Tokyo Olympics Day 12 Live: Updates, Commentary & More

Tokyo Olympics Day 12 Preview: Hockey men to face Belgium in semis, Tajinder in action

Why a medal at Tokyo Olympics will revolutionize Indian hockey

PV Sindhu on coach Park Tae-sang’s motivation after semi-final heartbreak

We got the result for our hard work, says India match-winner Gurjit Kaur

Tokyo Olympics Day 12 will once again witness several high-profile Indian athletes in action. On Tuesday, a few of the Indian medal hopefuls will be seen at Tokyo 2020. The Indian men’s hockey team has undergone a resurgence in the last couple of years. They are all set to play a historic semi-final clash at the Tokyo Olympics.

Apart from the men’s hockey team, medal hopeful Tajinderpal Singh Toor will also be seen in action in the qualifications of the shot put event. On the other hand, promising wrestler Sonam Malik is all set to make her debut Olympic appearance. Here is a preview of all Indian action on day 12 of Tokyo Olympics.

SUMMARY OF THE DAY: It has been another day of near misses for the Indian athletes. Kamalpreet Kaur and Fouaad Mirza participated in the final of the women’s discus throw and individual eventing in equestrian. However, they fell short of podium finishes. On the other hand, the Indian shooters and Dutee Chand’s disastrous campaign at Tokyo 2020 finally came to an end.

However, the day belongs to the Indian women’s hockey team who created history by upsetting the odds against Australia in the women’s hockey quarter-final. Gurjit Kaur netted the lone goal of the contest. In the semi-finals, India 🇮🇳 will take on Argentina. Another proud day for Indian hockey! Tokyo 2020 might well turn out to be a catalyst tournament for Indian women’s hockey.

Tokyo Olympics Hockey Highlights: Indian women reach maiden semis, create history

6:45 PM Valarie Allman of the USA wins gold, Kristin Pudenz of Germany wins silver and Yaime Perez of Cuba wins bronze. India’s Kamalpreet Kaur finishes in 6th place. That’s the best-ever performance by an Indian in discus throw at the Olympic Games.

Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final Standing

6:38 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Two-time defending champion Sandra Perkovic of Croatia will finish outside the podium places in Tokyo.

6:36 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: The disc goes out of the throwing area in her last throw. That’s the end of Kamalpreet Kaur at Tokyo 2020.

6:34 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet Kaur is next, she will need to throw more than 65.72m in her last attempt to win bronze medal.

6:32 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Valarie Allman with a 66.78m throw. Her 68.98m looks good enough for a gold medal today.

6:29 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Germany’s Kristin Pudenz with a personal best throw of 66.86m. She’s up to second now. Kamalpreet is still in the 6th spot.

6:26 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet with a 61.37m throw in her penultimate attempt. This won’t be enough today.

6:25 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet Kaur is next for her 5th throw.

6:23 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: World No.1 Yaime Perez with a throw of 65.20m. She continues to occupy the second place.

6:22 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Sandra Perkovic intentionally steps over the line, after a very poor throw.

6:21 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet Kaur need to throw more than 65.34m to enter the top three in her next two attempts.

6:18 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: The Indian had two foul throws today out of four attempts. Still, two attempts remaining. Chin up, Kamalpreet!

6:17 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet with a foul fourth throw. Disappointing!

6:16 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet Kaur is next.

6:15 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Marike Steinacker of Germany with a throw that lands inside the cage. Madness!

6:13 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet Kaur is third in the order of play.

After the first three throws, the bottom four athletes have been knocked out

Final standing after first round.

6:12 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Valarie Allman of USA with her second consecutive foul throw. Her 68.98m throw still places her in the first spot. A podium finish for her is almost certain!

6:07 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet Kaur with a much-improved throw of 63.70m in her third attempt. She’s up to 6th place now. Keep going, champ!

6:06 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet Kaur is next.

6:05 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Claudine Vita’s 61.80m throw pushes Kamlapreet to 9th. Massive pressure on the Indian now.

6:02 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Two-time defending champion Sandra Perkovic with a 65.01m throw. She’s back at it here!

6:00 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Invalid throw from 4th placed Liliana Ca of Portugal.

5:58 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: German Marike Steinacker with her first valid throw. 62.02m throw, and she overtakes Kamalpreet to move into the 7th spot.

5:57 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Valarie Allman with a foul throw after the resumption.

5:55 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: The discus throw final is scheduled to resume after some time. Kamalpreet Kaur currently sits in 7th position. We’re still waiting for things to be as much dry as possible.

5:53 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kaur will need to make sure that she remains in top 8 after first three attempts to get additional three more attempts.

5:47 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Rain has stoped and action is getting underway. Athletes doing warm up throws.

As it stands Kamalpreet Kaur is ranked 7th and will get 3 more attempts

Congratulatory messages have started to pour in for Fouaad Mirza. Even though he will be not be contending for a medal in the Jumping final, Mirza can walk away with a lot of fond memories and experiences that will only help him in his career. More importantly, it can turn out to be a significant chapter for Indian equestrian going forward. Huge achievement on being the first Indian to make it through the finals of an Olympic equestrian event!

