The German manager spoke after his team went down to Estonia in the Granatkin Cup…

After missing out out on the quarterfinals following defeat to Latvia, the India U-17 team continued their journey in the Granatkin Cup by taking on Estania in the the playoff for places between 9-12.

India took the lead through Joysana Singh’s deflected strike imn the 37th minute. Estonia equalized through Sorga in the 70th minute and the winner came with three minutes to go as Pihelgas atoned for his own goal.

India manager Nicola Adam once again praised the qualities of his team while speaking on a philosophical note. Excerpts.

I saw a beautiful play of the Indian team today, the boys did their best and I think that the youth football should be much like this. Despite they are young, they were fighting equally against the elder team.

– One of your players – Boris – is mentioned more often than others during this tournament. He’s a real star here. Do you depend on him much?

– First of all, I don’t think that a player born in 2000 can be called a star. And I can’t say that we depend on him much. Yes, he’s good as a right defender and he is also good in other positions. But we have a big squad, and I would like to see more players in my team. As I said before, India is a huge country, but our football is only developing and we don’t have a lot of top players.

– You made the only substitution during the match…

– My team was playing well. Why should I make substitutions? I did not see any reason for that.