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Top five WWE vs UFC dream matches we would love to see

Published at :October 1, 2023 at 3:20 AM
Modified at :October 1, 2023 at 3:20 AM
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In the fantastical collision of worlds, where the brutal elegance of UFC meets the scripted drama of WWE, dream matchups ignite the imagination of fight enthusiasts and wrestling fanatics alike. Picture a realm where octagon warriors grapple with ring maestros, creating a spectacle that transcends the boundaries of combat sports.

Here, we unveil the top five WWE vs UFC dream fights that tantalize the senses, blurring the lines between reality and scripted glory. Brace yourself for a journey into a parallel universe where the octagon and the squared circle converge in a symphony of athleticism and theatrics.

5. CM Punk vs Chael Sonnen

In the realm where squared circles meet the unforgiving octagon, the prospect of a Punk vs. Sonnen showdown emerges not as an insult to pro wrestling but as a testament to the intricate dance between athleticism and showmanship. Punk is a maestro of both worlds, isn't merely a spectator in the MMA arena; he's a practitioner, a sage with a wealth of knowledge that extends beyond the scripted narratives of pro wrestling.

In the unpredictable landscape of MMA, where verbal sparring is as crucial as physical prowess, Punk's ability to captivate extends beyond the ring. His marketability isn't just a wrestling trait; it's a skill set that transcends boundaries. Sonnen on the otherside is a vocal powerhouse. He may boast a wrestling-centric arsenal, but Punk's finesse in submissions adds an intriguing layer. It's not a sideshow; it's a clash of styles, a genuine competition where each move isn't choreographed but a strategic maneuver for supremacy.

4. Pat Barry vs Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio and Barry share a characteristic. In MMA, they were defeated by Mirko Cro Cop. The main difference is that whereas Barry was defeated by a choke, Del Rio was defeated by a head kick. Del Rio has had a few MMA fights, but he was better recognized as a luchador before the WWE hired him and turned his character in a different way.

But it doesn't change the fact that Del Rio is 9-5 in MMA, according to In essence, he is an MMA fighter as well as a professional wrestler. A battle between him and Barry would be exciting since both men are flawed and would want to keep the fight standing or put it down.

3. Michael Bisping vs Wade Barrett

Barrett states in an interview with IGN that he experimented in bare-knuckle boxing and that it paid well, so he didn't worry. The massive trash-talking Brit would certainly outweigh Michael Bisping, but their personalities would be an ideal fit, and the bout may finish with someone being knocked out. If nothing else, the pre-fight insults would be epic, and both men would be able to easily sell out the MEN stadium.

2. Brock Lesnar vs Jon Jones

With Brock Lesnar potentially moving on from WWE, UFC star Jon Jones sensed an opportunity.Jones called out Lesnar on Twitter once. This is one dream match. Without any doubt we know who the victor would be. But this fight would be one of the biggets draws in UFC and WWE history. With Brock representing WWE and Jones UFC. It is going to be fight between two monsters.

Jon Jones is the reigning UFC heavyweight champion. It is a must see dream match. But it is upto Dana White and Vince McMahon to make things happen. Also, with WWE-UFC merger, it can be said that their is a potential dream match in cooking for fans.

1. Roman Reigns vs Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor in the WWE isn't hard to picture, whether it's against Roman Reigns or some quick-footed emerging star Wrestling would be a natural fit for the UFC lightweight champion. McGregor gives WWE-style promos in the run-up to his fights. He certainly possesses Ric Flair's swagger and Vince McMahon's stride.

McGregor is utilizing his prickly personality and loudmouth methods to generate interest in a battle with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. That fantasy match makes one wonder what more The Notorious could do. Where else can he use his charm and drawing power?

Roman Reigns is on track to be the greatest WWE Champion. He is the most discussed wrestler on the roster, a divisive personality who has headlined the last three WrestleManias. His and McGregor's squabble would undoubtedly result in a superfight.

Despite what his detractors say, the behemoth is already one of WWE's top big-match performers. There's also enough of real-life fodder to get this rivalry started. When McGregor embarked on his notorious anti-WWE diatribe last year, Reigns was one of the Superstars that retaliated. "Your [sic] the size of my leg," Reigns tweeted at McGregor. "Shut up."