Imtiaz Anees had claimed that Fouaad Mirza has the potential to do big things in Tokyo. The Indian jockey has lived up to his reputation. Read Imtiaz Anees’ exclusive interview with Khel Now here.

Imtiaz Anees feels Fouaad Mirza can do well at Tokyo Olympics

5:27 PM Equestrian Individual Finals: Fouaad Mirza and his horse Seigneur Medicott ends up with 59.70. They scored a 12.40 penalty on the final jump. It is unlikely to be enough for a medal. The Indian should be proud of his efforts.

5:24 PM Meanwhile, Sydney McLaughlin has just won the second semi-final of the women’s 400m hurdles. She finishes the race with a timing of 53.03 secs. The first semi-final was won by Dalilah Muhammad with a timing of 53.30 secs. It will be a fascinating contest between the two Americans in the final.

5:20 PM Equestrian Individual Finals: Final event going on as Mirza in quest for historic Olympic medal.

Breaking: Fouaad Mirza qualifies for the equestrian individual finals after finishing 25th with a penalty score of 47.20. This is the best ever performance by an Indian equestrian at the Olympic Games. The previous best was Imtiaz Anees’ 32nd place finish at 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Fouaad Mirza’s Final score after end of qualification rounds.

5:02 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: The play has been interrupted now as rain starts to pour down heavily.

4:59 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Meanwhile, it’s started to rain in Tokyo. This will make it tough for the athletes to get a proper grip and pivot on a wet surface now.

4:56 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: World No. 1 Yaime Perez of Cuba throws 62.16m. She stays in the second spot.

Kamalpreet Kaur need to remain in the top 8 after 3 attempts to get 3 more attempts.

4:54 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet Kaur with a foul throw in her second attempt.

4:52 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet Kaur is ready for her second attempt.

4:51 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Izabela da Silva of Brazil with an illegal throw. Poor performance from her so far.Shibajee sent Today at 16:52World No. 6 Kristin Pudenz with an amazing 65.34m throw. She is up to third spot now.

4:50 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Jamaican Shadae Lawrence with 62.12m distance. Kamalpreet is down to the 7th spot now. This is a game of snakes and ladders. So, not to worry.

4:48 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Defending champion Sandra Perkovic with a foul throw. Unbelievable!

4:47 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Italy’s Daisy Osakue with a foul throw. Disappointing outcome!

4:46 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Portuguese Liliana Ca with a throw of 63.93m in her second attempt. She is up to third spot now.

4:45 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet Kaur will need aim to cross the mark of 65m atleast in her next throws.

India’s Kaur currently ranked 6th after first round.

4:43 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final:Valarie Allman does better with throw of 68.98m and now she is ranked number 1.

4:41 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Cuba’s Yaime Perez with monster throw of 65.72m which will put her in the number 1 position.

4:39 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet Kaur with 61.62m throw.

4:38 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Kamalpreet Kaur is next.

4:36 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Two-time Olympic gold medalist Sandra Perkovic achieves a distance of 62.53m. It was a powerful release from the Croatian. Sandra Perković with throw of 62.53m.

4:31 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Portugal’s CA Liliana start the event with throw of 62.31m.

4:28 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: It will be a tough test today for Kamalpreet against some of the best discus throwers in the world. The final lineup includes World No. 1 Yaime Perez of Cuba, World No. 2 Sandra Perkovic of Croatia, World No. 6 Kristin Pudenz of Germany, World No. 7 Yang Chen of China and World No. 8 Claudine Vita of Germany among others.

4:23 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final: Live action set to start.

4:20 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final

Kamalpreet Kaur will soon be in action in the women’s discus throw final of Tokyo 2020. The 25-year-old had achieved a fantastic 64.00m distance with her throw in the qualification rounds. That meant she finished in second place overall. The discus thrower has been in good form this year, breaking the national record (including men’s) at the Indian Athletics Grand Prix 4. Can she deliver today? All eyes on Kamalpreet Kaur, and she will soon take centre stage.

4:12 PM Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final

Kamalpreet Kaur built on her earlier national record mark by hurling the iron disc to a distance of 66.59m at the Indian Athletics Grand Prix 4. At the Federation Cup, Kaur became the country’s first female discus thrower to breach the 65m mark, booking a spot at the Tokyo Olympics.

In achieving a 66.59m distance at the Indian Athletics Grand Prix 4, Kaur registered the best-ever discus throw by an Indian athlete. The 25-year-old went past the men’s national record which stands at 66.28m. It was set by Vikas Gowda at the Old Style Discus Challenge held in Norman, United States in 2012. Therefore, Kamalpreet Kaur now looks like a genuine medal contender at the Olympic Games

The 25-year-old has replicated her good form this season on the grandest stage. She hurled the discus to a distance of 64.00m in the qualification stage to finish second across both groups. Kaur finished only behind American Valarie Allman. In doing so, she gained entry into the discus throw finals. All eyes will now be on her as she aims to secure India’s first-ever Olympics medal in athletics.

