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Report: IFA secure funding boost before Calcutta Football League

Published at :April 6, 2024 at 2:20 PM
Modified at :April 6, 2024 at 2:20 PM
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Samannay Sen

IFA’s financial issues to get resolved after receiving handsome funds.

The Indian Football Association (IFA) has reason to celebrate as they are poised to receive a significant financial boost of ₹2.4 crores, as per a Bengali newspaper. This development comes as a welcome relief for the organization, which has historically grappled with funding challenges ahead of league seasons.

Finding sponsors to support the smooth operation of the Calcutta Football League has been an annual hurdle for IFA officials, but this year, the problem has been eased with the timely addition of funds. Anirban Dutta, the Secretary of the Indian Football Association, has announced plans to utilize the received funds to appoint a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), enhancing the administrative structure of the association.

In recent years, the Calcutta Football League has benefited from sponsorship by Techno India, who consistently contributed a substantial sum of ₹1 crore towards the league’s expenses. However, in a notable change, Techno India has opted to participate directly in the league rather than continuing as a sponsor.

Under the Indian Football Association’s regulations, clubs aspiring to compete directly in the league’s first division are required to pay a fee of ₹1 crore to the association. Consequently, as Techno India enters the league directly, they have fulfilled this requirement by remitting the stipulated fee to the Indian Football Association.

In another significant development, the Indian Football Association has approved 14 universities for registration. Earlier, IFA had issued an advertisement specifying that universities interested in obtaining approval must pay a fee of ₹10 lakhs. With 14 universities seeking the Indian Football Association’s endorsement, a total revenue of ₹1.4 crores is anticipated.

Combining the funds generated from club fees and university approvals, the Indian Football Association stands to assemble a substantial sum of ₹2.4 crores. This financial infusion offers a sense of relief to the Indian Football Association as they prepare for the upcoming Calcutta Football League.

The influx of funds not only addresses immediate financial concerns but also augurs well for the overall development and sustenance of football in the region. With strengthened financial stability, IFA can now focus on enhancing the quality of football infrastructure, promoting grassroots development, and ensuring the successful organization of league competitions.

As the football community eagerly anticipates the commencement of the Calcutta Football League, IFA’s newfound financial security sets a promising tone for the upcoming season, fostering optimism and excitement among players, clubs, and fans alike.

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