Potentially playing their last World Cup, Ronaldo and Messi bid goodbye on the same day.

It is hard to see World Cup Round of 16 without Germany into it. It is even harder to see the two best of the game getting shown the exit door of World Cup in the Round of 16. Messi and Ronaldo were, on Saturday, shown the exit doors by a Mbappe-inspired France and the spirited Uruguayans respectively.

It was almost inevitable for the Argentineans and their fans that the game against France could well be their final game of this World Cup, given their form and the questionable selection process of their coach Sampaoli. And what happened, seemed to have followed the script. Mbappe, who never looked like himself in any of the three World Cup games made a mockery of the Argentinean defence.

For Portugal, it was a no different case. Some queer thinking from Fernando Santos left the talismanic forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, into the Uruguayan defensive box, strangled by the Uruguayan defensive duo of Godin and Gimenez and waiting for the cross to arrive which was never destined to. The much-talked Uruguayan defence had very little to do, given that the Portugal foreman did it all by himself to make sure that Portugal’s attack doesn’t stand a chance in front of them.

With the early exit of two most talked players from the grandest event of all and the debatable way their bosses helped them very little in doing better, people are to go berserk. One of the best places to see these rages are on Twitter and we, Khel Now, have brought you some of the best tweets about all that happened on Saturday night in Russia.

Some of the rookies have to look for new names to support while the others trolled the two superstars for catching an early flight back to home.

With Messi being 31 years old now and Ronaldo 33 already, this very well was the last chance for the two to have a say on their World Cup greatness and they faltered, to say the least. This brings a sad end to the World Cup career of the two biggest names the game could see.

Cristiano Ronaldo was both, praised and trolled, for helping the guy who ended Portugal’s run, Edinson Cavani, when he limped off.

And finally, it looks like it’s coming home.