The eagerly awaited finals of the women’s discus throw will begin at 4:30 PM IST.

Tokyo Olympics Hockey Highlights: Indian women reach maiden semis, create history

Post-match comments from Chief Coach Sjoerd Marijne:

“After we qualified for the Quarters, I told the team about the importance of being in the moment and not thinking about what-ifs and that is very difficult for an athlete because there are many things that are constantly playing in your mind, things like what if we win, what if we don’t win, what if I don’t stop the ball, so what I did is showed the team a movie and the film is about staying in the moment and I think that made a big difference in this match against Australia.We didn’t have a lot of practice matches before the Olympics so we kept telling the girls to improve with every match. We focussed on every individual improving her performance and if the personal performances are better then the performance of the team will be better. We knew that we had to learn from every match that we play since we didn’t have a lot of games leading into the competition. After we lost 1-5 to the Netherlands, it looked as if everything was shattered, it wasn’t. We only needed to make a few small improvements.Today, I told the girls to just play freely. The pressure is on the other team and that’s really important to know. The Quarter-Final matches are really difficult for the teams who are higher ranked. And I wanted the players to be proud of themselves today, regardless of the result. And I told the players that at the end of the match, they shouldn’t feel their legs after running so much on the pitch. We defended well today. The defensive structure during Penalty Corners was very good.This match also proves dreams can come true. If you start believing and you keep believing and you keep working hard, things can happen. You have to do the work to fulfill your dreams and that’s what we did today.” 

We will now take a break and return with the Women’s discus throw action in the afternoon where India’s Kamalpreet Singh will be in action in the finals of the event. Stay tuned to Khel Now as we bring to you all the live action from Tokyo Olympics!!

The Indian contingent continues to disappoint at the Tokyo Olympics. Aishwary Tomar who was looking good in the second rank after kneeling position simply fell off in the final two positions. He was simply nowhere near his best. He finished in the 21st spot. Whereas Sanjeev Rajput was never in the fray of qualification as he never showed that consistency that was needed to qualify for the finals. He finished in the 32nd spot.

10:32 AM Rajput ends his qualification with another 95 points. He finished in 32nd rank.

10:27 AM Rajput starts his final Standing series with 38 points from his four shots. He will look to finish on a high at least.

10:24 AM Rajput finishes the third Standing series with 95 points. He is currently ranked 32nd among 39 shooters.

10: 20 AM Rajput continues with his inconsistent shooting! He has shot 75 points from his eight shots in the third Standing series.

10: 18 AM After starting very strong in the kneeling position with 397 points, Aishwary Tomar has not been at that level in the Proning and Standing position. He finishes it off with 394 and 379 points respectively.

10:16 AM Just when we thought that it cannot get any worse than the first standing series, Rajput has shot 93 in his third Standing series. it is just not working out for the Indian veteran shooter.

10:13 AM Rajput ended the first standing series with a lowly 94 points. He has started the second series with only 74 points from 8 shots. He drops down to 29th position.

10:12 AM The Indian women’s hockey team have marched into the semifinals by beating Australia, one of the favourites to win a medal.

The 1-0 victory required every player to give her best on the day. Gurjit Kaur’s powerful drag flick got India the lead which they held on to till the final whistle. Australia threw everything in their locker but the unity shown by Indian defence led by Savita was too solid.

This is a remarkable achievement from the ladies who have handed the Aussies their first defeat of the tournament and made their way into the semifinals. They deserve this win and much more!

10:11 AM Here’s what you need to know.

10:10 AM Another 10 and a 9 makes it 85 for Aishwary. Last one is a 10. 95 in Series 4 of Standing. Takes his total to 1167 out of 1200. Not the best, but a huge learning curve for the 20-year-old who’s currently 22nd.

10:08 AM Sanjeev Rajput hits a couple of 10’s and follows it with an 8. The Indian veteran hasn’t been consistent.

10:05 AM 66 out of a possible 70 for Aishwary. He’s scored just 1 8 in the entire qualification, but too many 9s pull him back.

10:04 AM TITBIT TIME – This is the first time the Indian women’s hockey team has reached the semi-finals at any Olympics. HISTORIC!

10:03 AM 28 from the first three shoots from Aishwary in fourth and final series of qualification.

10:02 AM – Women’s Hockey – INDIA WINS! They have beaten the mighty Australians. They march into the semifinals and the scenes on the turf are unbelievable! They’ve beaten the Aussies by 1-0 in one of the biggest upsets of the tournament! Emotional upheavels and goose-bumps all around!

10:02 AM – Women’s Hockey – The final whistle is set to blow any moment now!

10:01 AM – Women’s Hockey – One last minute! India leads 1-0 against Australia.

10:01 AM Scores of 95,96 and 93 from Aishwary in Series 1,2,3 respectively in Standing! Can he end on a high? He’s out of contention.

10:01 AM Rajput has started Series 1 of Standing very poorly. 84 points from his 9 shots. He again drops down to 25th spot.

10:00 AM – Women’s Hockey – Yet another save from Savita and the defenders manage to clear the ball away! Two minutes remaining for India to hold on!

