused and composed even after facing a lot of struggles in the training sessions as well as travel.

Makram Daboub is a seasoned football coach with a wealth of experience in the sport. With a background in goalkeeper training, Daboub’s expertise extends to various aspects of coaching. In May 2021, he took up the head coach role for the Palestine national football team, a testament to his dedication and skills.


Daboub’s coaching journey began with a focus on developing goalkeepers, where he honed his craft and made significant contributions to the teams he worked with. He was the assistant coach of Palestine from 2010-2021.

Who is Makram Daboub, Palestine's commander at AFC Asian Cup 2023?
Daboub used to mainly train goalkeepers. (Courtesy: AFC)

His meticulous attention to detail and passion for the game propelled him into broader coaching roles, culminating in his current position as the head coach of Palestine.

Throughout his career, Daboub has established a commitment to brilliance and a strategic approach to coaching. His leadership qualities and tactical acumen make him a respected figure in the football community, both domestically and internationally.

He was appointed as the head coach of Palestine on 1 May 2021. This milestone marked the beginning of a new chapter in Daboub’s coaching career.


Who is Makram Daboub, Palestine's commander at AFC Asian Cup 2023?
Daboub on the sidelines during the AFC Asian Cup 2023. (Courtesy: AFC)

Makram Daboub’s coaching philosophy is characterized by a strategic approach that blends tactical smartness with a deep understanding of the game. His teams are known for their disciplined defensive structure, coupled with fluid counter-attacking play that keeps opponents on their toes. Daboub places a strong emphasis on player development, nurturing talent, and instilling a winning mentality that has driven his team to success on numerous occasions.

One of Daboub’s key tactical strengths lies in his ability to adapt to different opponents and game situations. Whether it’s implementing a high-pressing strategy to disrupt the opposition’s build-up play or organizing his defense to withstand relentless attacks, Daboub’s tactical flexibility ensures that his team is well-prepared for any challenge they may face on the pitch.

Things to Watch Out For

Who is Makram Daboub, Palestine's commander at AFC Asian Cup 2023?
Makram Daboub took Palestine to the RO16 of the AFC Asian Cup. (Courtesy: AFC)

As Makram Daboub continues to make his mark on the footballing world, there are several aspects of his coaching style and approach that fans and commentators alike should keep an eye on. His innovative tactics and strategic insights often lead to captivating matches filled with suspense and excitement.

Additionally, Daboub’s commitment to player development and team solidity promises well for the future success of the Palestine national team under his guidance.

Moreover, Daboub’s track record of achieving results against intimidating opponents highlights his ability to inspire and motivate his players to perform at their best when it matters most. Whether it’s guiding his team through crucial qualifying matches or navigating the challenges of tournament football, Daboub’s leadership on the sidelines is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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