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What is Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Challenge game mode? Explained

Published at :March 30, 2024 at 4:32 PM
Modified at :March 30, 2024 at 4:32 PM
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The new game mode by Fantasy Premier League gives users plenty of new tools to enrich their experience

Fantasy Premier League, one of the leading fantasy football leagues by the Premier League, has introduced a brand new game that is sending waves of excitement amongst the millions of fantasy managers all over the world. 

FPL Challenge is a brand new game which offers the users the privilege of picking a different/unique team for each gameweek without any obligations.

A new challenge will be available each gameweek and all the managers will be competing in the same challenge for that particular week. Similar to the concept of the classic fantasy league mode, a manager has to pick a squad of 15 players who earn points based on their real-life performance in the Premier League.

Challenges like unlimited budget, players of a club scoring double points and more are likely to test the skills and tactical knowledge of the FPL managers. The challenge for Gameweek 30 is “unlimited budget” which will allow the FPL users to pick players without worrying about their price tags!

How to play?

For each gameweek, the FPL managers playing the FPL Challenge mode must pick a squad of 15 players from scratch. A squad in the FPL Challenge mode can have FIVE players from the same club, as opposed to THREE in the classic FPL mode. 

There are plenty of similarities between the classic FPL mode and FPL Challenge mode in terms of squad building. There are two goalkeepers, five midfielders, five defenders and three forward spots available. There is no limit on the number of changes one can make to their team unless the player’s team starts their first match of the gameweek.

There are no deadlines in FPL Challenge mode. A manager can make changes even during the gameweek but the players whose clubs have played their first match of the gameweek will be locked in and cannot be changed/replaced. One can enter their team anytime during the gameweek as long as two matches are left for that gameweek. 

Challenges like “unlimited budget” or beating celebrity teams will keep the managers who play FPL Challenge game mode on the edge of their seats. 


There are individual rewards for every FPL Challenge gameweek as the league scores will reset after the completion of a particular gameweek. There is no carried-on score like the classic FPL mode as each gameweek will have its unique score. This gives FPL managers a clean slate every gameweek and an opportunity to earn rewards even if any particular challenge does not go well in the past. 

The top three managers in each FPL Challenge gameweek will receive an official Premier League match ball from Nike, an EA SPORTS FC video game and an FPL bundle consisting of merchandise such as a rucksack, t-shirt, mug, thermal bottle, stress ball, pen, pad and a key ring.

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