9:59 AM After shooting 3 10s, Aishwary hits a disappoint 8! Breaks a good rhythm!

9:59 AM – Women’s Hockey – Savita saves!!! But the referee has given another penalty corner as a defender was wearing a protective glove! (This is not healthy for my heart smh)!

9:58 AM – Women’s Hockey – Australia get a controversial penalty corner after a long video referral. What’s going to happen here!? Nerves are more at play here!

9:58 AM Too many 9pointers from Rajput. He has shot 56 from his first 6 shots in the standing series.

9:57 AM A 10 finally breaks the series of 9s for Aishwary.

9:56 AM A flurry of 9s from the Indian youngster here. 45 out of the first 50 in Series 3 of standing position.

9:55 AM Aishwary with another 9, falls further lower on the standings. He’s currently 20th and it is safe to say he’s out of contention.

9:54 AM – Women’s Hockey – Only four minutes left to play from India making a bit of a history here! Aussies continue to look for an equaliser. They’re pressing the Indian women when not in possession of the ball. *Chills all around*

9:53 AM Rajput has been wayward at times. He has not struck the bull’s eye as often as he would have liked. 47 points after 5 shots in his first standing series.

9:53 AM Two 9s to begin with, Aishwary is feeling the heat now. He’s got to compose himself. Another 9, makes it 27 out of 30.

9:52 AM – Women’s Hockey – Nikki gets a green card here and there’s a numbers advantage for the Aussies for the time-being. It’s getting intense on the turf. The sun has cooled down at least, bringing a little relief.

9:52 AM Rajput starts his Standing event with a 10 pointer followed by a 9! He will have to shoot 10 pointers consistently to at least enter the top 15.

9:51 AM It won’t be 97 for Aishwary. He hits another 9, and then a 10, to make it 96. On to Series 3 and 4 in standing.

9:50 AM – Women’s Hockey – Australia’s sixth penalty corner is saved well by Savita. However this leads to a seventh penalty corner which is again saved by Savita! She won’t let them pass! Is Dravid willing to give up the Wall nickname?

9:49 AM 77 out of a possible 80, with three consecutive 10s. 97 wouldn’t be the best score, but will still hold him in good stead for the final two series.

9:48 AM – Women’s Hockey – Australia expectedly are dominating the possession as they look for an equaliser. India must keep themselves composed here. Penalty corner here for the Aussies.

9:46 AM Aishwary has 37 out of 60 in Series 2, stranded at the 17th spot. Things looking bleak for the 20 year old who was one of the best in kneeling.

9:45 AM – Women’s Hockey – Australia has had five penalty corners to India’s one and the latter have scored from their one. This is a disappointing stat for the Aussies. About 11 minutes left to play here! India 1-0 Australia. Can they hold onto the slender lead?

9:45 AM Although qualification looks way off for Indian veteran Rajput, he would like to end his Tokyo Olympics campaign on a high!

9:44 AM This is how the scorecard looks like from Aishwary in Series 1 of Standing.

9:43 AM Rajput has fought his way back after a poor start in his kneeling position. He did considerably well in proning and now will look to carry that forward in standing event.

9:42 AM Aishwary begins Series 2 with 9,10,10,9. Needs to consistently hit the 10-point mark. He’s had a decent outing, and will take home tonnes of experience of the world’s greatest stage.

9:40 AM – Women’s Hockey – The fourth and the final quarter begins and these will be the biggest 15 minutes for Indian women. Can they hold on to their slender lead and hand Aussies the biggest upset of this tournament?

(In the background, Alexa play ‘Badal pe paaon hain’)

9:40 AM Finishes Series 1 of Standing with a 10 and a 9, Aishwary Pratap Singh. A total of 95 is below par and will further push him down the rankings.

9:38 AM – Women’s Hockey – Australia’s Peris Brooke gets a green card. The third quarter has ended and India is still leading by 1-0 against the Australians. Some nervy moments, but the women kept their composure.

9:37 AM Three 10s on the trot takes Aishwary to 66 out of a possible 70! Can he pull off something out of the hat? Is going to take a mercurial effort!

9:36 AM Women’s Hockey – First circle penetration from India in this quarter but Navneet shoots wide. However, this will bring a breather to the defenders and some confidence to the attackers. 2 minutes to go!

9:35 AM Aishwarya hits 46 out of 50 in the first series of Standing. Disappointing!

9:34 AM Women’s Hockey – It has been a brilliant defensive display with poise, grit and composure. Positioning from defenders have been top notch to keep the rivals at bay.

9:32 AM Women’s Hockey – India is giving away the ball way too cheaply now. The Aussies are piling on the pressure here. The third quarter couldn’t end early! However, the Indian women are holding fort.

9:31 AM Aishwarya gets off the mark with two 9s. The pressure is on him now, and is showing its results. He needs to calm down, and keep his eye and mind only on the target!

