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Report: Why Brandon Fernandes chose to join Mumbai City FC

Published at :May 22, 2024 at 6:19 PM
Modified at :May 22, 2024 at 6:19 PM
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Bishal Deb

Brandon Fernandes served as FC Goa’s captain for the last two seasons.

Brandon Fernandes‘ departure from FC Goa after seven remarkable years has been a topic of much discussion among Indian football enthusiasts. Brandon, one of the most popular footballers in Goa, joined the club in 2017 and quickly became an integral part of the team. Known for his skillful playmaking and leadership qualities, Brandon has been instrumental in many of FC Goa’s successes. Under coaches Carlos Pena and Manolo Marquez, he captained the team for the last two seasons, further solidifying his legacy.

His move to Mumbai City FC, where he previously spent two short ISL seasons, marks a significant transition in his career. Mumbai City FC, the current ISL winners, have been on an upward trajectory, making this an exciting new chapter for Brandon. 

However, the reasons behind Brandon’s move appear to be complex and multifaceted. Let’s explore the key factors that drove his decision.

Financial Disagreements with FC Goa

One of the main reasons for Brandon Fernandes’ departure from FC Goa appears to be financial. Despite the club’s interest in retaining him, they struggled to meet his financial expectations. According to sources cited by the Times of India, “The club was keen on renewing, had started talks too, but could not agree on the numbers. So, when Mumbai came calling with a very good offer, it was hard to turn it down.” This indicates that financial terms were a significant sticking point. FC Goa’s inability to align with Brandon’s financial expectations ultimately paved the way for his move to Mumbai City FC.

FC Goa’s Delay in Renewing Contract

Another critical factor contributing to Brandon Fernandes’ decision was the delay and uncertainty surrounding FC Goa’s contract renewal process. During the period when Brandon was negotiating his contract, there was “lack of clarity about the new player guidelines and salary cap,” as reported by the Times of India. This uncertainty made it difficult for the club to make a timely and competitive offer. It was only after Brandon had signed with Mumbai that ISL organisers informed clubs about the new player regulations. By then, it was too late for FC Goa to renegotiate terms, leading to Brandon’s inevitable departure.

Better Opportunities at Mumbai City FC

Mumbai City FC’s offer presented not only a financially lucrative deal but also an opportunity for Brandon Fernandes to explore new challenges and growth prospects. As per TOI, a source close to Brandon mentioned, “It’s a tough decision for him,” emphasising the emotional struggle he faced in leaving his home team. However, the comprehensive offer from Mumbai, combined with their recent success in the ISL, made it an attractive proposition. Mumbai City FC’s winning track record in both domestic and international competitions provided a compelling reason for the 29-year-old to make the switch.

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