The international break will provide some time for the Portuguese to decide over his tactics as a big game against Chelsea awaits on the other side.

For the past month, Jose Mourinho has been under a lot of pressure due to Manchester United’s back to back lacklustre performances in all competitions. The manager has been facing a lot of criticism from fans and former United players. Paul Scholes, recently called him as ‘embarrassing’ after United played a drubbing goalless draw against Valencia in a Champions League game at Old Trafford. However, the legendary midfielder, later, backed the Portuguese manager calling him as one of the best in the Premier League and that he should stop ‘moaning’ over his squad.

In their latest fixture against Newcastle United, the Red Devils sealed a hard-fought victory at Old Trafford, after scoring three second-half goals to complete a fantastic 3-2 comeback win. In the post-match press conference, Mourinho claimed that his team ‘panicked’ in the first half due to a constant criticism or what he called it as ‘manhunt’ against them. He also talked about ‘wickedness’ in the criticisms.

Both the Red Devils and their manager were under tremendous scrutiny as they were without a win in as many as four games, before playing Newcastle. Being 2-0 down at half-time, the spectators booed at their own team at the Old Trafford.

Former United defender Rio Ferdinand had his say on Mourinho’s comments in the post-match conference. Sitting alongside Scholes, he told BT Sport, “I don’t know where ‘wickedness’ and manhunt come from. I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Because if you see something on the football pitch, you talk about it. He’s the Manchester United manager. Man Utd’s manager doesn’t go unnoticed- win, lose or draw. There’s going to be scrutiny.”


Further, the Englishman spoke about how Mourinho should understand the reason for his scrutiny rather than complain about it. The team has displayed a series of poor performances which has led to the fans’ discontentment. “ We are not sitting here wanting Man Utd to do bad, we want Man Utd to perform as they did in the second half.”

“What are we meant to say? Something good? Are we meant to say, ‘Oh, it’s been good, it’s been OK, he’s alright, he’s going to get through it’?”

Furthermore, Ferdinand ended his testimony by saying, “You say what you see, you can’t expect anything different. And to sit and moan and say ‘Oh, they’re hunting me and it’s ‘wickedness’… I find it laughable, I was sitting here laughing at that.”

With that win, Manchester United now move upwards in the table at 8th place as they head on towards an international break. The break, hopefully, buys some time for Mourinho to decide over his tactics. A big game awaits the Red Devils as they take on title contenders Chelsea after the break.