9:30 AM Aishwary is currently 16, but is only 2 points away from the top 8. He needs to score big in the standing round to make it to the finals! It is a tall task for Rajput as well with only the standing position remaining. Qualification looks way beyond reach so he will hope to shoot with more consistency and continue showing improvement in the final position.

9:29 AM Sanjeev’s 98 from Series 4 of Proning. Needs to do something outworldly in the standing event to have a chance.

9:29 AM – Women’s Hockey – Australia is throwing the kitchen sink at the Indians. They have 11 circle penetrations to India’s 6 right now.

9:27 AM Rajput ends with 98 points in the fourth proning series. He completes the proning event with a total of 393 points. It is a slight improvement from kneeling but he is still way behind the top 8, ranked 23rd! Will take something heroic to make a comeback from here!

9:26 AM – Women’s Hockey – India need to be more careful in possession and not make unforced errors. Referee awards a penalty corner to the Aussies because Sushila didn’t hear the whistle and kept playing. The attempt from Australia was over-complicated and the Indians clear the ball away.

9:25 AM This has been the case for Rajput in the entire qualification round. He has managed to shoot 10 pointers but his inconsistency has seen him fall behind the leaders. 88 points after nine shots in the fourth proning series. Will he end this with a 10?

9:24 AM Women’s Hockey – Savita makes a good save from close-range from Williams. The resulting penalty corner goes wide and India takes a sigh of relief. Bit of luck, bit of class!

9:23 AM Rajput has raked up 59 points from his six shots in the fourth proning series. Still 24th in the rankings.

9:22 AM The standing position starts. Indian shooters yet to take their shots.

9:21 AM Sanjeev Rajput’s 98 in Series 3 of Proning.

9:20 AM – Women’s Hockey – The third quarter begins here at the Oi Hockey Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. India looking to cause a huge upset here, lead by a 1-0.

9:20 AM Rajput starts the fourth proning series with two 10pointers. He will look to end the proning series on a high.

9:19 AM Rajput shot back-to-back 9 pointers and finishes the third proning series with a total of 98 points. He is currently ranked 24th.

9:17 AM – Women’s Hockey – The body language certainly speaks volumes of the Indian team’s confidence. They’re walking with a spring in their step while the Aussies look visibly rattled. More of this needed in the second-half!

9:17 AM Here’s something for the numbers’ nerds out there! India-Australia fact sheet –

9:15 AM Rajput’s streak of 10 pointers end with a 9 on the eighth shot. 79 points after eight shots in the third proning series. Brilliance!

9:14 AM Aishwary slips to 15th in the standings – his prone shooting wasn’t up to the mark. However, there’s still chance with the standing series yet to begin. He needs to be on top of his game to make it to the Top 8.

9:12 AM Rajput has now shot 16 ten pointers on the trot. He has scored 60 from the six shots in the third proning series. He climbs up to the 23rd position. Not throwing in the towel yet!

9:10 AM – Women’s Hockey – Second quarter ends with India leading against the mighty Australians by a single goal scored by Gurjit Kaur. There’s still a long way to go but the Indians aren’t showing too much respect to Australia. The women are playing with confidence and must hold on to their lead.

9:11 AM Here’s how the clean sweep from Rajput in Series 2 looked like! Rejoice!

9:10 AM Rajput finishes off in style!! He scores a perfect 100. He will need more of this in the coming series to have any chance of qualifying. He shoots 3 more 10s in the third proning series.

9:08 AM – Women’s Hockey – Salima Tete shows incredible pace to make her way inside the circle. But her attempt from the right-flank goes way over. Team in blue are finding more of the ball now.

9:07 AM A brilliant second proning series from Rajput. He has shot 10pointers at will. 90 from nine shots.

9:04 AM Rajput ends the first proning series with 97 points. He is currently at 29th in the rankings.

9:03 AM – Women’s Hockey – The opening goal makes the rest of the match so exciting. Will the Australians increase their intensity or will the Indians use this momentum to find more goalscoring chances? Meanwhile, India get a green card which is shown to Monika. She goes out of the field.

9:02 AM Rajput is looking to pick up pace here. 78 points from his first 8 shots in proning position. He climbs up one place.

9:01 AM Aishwary shoots 97 in Series 4 of Prone, taking his total to 788. He’s on 12th at the moment. In dire need of a comeback, the young lad.

9:00 AM – Women’s Hockey – INDIA SCORES!!!!!! India get their first penalty corner of the day. Gurjit Kaur flicks the ball which finds it’s way through a number of bodies inside the goal!! India 1-0 Australia! HURRAH!

9 AM Rajput’s first five shots in the first proning series is well on target. He shots 49 but remains 29th in the rankings. He needs to continue in the same vein.

8:59 AM Aishwary ends Series 3 with a 10, taking his score to 97. He has scored a 10,9,10 in Series 4 of Prone.

8:58 AM – Women’s Hockey – Australia get their first penalty corner of the match which results in a save from Savita. The team from down under are showing their class. They also have more circle penetrations with six to India’s three.

8:56 AM Rajput starts his Prone shooting with a 9 pointer followed by a couple of 10s. He is 29th at the moment.

