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Top three shocking returns that may happen at SummerSlam 2023

Published at :August 2, 2023 at 4:21 PM
Modified at :January 13, 2024 at 4:50 PM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Many wrestlers had made their return at SummerSlam including Bayley last year, Becky Lynch in 2021

Returning to the wrestling ring after a major absence from television has always been iconic and memorable, that too in front of a major audience will always be ultimate. Many wrestlers had made their return at SummerSlam including Bayley last year, Becky Lynch in 2021 and many others. It makes us tickle who would possibly return this year at SummerSlam in Detroit. So here are the top three superstars who could possibly return at this year’s WWE SummerSlam.

3. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has been away from television since March 2023. He made his return after years at Extreme Rules with a gimmick change and had only one match at Royal Rumble after the return. He was about to have a match with Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 39, but was pulled off due to his real life injury and was not seen on television yet.

Bray Wyatt might return to SummerSlam after five months to restart what he was about to do before his injury. Wyatt might return between a talk show of Grayson Waller, and attack him to develop a returning feud. His recent video package tweet strengthens the rumors and gives hope to the fans. Although his return is not yet confirmed from WWE’s side, we need to wait until SummerSlam.

2. Big E

Big E has been away from television for more than a year now. He suffered a neck injury during a six man tag team match between The Newday and Brawling Brutes in early 2022. He underwent a surgery and was in rehab for months. He was spotted backstage on multiple major events working with the promotions during his absence. He stated his medical conditions during a recent interview that he started his training months after surgery and is likely to return in near future.

His return to SummerSlam could be great and could boost the involvement of The New Day. If he is coming back at SummerSlam, he could possibly confront the Intercontinental Champion after the match or help Seth Rollins from the rest of Judgement Day with Xavier Woods. If he interferes during the World Heavyweight Championship match, it might result in the Survivor Series WarGames match with Judgement Day.

1. The Rock

One of the most talked and circulating rumors around the wrestling industry is the return of “The Rock”. The Rock has never stepped foot inside the wrestling arena since 2019. Where he appeared on the 20th Anniversary of SmackDown to cut a promo with Becky Lynch and beating Corbin out with a Rock Bottom. Since then he was never seen on WWE television or at the backstage, but the rumors went spreading on multiple occasions during the major events and WWE had even teased it using The Rock‘s reference.

Now, ahead of the Tribal Combat match at SummerSlam, his return rumors reached a new height. Many believe that The Rock would return to SummerSlam during The Tribal Combat Match and help Jey Uso to win against Roman Reigns. But his return has not yet been confirmed from the creative team. If he does, this could be one of the best returns of all time.

Many of them would have thought about Randy Orton’s return, but the most recent announcement on his medical conditions confirm that he is not yet cleared to return at SummerSlam. But, he could possibly return in the near future after complete recovery.

Who do you think should return at SummerSlam 2023 at Detroit?

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