The iconic Spanish forward gets candid and has spoken at length about his career which is now nearing its end.

David Villa has been one of the best forwards Spain has produced in recent history, after achieving scores of accolades for club and country. He is one of the most recognisable faces across the globe. The 37-year-old is a well-also a known figure in the U.S.A and Japan as well owing to his stints in their professional leagues.

Speaking in an interview with Marca, the forward spoke about his early days as a footballer, his regrets, and his path forward, after he recently announced his decision to retire at the end of the current season. The former FC Barcelona player claimed himself to be fortunate for having a “happy life” in football.

“I have had a very good journey and above all I have been happy. I have had good experiences on and off the field,” he said.

Upon being asked about any regrets from his long and illustrious career, David went on to say that, “ I would have liked to have won more titles. Leagues and Champions League with Atletico Madrid or win with Valencia a more important title than that Copa del Rey. Or to have helped Sporting Gijon to get promoted to La Liga.

He further went on to mention the Premier League and how he would have liked to play there as well.

“I made my decisions and it really wouldn’t be fair to complain that I missed out on something when I had such a complete career. I have been very lucky for what I experienced and I wouldn’t change anything,” he continued.

David Villa’s form for the national side was on a different level throughout his career, as he remains the all-time leading top scorer for the national team, scoring 59 times in 98 appearances for La Roja.

He looked back to his playing days for the national team and said that, “ I always supported the national team. The first shirt I had was of La Roja and I always dreamed of being a footballer to play with the national team.”

“It is the best I could do as a footballer. Represent my country in big tournaments.”

Villa was part of the 2008 European Championships and the 2010 FIFA World Cup winning team.

David Villa has also revealed his path going forward post his retirement. He will be investing his efforts in developing football back in the States.