WWE SmackDown Results & Winners (September 15, 2023): The Rock returns to SmackDown

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran

September 16 2023
WWE SmackDown (September 15, 2023)

The Rock returns, McAffee returns, LA Knight wins, Waller Effect ends in brawl and much more!

The September 15, 2023 episode of SmackDown is the must see show as it features the return of the Rock, new storyline for the Bloodline, and much more. Know what happens on this weeks episode of SmackDown here, As we came out with the full summary of the Friday night SmackDown with results, ratings and winners list.

SmackDown Summary

The Rock returns with Pat McAffee

Pat McAffee returns and kicks off the Friday Night SmackDown. He says that he drove to Denver to see the best show in the industry and address the best crowd in the world. Austin Theory interrupted him and verbally slammed McAffee and the WWE Universe. Theory said that this is not SmackDown show or McAffee show, but is the Theory show. McAffee said that this is the People show and you know what it means.

The Rock’s music played and “The Rock has finally come back”. Rock returns surprisingly and confronts Austin Theory. Theroy counters The Rock by saying “It doesn’t matter who you are”. But Rock says that it does matter as he came to whoop his ass. The Rock asks are you Austin Theory from A-Town and if that means is he a “A-h**e”. He introduces a new chant for Theory “You’re a A***ole”. Theory is had enough and attacked The Rock, however The Rock delivered a Spine Burster and People’s elbow on Theory. He then asked McAffee to try People’s elbow on Theory and done.

Ratings: 5/5

Finn Balor vs AJ Styles

As soon as the match starts, Priest distracted Styles, which made Balor took control of the match. Styles however fought back and went for a back breaker. Balor hit him with a drop kick and locks his head. Styles hit a drop kick and Slam and sent Balor out of the ring.

During the commercial, Damien Priest delivered a Chokelslam to Styles, when referee was distracted. Which shifts the momentum to Balor. Styles fought back by driving Balor face first to the ground. Balor went to the top rope, Styles stopped and looked for a Hurricane Rana but missed. Styles then tries to finish Balor with a Styles Splash. As Balor fought back and delivers a kick to the back of the head. Styles sent Balor out and hit him with a Forearm. Dom tried to attack Styles, but got hit with a clothesline. When Styles measured Balor for a Phenomenal Forearm, Priest grabbed Styles leg. Ref. sent both out, where Styles missed the Phenomenal Forearm, but misses, but tried to deliver the Styles Splash. Jey Uso then came out of nowhere caused the distraction and helped Balor win by rollup.

Winner: Finn Balor Ratings: 3.5/5


McAffee and The Rock were on the backstage. John Cena came to welcome The Rock with a handshake and a hug. Finn Balor came to meet Jimmy and asked him to join The Judgment Day with his brother Jey as there is no leaders there. After Balor walks through Paul Heyman walks in and notices Jimmy.

LWO vs Street Profits

LWO were on the ring, as Rey explained how he found the LWO family and how it made him became the United States Champion, when he thought that his career is over. Escobar expresses his happiness and asks for a title shot against his idol. Rey granted him a shot with a hug. Bobby Lashley and Street Profits interfere them and resulted in a match where Del Toro and Wilde took on the Street Profits.

The match started with Angelo Dawkins and Wilde, where Ford attacked Wilde and Del Toro. Dawkins tagged Ford in and delivered their finisher for a squash win. After the match, Bobby ordered Ford and Dawkins attacked all the members of LWO.

Winners: Street Profits Ratings: 3/5

LA Knight vs The Miz

The Miz locked Knight’s head, but Knight took Miz down with a shoulder tackle. Knight was fired up, but Miz stopped him by grabbing the ropes and drove Knight face first to the turnbuckle and had a brief upper hand. Knight then went for three hard chops to the chest, hit him with a powerslam, neck breaker and a spring board shoulder tackle.

The Miz however attacked him with a couple of kicks to the mid section. LA Knight fought back and delivered a neck breaker and bulldog from the middle rope. The Miz poked the eyes of Knight, when referee is distracted with the curtains being pulled off, which made The Mic took control.

Miz kicked right on the face and mid section of Knight, but he fought back and changed the momentum with a Clothesline, Leg sweep and a running knee splash. The Miz quickly stood on his feet hit him with a kick and code breaker using the ropes. Knight quickly sent Miz to the ropes and a delivered a BFT for the win.

LA Knight had the mic in his hands and makes statement that he looks for a gold around his waist and says that he has his eyes on all the champions.

Winner: LA Knight Ratings: 4/5

Asuka vs Bayley

Bayley and Dakota Kai of Damage CTRL were in the backstage and they discuss about is IYO SKY ready for Asuka as IYO defends her title against Asuka next week. Kai asked Bayley is she ready for Asuka, as Bayley takes on Asuka next.

Asuka had the first strike, but Bayley fought back back. They both tackle each others mover. Asuka hit Bayley with a drop kick from the top rope and Bayley however quickly stood up and pushed Asuka to the ring post.

After the commercial, Bayley locked Asuka’s neck to extend the momentum. Asuka tried to fight back with an Armbar, but Bayley escapes. Asuka then hit a Suplex to slow her down. Asuka then hit her with a Knee strike and kicked her on the face.

Asuka then locked Bayley with Ankle lock and Armbar, but Bayley scrolled out to escape the submission hold. Bayley attacked Asuka and cleaned the announcement table to throw Asuka over it. However Shotzi showerd up on the audience area and scared Bayley. Which cost Bayley her match, as Asuka took the distraction as his advantage and pinned Bayley with a Backslide.

Winner: Asuka Ratings: 3.5/5

Grayson Waller Effect with John Cena

Waller introduced the special guest for today, The GOAT, John Cena. Waller asked Cena to take his hat off to show him some respect as his mom told him. Waller thinks Cena needs an advice from him. He asked Cena to talk about it but he didn’t let him talk. Waller said that Cena cannot be the same wrestler again and instead leave the place. Cena takes his hat and shirt off and look for a fight. Jimmy Uso interrupted Cena, as Cena tried to talk, Jimmy took his mic and says that nobody wants Cena here.

Jimmy looks to fight Cena, but Solo Sikoa interrupts. Solo confronts Cena face to face and hit a superkick to Cena. Jimmy and Solo went on Cena, where AJ Styles came to the aid of Cena. Styles took Jimmy, and Cena took Solo out. John Cena hit Jimmy with a Five Knuckle Shuffle and measured for an AA, but Solo saved Jimmy.

Ratings: 4.5/5

SmackDown Results

Finn Balor (W) defeated AJ Styles by Pinfall.

Street Profits (W) defeated LWO by Pinfall.

LA Knight (W) defeated The Miz by Pinfall.

Asuka (W) defeated Bayley by Pinfall.

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