Sheamus Suffers Serious Shoulder Injury: WWE Rumors

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran

September 26 2023
Sheamus WWE

Sheamus is one of the most talented professional wrestlers, who has been working WWE since 2006. He has proved his caliber throughout his run and has been highly successful in his career. He is a three-time WWE Champion, one time World Heavyweight Champion, three-times United States Champion, four time Raw Tag Team Champion and one-time SmackDown Tag Team Champion. 

He also achieved success by winning some of the major matches including the King of Ring, money in the Bank and Royal Rumble. However he was not booked in major matches and he expressed his frustrations on the creative team.

When The Celtic Warrior was worrying about the creative bookings, he delivered a great match with Edge on Edge’s 25th Anniversary. Although he lost the match, he was appreciated for the efforts and great in-ring match. However, The Celtic Warrior has not been seen on television since then. Now a major update on why the Celtic Warrior was not on the television was released.

Sheamus WWE status

On the later episode of Wrestling Observer News Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Sheamus is suffering from a serious shoulder injury and that was the reason behind his absence from the television.

“Sheamus, really bad shoulder injury, by the way. That’s why he hasn’t been on TV or at the House Shows,” [h/t Sportskeeda]

It is unclear how and when he suffered the injury, but it is speculated that the injury might have been suffered during the SmackDown match with Edge. However, he appeared consistent on the house shows, but his absence from recent house shows confirms that the Celtic Warrior has been dealing with this injury for a long time.

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