Der Kaiser joined the ongoing tirade against the 2014 World Cup winner.

Mesut Ozil continues to be the target of extensive criticism and satires after his decision to retire from the German national team because of racism in the mid of July. After that, the German legends and people associated with the German Football Association became vocal about his decision. And now, the greatest of all, Franz Beckenbauer, spoke about this.

He denounced Der Panzer, players who chose to remain silent when the national anthem was hummed before the game began. Although not mentioning the Turkish born Five-time German player of the year but directions of the comment were clear as he always chooses to remain silent.

“From the outside, I got the impression that the spirit began to fade, in four years after becoming a world champion. Therefore it was necessary to form a player who was hungry and had a burning spirit,” Beckenbauer opened in an interview with Bild.

“Besides that, singing the national anthem [before the game starts] also has an important role. Whoever chooses to sing it will free itself more than those who just chew gum,” he said sarcastically.


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On the previous occasion, Ozil himself had revealed that he preferred to remain silent while praying in his heart when the German national anthem was hummed.

“While the anthem is being played, I pray, and I am sure that this will give us strength and confidence to drive the victory home,” Ozil told Mission Titel in June.

“I think it’s a pity if I or a teammate is convicted – because I’m sure people do not know why everyone does not sing along loudly.”

He had previously raised the issues in his autobiography ‘Die Magie des Spiels’.

“Just before kick-off, I pray. It’s become a tradition of mine. It’s always the same text. I pray in Turkish,” he wrote. “I learnt these prayers as a child from my parents.”

Beckenbauer’s views will surely be looked as just another dig against Ozil, who is still reported of receiving hateful comments even after taking the pre-mature retirement. He wore the German jersey 92 times, netting 23 goals and helping them win the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Ozil is currently with the English Premier League club Arsenal and is preparing for the first match against Manchester City on 12th August.