8:54 AM Two 9s make it 87 out of 90 for Aishwary. Can he get back on to the 10-lane?

8:53 AM Serbia’s Milenko Sebic has hit two 100s in the first two Series of Prone. That’s heroic shooting from the star shooter!

8:52 AM He’s held his own nerve, Aishwary! After a nervy start, he’s back to doing what he does best – shoot 10s. Has earned 59 out of 60 in Series 3 of Prone. Heading towards another 99?

8:51 AM – Women’s Hockey – The second quarter begins under the scorching heat of the land of the rising sun. Both teams go again after getting a much-needed refreshments break.

8:51 AM A 99 in Series 2, Prone, from Aishwary. Brilliant shooting from the youngster. Takes his score to 613.

8:50 AM Sanjeev Rajput’s Series 4 in Kneeling. The man needs to come back roaring in the last two rounds.

8:49 AM Series 1 (Prone) from Aishwary Pratap Singh

8:48 AM You just cannot keep this boy down, can you? After the starting 9, he’s followed it up with a two hattrick of 10s. 69 out of a possible 70!

8:47 AM – Women’s Hockey – First quarter ends with no team finding the goal yet. The tie is certainly evenly balanced. Indians are not going to give up easily here and are giving the Australians a strong challenge. Will they be able to keep up this intensity?

8:47 AM And so he does. 10 on the second shot in Series 2 of Prone. However, he’s fallen to fourth currently based on other shooters’ completed series. Nothing to worry at the moment.

8:46 AM If there was a time conducive of placing bets, it’s now! Aishwarya got 98 in Series 1 of Prone. Starts the second with a 9, but will surely jump back to his 10-zone.

8:46 AM Women’s Hockey – As we approach the end of the first quarter here, India have certainly rattled the Australian team. The favourites are having to defend in numbers to prevent India from scoring. Turning on the heat, yeah? (Plays Chak De India title track in the background!)

8:45 AM Rajput finishes on a high as he shot five consecutive 10s to end with 97 in the final kneeling series. He ends up with a total score of 387 after the end of kneeling position. He holds the 25th rank!

8:44 AM The lad is back. Aishwarya has scored four 10s in the second half of Series 1 in Prone position. 88 out of a possible 90! Are we looking at a 98 here?

8:44 AM – Women’s Hockey – Rachael Lynch comes off the goal line and takes out Sharmila who seems to be injured here. But she carries on for the moment.

8:43 AM Lack of consistency from Rajput as he has shot too many 9s. Clearly not his best. 87 from 9 shots in Series 4.

8:42 AM Aishwarya has a 9,10,9,10 in his first four shots in Prone Series 1. A score of 38 out of 40. Not bad!

8:40 AM – Women’s Hockey – India hit the post! So close by Lalremsiami who couldn’t deflect Vandana’s attempt inside the back of the net. India are also dominating the possession with 58% share of it.

8:39 AM The prone position has begun for Aishwarya. Gets off the mark with a 9 in Series 1.

8:37 AM The second series has been the benchmark for Rajput so far. He starts the fourth and final series in kneeling position with 38 points from four shots.

8:36 AM This is how Sanjeev Rajput’s scorecard looks like after Series 3 in Kneeling.

8:35 AM – Women’s Hockey – India have improved their early performance. They’re making a lot of attacking plays but the Australians are comfortable in defence at the moment. Salima from the left-flank is looking particularly dangerous.

8:34 AM Rajput finishes the third series with a lowly 95. He holds the 27th spot for now. In a desperate need of more 10s to rise up the ladder.

8:32 AM – Women’s Hockey – Australia start with ferocity and hit the post with their first attempt on goal. India needs to compose themselves quickly and keep their nerves in control. They’re facing one of the world’s best teams!

8:32 AM Rajput needs to be more consistent if he wants to climb up the ranks and qualify for the finals. Currently he has shot 66 from 7 shots in the third series. He holds the 27th rank!

8:31 AM Here’s how they line up – Savita, Gurjit Kaur, Deep Ekka, Udita, Monika, Navjot Kaur, Nisha, Neha, Vandana Katariya, Rani Rampal (C), Navneet Kaur

8:30 AM – Women’s Hockey – The game has begun after national anthems from both countries is played in their full glory. Will the Indian women’s team emulate the men and cause a huge upset here to march into the semis?

8:29 AM If you weren’t blown away already by Aishwary’s shooting, let me add another fact. All his 10s in Series 4 were inner 10s! What a maverick!

8:27 AM Dutee Chand may’ve disappointed us, but Aishwary is doing just the reverse. He’s impressed in the kneeling round so far. Series 4 saw him score another 100.

8:26 AM Ohhh yes! Delicious not just once, but twice! Bow down to the boss! Aishwary Pratap Singh ends Kneeling with a perfect score of 100 in Series 4. Just 3 9s in 40 shots! That’s crazy shooting from the 20-year-old. Total score, 397!

8:25 AM Hasn’t missed one shot so far, Aishwary! All 10s in 9 attempts in Series 4. Another clean sweep?

