Hulk Hogan names his WWE Mount Rushmore

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
October 16 2023
Hulk Hogan WWE

“The Real American” Hulk Hogan is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and is the face of professional wrestling for the past four decades. He is a six-time World Champion in WWE and six-time World Champion in WCW. He is the constant main eventer of WrestleMania, who has main evented record making eight times, for which he was called “Hulkamania”.

The Legendary Hall of Famer retired from pro-wrestling in 2012 and appears on sporadic appearances in WWE, NWA, TNA and other promotions occasionally. “Hollywood” Hogan recently spoke about his pro-wrestling Mount Rushmore in a recent interview. Here are his four mounts.

Hulk Hogan’s Rushmore

Chris Van Vliet recently interviewed Hulk Hogan for his Youtube channel, where Vliet asked Hogan, “Since you are one of the GOAT’s or The GOAT, who’s on your Mount Rushmore?”

To which Hulk Hogan said,

“Well that’s a tough one you know because Andre has to be there. It would have to be Ric Flair. I tell Ric Flair, you’re the greatest wrestler that ever lived. I’m just going with the older guys you know, because there are newer guys like Seth Rollins, who I really admire. For me the quick fix would be Andre, Flair, Rock and Austin”

Andre The Giant

Andre The Giant is one of the great pro-wrestlers of all time and is one of the beloved babyfaces, who is known for his giant looks. He wrestled for WWE from 1984 to 1991 with a monumental wrestling career. Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant were on the peak at the same time, they wrestled each other in the 1980’s. The french giant passed away too soon, but his legacy still stands tall. Andre is already in the list of Mount Rushmore of WWE.

Ric Flair

The 16-time World Champion, Ric Flair is no surprise that he took in his list as both share a long history together. When Hogan was the great babyface, Flair was a great heel. The dirtiest player of the game is no doubt being one of the greatest and absolutely deserves a spot in Mount Rushmore.

The Rock

The “Great One” Rock is one of the GOAT’s of the business with a huge wrestling career. Hogan and The Rock shared the wrestling ring in early 2000’s where and even main evented WrestleMania. Rock proved that he is one of the greatest equals to Hogan by defeating him and with the huge fan support. He is a 10 time world Champion and is the sixth Triple Crown Champion of the company. With unmatchable greatness and people’s support, The Rock deserves a spot.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin rarely or never shared the ring with each other for a match. The greatest wrestler of the 80’s vs the greatest wrestler of the late 90’s could be an ultimate dream match for all. Stone Cold is an absolute great, who made the entire non-wrestling fans watch WWE during the Attitude Era and could definitely be in everyone’s Mount Rushmore.

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