Features Banyan Tree, Kite and Starburst

September 27, 2016 was a big day for India and Indian Football. On that day, the official emblem of the FIFA U-17 World Cup scheduled to be held across India in 2017 was officially released to the public. The World Cup emblem was launched by FIFA President Gianni Infantino in the presence of the Sports Minister Vijay Goel, the AFC President Sheikh Salman and the Local Organising Committee Chairman Praful Patel.

The main elements of the logo are the Banyan Tree, the Kite and the Starburst.

The Banyan Tree is the national tree of India and deeply rooted in our ethos and culture. Rural communities traditionally gather under the banyan tree and all major decisions happen in its shade.

The Kite is the symbol of freedom and fun. Kite flying and festivals are a part of the culture in almost every Indian state. The kite represents the soaring aspirations of our young and vibrant democracy.

The Starburst brings in the festivity and celebration, such an integral part of every event in India. With this World Cup, we want to add one more festival to our calendar of celebrations, the festival of football.

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