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Top five players with most goals in London Derbies 

Published at :October 3, 2022 at 6:40 PM
Modified at :October 3, 2022 at 7:07 PM
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These players have always stood up in one of the biggest derbies

Derbies are always high-intensity games with a lot of hype and captivating matches. When two clubs from the same region compete, derbies have a different feel to them. In the past, two incisive managers - Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho - have embraced London derbies, resulting in scuffles whenever the two of them encountered.

And each derby has its own stardom, and we have witnessed many players produce world-class outcomes and score a significant number of goals in derby games, which led to them achieving massive status in their fans' stories. Big players stepping up in big games adds special feathers to these matches. Here are the top five all-time scorers in London derbies.

5. Ian Wright 

Ian Wright, one of the brightest strikers of all time, ruled England with his goal-scoring abilities and was a major headache for many defenders. Wright played for three Premier League clubs: West Ham, Arsenal, and Crystal Palace. However, his most productive period was with Arsenal, where he scored 185 goals.

Wright had an edge, despite his short stature because he could beat defenders with his quick footwork and had an eye for scoring goals from any position within the box. He was a big game player who bragged an amazing goal-tally in London derbies. Wright scored a total of 28 goals in 53 London derbies.

4. Teddy Sheringham

Sheringham is one of Premier League's most clinical forwards. His performance in derbies has made him a household name. Sheringham played for three Premier League clubs - Milwall FC, West Ham United, and Tottenham Hotspur - scoring 149 goals.

He was at his prolific best at Tottenham, where he scored 113 goals and made 37 assists in 264 appearances. He also had a superb record in London derbies, scoring 32 goals in those games.

3. Frank Lampard

Lampard was a devastating goalscorer despite being a midfielder, and what's more astounding is that he is still Chelsea's all-time top-scorer with 211 goals. This demonstrates how good Lampard was in front of goal during his playing time. Prior to joining Chelsea, the player was a member of the West Ham academy, where he spent six seasons. Lampard ascended the ranks in big games and delivered emphatic performances.

His willingness to score goals helped him become Chelsea's most decorated midfielder. The current Everton manager scored 32 goals against Tottenham and arch-rivals Fulham, demonstrating his ability in the big games.

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2. Thierry Henry

Thiery Henry Premier League golden boot
Henry scored 43 goals in London derbies (Courtesy – Planet Football)

Henry possessed all of the attributes of a striker and ended defenders' careers with his dribbling and goal-scoring adeptness. Defenders were caught off guard by his dribbling and speed. When Henry first arrived at Arsenal from Juventus in 1999, he played on the flanks. Arsene Wenger later observed his goal-scoring ability and shifted him to the false nine position.

Henry was an overwhelming presence for defenders ever since. Henry went on to score 228 goals - 43 of which came in London derbies. He was a big match player, which he indicated in every derby. One of his most memorable goals came against Tottenham, when he waddled past six defenders to score an enthralling goal.

1. Harry Kane

The first London derby of the 2022-23 season gave Tottenham more reasons to be concerned after their 3-1 defeat to Arsenal. However, there was a silver lining. England captain Harry Kane, who was chastised for his lack of goals last season, is now the top-scorer in London derbies, breaking Thierry Henry's all-time record.

Harry Kane has now scored his 44th goal in the London derby. His goal came when Richarlison was toppled in the box, and the 29-year-old stood up to slot the ball past Aron Ramsdale from the spot. He is now also the Premier League's all-time leading scorer with 100 goals in away games. Kane has scored 255 goals in 396 appearances for Tottenham since joining the club in 2014.