8:24 AM – Women’s Hockey – Indian women are about to begin their quarter-final clash against the mighty Australians. The players are making their way onto the turf.

8:23 AM Add 20 more to make it 60 out of 60! This lad is going places. Unperturbed by the magnanimity of the event, he’s enjoying himself in the middle.

8:22 AM India, where are you if your eyes aren’t on Aishwary at the moment? 4 10s in Series 4, he’s giving the leader Henrik Larsen a run for his money! What a display. Inspired!

8:21 AM Rajput looking to build on his good second series as he shots 38 from his first 4 shots in the third series. Bullseye incoming?

8:20 AM 98 from Aishwary in Series 3. The 22nd and 29th shots were 9s – with bullseye on all others. He stands 2nd on the rankings at the moment. Unparalleled composure from the youngster!

8:19 AM Sanjeev makes it 99 in Series 2. He will rise up a little as well. Good showing from the experienced shooter!

8:18 AM Aishwary now has 59 out of 60 in Series 3. He’s looking in good form.

8:16 AM 60 out of 60 for Sanjeev in Series 2 so far. Indian shooters have been no short of brilliant this morning.

8:13 AM The clean sweep! The sweetest picture for every Indian at the moment. Sanjeev has started off with 4 10s in Series 2! He’s turning the heat on as well!

8:13 AM Aishwary has risen to the 3rd spot with that clean sweep in Series 2. He scores a 10 and a 9 at the beginning of Series 3, and follows it up with a 10.

8:12 AM You bet he can! A 100 – the perfect score! What a dream start for the 20-year-old Indian. Sanjeev scores 96 in his Series 1. Not the best, but a good start for the veteran.

8:11 AM Hasn’t missed the bulleye’s in Series 2 so far! 80 out of 80 for Aishwary! Can he make it a 100?

8:10 AM Here’s how his Series 1 looks like. Meanwhile, Sanjeev has started off well, with 4 10s and 3 9s in his Series 1.

8:09 AM A hattrick of 10s at the beginning of Series 2. He’s on some run at the moment, Aishwary. He follows it up with 2 more 10s. Makes it 50 out of 50 in Series 2.

8:08 AM A 10 to end Series 1 of kneeling. He’s earned 99 – a brilliant score. Moves on the Series 2. Starts that with a 10 too.

8:07 AM He follows it up with a 9, and then shoots another four 10s. He’s earned a total of 89 out of a possible 90. This will bring him massive confidence and will take him up the ladder!

8:07 AM The young prodigy starts off in style. Four 10s to his name in his first four shots! You go, lad!

8:05 AM Sanjeev, on the other hand, is one of the most experienced shooters in the mix. He has two world cup and a commonwealth gold in his bag. He’s also an Asian Games silver medalist. He will be hoping to sign off on a high note!

8:03 AM Aishwary is India’s young prodigy, with the bronze medal in 2019 Asian Championships. He won the Gold in the 2021 World Cup, which took place in Delhi, India.

8:03 AM The shooters begin the kneeling position, with four series in each position making it 400 points.

8:01 AM AND It’s time! We begin as the pair lines up to take their shots. Good luck, Aishwary-Sanjeev.

7:56 AM If such stories don’t brighten up your day, I’m not sure what will! More power to you, Gianmarco Tamberi!

After suffering a serious ankle injury weeks before Rio 2016, the athlete was told he may not be able to compete anymore. He kept the cast from his broken ankle. On Sunday, he became Olympic high jump champion.

7:53 AM Indian shooters Aishwary Pratap Singh and Sanjeev Rajput will have to shoot over a distance of 50m in kneeling, prone and standing positions. The round will see each shooter take 40 attempts each in all three positions, in a period of just under 3 hours. A cumulative score is then decided after adding from all three positions. The top 8 scorers will proceed to the final round. It is now down to these two men to make the most of it. They need to play without any pressure.

7:50 AM ICYMI, if India defeats Australia in women’s hockey quarters today, the team will face Argentina, another heavyweight. Here’s how the draw looks like.

7:45 AM The Asaka Shooting Range hasn’t been very kind to the Indian contingent so far. The onus, however, now falls on the duo of Singh-Rajput, who’re the right mix of youth and age. Rajput is aged 40, while Aishwary is just half his age!

7:43 AM In the next event, Aishwary Pratap Singh and Sanjeev Rajput get us underway in Men’s 3 Position 50m Air Rifle event. Can India finish with a medal in shooting? It is going to be very, very difficult for the unheralded pair of Singh-Rajput.

7:40 AM RIVAL WATCH – The Argentina Women’s Hockey Team has qualified for the semifinals of #Tokyo2020. They cruised to a comfortable 3-0 victory against Germany.

7:35 AM The day might not have started on the best note, but there’s still a lot to come. Indian Women’s Hockey team will be playing their QF match against Australia, the perennial heavyweights. Record-breaking discus thrower Kamalpreet Kaur will be in action as well in the FINALS! Don’t miss any of the action!

7:32 AM A look at the table that draws curtains on Dutee’s Tokyo journey.

