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Top five superstars with most appearances in Money in the Bank ladder matches

Published at :June 26, 2023 at 8:51 PM
Modified at :June 26, 2023 at 8:51 PM
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Akash Dhanagaran

The MITB is one of the most iconic matches in WWE history

The Money in the Bank ladder match has been one of the highly anticipated matches in WWE. The ladder matches for the MITB contract have been occurring annually since 2005 and have changed the careers of many. Even earning an opportunity to participate in a MITB ladder match has been a dream for many, however there are certain superstars who have multiple appearances in MITB ladder matches. Here are the top five superstars with the most number of MITB ladder match appearances.

5. Chris Jericho (5 Appearances)

It is no surprise to see the creator of the Money in the Bank ladder match, Chris Jericho is in the list. Jericho has one of the highest number of appearances in the Money in the Bank ladder match with five appearances. Although with five appearances, he wasn’t able to win a MITB briefcase since then. He has his first appearance in the inaugural MITB match in 2005 and has his last appearance in 2016. 

4. Dolph Ziggler (6 Appearances)

Dolph Ziggler stands No. 4 in the list of most number of MITB appearances by participating in 6 matches. He is one of the incredible performers of the ladder matches and has showcased some of the risky moves with ease, making himself one of the toughest contenders of the match. Ziggler successfully won the Money in the Bank briefcase for the World Heavyweight Championship in 2012 and successfully cashed it on Alberto Del Rio to win the World Heavyweight Championship for the second time.

3. Christian (6 Appearances)

Christian is another veteran of the business with one of the most MITB appearances without winning the MITB contract. Christian appeared in six MITB ladder matches both on WrestleMania and in MITB PPV. Christian’s first MITB match was in the inaugural year 2005 and his last appearance was in 2013.

2. Kofi Kingston (7 Appearances)

Kofi Kingston equals the most Money in the Bank ladder match appearances with 7 matches. However, he has never won a briefcase, which made him No.2 on the list. Kofi has been a perfect material for the MITB ladder matches and has delivered some of the mind blowing performances with the ladders. His creativity, athleticism, high-flying abilities and sacrifices on the ring which he performs naturally makes him one of the toughest contenders for the briefcase.

1. Kane (7 Appearances)

Kane, Money In The Bank
Kane has the most appearances in the Money in the Bank ladder match history

When thinking about Money in the Bank, people would have a thought that only wrestlers of small size, with sleek muscles and high flying abilities are suitable for the match. However, Kane is on the top of the list to break that myth with 7 MITB appearances and one MITB win. With a giant size and monstrous strength, Kane is a powerhouse of the MITB matches who has destroyed opponents of various sizes in the ground. Kane first participated in the MITB ladder match in 2009 and won the briefcase the following year. He successfully cashed in the MITB contract on Rey Mysterio to win the World Championship the same day.