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WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns set to turn babyface soon

Ruby AgarwalRuby Agarwal

June 5 2023
Roman Reigns WWE

The Universal champion has been a top heel in the industry for the past three years

Roman Reigns has been dominating WWE SmackDown as the Undisputed Universal Champion and top villain for nearly three years. However, there is a bigger goal in mind for “The Head of the Table”: transforming him into WWE’s most beloved superstar. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE’s ultimate objective with Reigns’ massive push is to turn him into a fan favourite and “the special attraction superhero babyface” for major events in the future.

Feuds and rivalries along the way

As Reigns progresses toward his transformation, fans can expect him to engage in feuds with his Bloodline stablemate Solo Sikoa and rekindle his WrestleMania rivalry with Cody Rhodes. These storylines will contribute to the overarching narrative leading to the downfall of a heel Reigns and the rise of the most adored babyface in all of WWE.

The need for a Heel turn

Prior to Reigns’ epic heel turn in 2020, many pro wrestling legends had called for him to embrace the dark side. From 2014 to 2020, Reigns received a significant push as the heir apparent to John Cena and the new face of WWE. Despite high-profile feuds with the likes of Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker, fans simply weren’t buying into Reigns as the top babyface.

The transformation and success as a villain

It took that unforgettable heel turn for Reigns to truly excel as a performer both in the ring and on the microphone. Over the past few years, he has soared to new heights, establishing himself as the clear alpha dog in WWE. During his impressive 1,000-plus day reign as WWE’s top champion, Reigns has once again become pro wrestling’s biggest draw, with The Bloodline emerging as WWE’s top merchandise seller despite their villainous portrayal.

The Power of Villains in Entertainment

In various forms of entertainment, including movies and TV shows, villains have become the most captivating and beloved characters in recent years. Reigns is no exception. Ironically, it was his heel turn that transformed him into one of the most cherished and widely praised superstars in pro wrestling history.

The approval of the Babyface

Even The Undertaker, a pro wrestling legend, recently hailed Reigns’ title reign as one of the greatest of all time. It is often the case that superstars need a significant heel run to gain the approval of the audience before transitioning into beloved baby faces. Reigns understands this phenomenon better than anyone.

The crumbling of the bloodline

The ongoing storyline involving The Bloodline, with Reigns clashing with the Usos and, to a lesser extent, Sikoa, indicates that Reigns’ once-dominant faction is beginning to crumble. Consequently, Reigns will eventually be dethroned as champion, possibly at WrestleMania 40, nearly a year from now.

The return of the Babyface Roman Reigns

Once Reigns relinquishes his title, the only path for him is to return as a babyface. Although he may initially face challenges following the end of his legendary title reign, history has shown that fans start to appreciate top stars more than ever after their heel runs. Reigns, like Cena, Batista, and The Rock, has been open about his potential transition to Hollywood and is likely approaching a part-time “special attraction” status.


Roman Reigns’ impending transition from a top villain to a beloved babyface is a testament to his incredible talent and the profound impact he has made on the wrestling world. As the ultimate goal of WWE’s massive push, Reigns’ journey toward becoming a fan favourite is a captivating story that fans are eagerly following. The future holds great promise for Reigns as he navigates the path to becoming WWE’s most beloved superstar, and the WWE Universe eagerly awaits the day when Reigns will stand tall as a true hero of the squared circle.

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