7:30 AM Athletics Women’s 200m heat: USA’s Gabriel Thomas looked set to win the race but a late surge from Christine Mboma saw her win the race with a timing of 22.11s, her personal best of all timing. Thomas finished second.

7:29 AM Did you know that Indians broke long-standing records on August 1? PV Sindhu and the Men’s Hockey team created history?

Here’s where you can find the entire snapshot.

7:26 AM Disappointing race for Dutee Chand as she finishes LAST in this 200m heat. However, she has set her seasonal best this time with a 23.8s timing. A disappointing end to her campaign!

7:25 AM And the race is underway!

7:25 AM Athletics Women’s 200m heat: The athletes have lined up in their positions with the race almost about to start. All eyes on Dutee Chand for us as we hope she can make it to the next round. However, Gabby Thomas from the United States of America starts as a favourite.

7:23 AM Set to begin, here are the athletes who would participate in Heat 4 alongside Dutee.


7:20 AM Athletics Women’s 200m heat: Dutee Chand’s timing for the 100m was way off her best and that saw her finish a measly seventh in her previous outing in Tokyo. Overall, she was 45th out of 54 competitors, not the best show from the Odisha-born runner. For the upcoming 200m heat, Chand would have to perform as close to her personal best of 23.00s if not better if she were to qualify. In order to do so, Chand has to finish top 3 in her heat or be the best three outside the top three places amongst all heats.

7:19 AM Some words from the athlete herself…

7:18 AM Athletics Women’s 200m heat: India’s Dutee Chand will be in action in the all-awaited 200m race at the Tokyo Olympics. She would be hoping to put her 100m disappointed behind her as she looks to progress to the semi-finals of this event. In the 2019 Asian Athletics Championship in Doha, Chand won the bronze medal in the 200m category. An exciting race is around the corner! Stay tuned for more…

7:15 AM Let me share a happy story to begin the day with. It took Lovlina Borgohain to win an Olympic medal for her village to get a motorable road! The state government is working overtime to finally build a motorable road before the medalist returns from Tokyo. The road that connect Lovlina’s house in Barmukhia gets very muddy when it rained. However, that wouldn’t be the case anymore!

7:10 AM It is going to be a tricky test for Chand, as she’s well known for 100 meters. However, she’s participated in 200m races in the past and her performances will be down to her preparation, grit and nerves.

7:05 AM Dutee Chand, arguably India’s best track-and-field athlete, will be taking the centre stage today. She’s not just India’s record holder in 100m, but also the only Indian to win a gold medal in a 100m event at a global competition. She clocked 11.17 seconds at the Indian Grand Prix 4 in Patiala in 100m, a national record.

Senior correspondent Punit Tripathi has written a detailed piece on how Indian hockey needs to win a medal to revolutionize the sport in India again. You can read it here.

7:00 AM Ace Indian sprinter Dutee Chand will be in action in the women’s 200m sprint on day 11 of the Tokyo Olympics. Dutee was nowhere near her best as she clocked 11.54 secs. in the 100m heats, which is well outside her national record of 11.17 seconds. She had finished in the seventh spot in heat 5 and overall 45th out of 54 competitors. Dutee Chand will be hoping for a better showing in the 200m heats.

Two more Indian shooters will have the final opportunity to rescue the Indian shooting contingent’s dismal campaign on day 11 of the Tokyo Olympics. Sanjeev Rajput and Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar will represent the nation in this event in Tokyo.

The Indian women’s national hockey team have reached the knockout rounds for the first time ever. The Women in Blue will aim to replicate the heroics of the 1980 Moscow Olympics team when India had finished fourth. However, Sjoerd Marijne’s team will first have to overcome the challenge of World No. 4 Australia in the quarter-finals.

Indian jockey Fouaad Mirza will be competing in the individual eventing qualifier. He is currently in the 22nd spot in the overall rankings. The top 25 participants will qualify for the final.

The biggest event of the day will see India’s Kamalpreet Kaur in action in the women’s discus throw final. The 25-year-old has replicated her good form this season on the grandest stage. She hurled the discus to a distance of 64.00m in the qualification stage to finish second across both groups. Kaur finished only behind American Valarie Allman. In doing so, she gained entry into the discus throw finals. All eyes will now be on her as she aims to secure India’s first-ever Olympics medal in athletics.

6:50 AM Hello and welcome to Khel Now’s live updates of Day 11 of the Tokyo Olympics.

Tokyo Olympics Day 11 will witness several Indian athletes in action. On Saturday, the Indian men’s hockey team reached the semi-finals of the Olympics for the first time in 41 years, whereas badminton star P.V. Sindhu clinched a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. However, super heavyweight boxer Satish Kumar exited the Tokyo Olympics.

On Monday, several Indian athletes will be seen at Tokyo 2020. Kamalpreet Kaur and the Indian women’s hockey team will be seen in action in their respective events.

Day 11 Full Schedule

Athletics: Women’s 200m heats

Shooting: 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men’s Qualification

Women’s Hockey Quarter-final: India Vs Australia

Equestrian: Eventing Individual Qualifier

Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw Final

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