After the fixture against the Serie A side, Spurs also need to battle it out with Barcelona in their final group stage game.

Currently in a race to qualify for the Champions League knockout stage, Tottenham gaffer Mauricio Pochettino will be aiming to influence his side to a lucky escape from Group B. The London-based side need to beat Inter Milan at home, on 29th November 2018 – that is if they still want to be in contention for the second spot in the group.

After the fixture against the Serie A side, Spurs also need to battle it out with Barcelona in their final group stage game. Right now, on paper, Spurs look like the team to lose out on progression from their group, but Pochettino is going to use the “underdog” status as a source of motivation. For me it’s a massive motivation and for us it’s a massive motivation.

The Argentine boss said, “It’s a massive motivation. When people say something is going to be difficult, for me it’s like I am so excited to try to show that it’s completely different and that it’s possible. Of course, we need to win the two games, but we are going to try. We are sure that we are going to try to give our best to achieve that.”

The English club need to put in a performance against Inter in Wembley, just like how blew away Chelsea in their previous Premier League fixture, which was an impressive result other than the 3-0 trouncing of Manchester United in August. Regarding the victory against United, the former Espanyol defender said, “I was so pleased after the game, it was a very good victory for us. But the most important thing is to keep humble. I remember a lot of players talking about winning the title and it was only at the beginning and three points like the others.”


He further added, “I am pleased because, learn to keep humble is the most important thing. Now we need to show tomorrow that we are in a very good way and use the Chelsea performance as an example. The most important thing is to talk on the pitch and the attitude we show. Talk outside of the pitch, of course, but always be humble because you see things in a different way and you think you are so good and you don’t need to make an effort on the pitch.”

Pochettino will be welcoming back star defender Jan Verthonghen into his side since December due to a hamstring injury. Danny Rose will also be back, after not playing for seven weeks due to a groin problem.

Spurs are currently third in the group (four points) with Inter in second place (seven points), and Barcelona have already confirmed a knockout place with 10 points. PSV are at the bottom with a point. After this matchday, the teams have one more matchday left.