Roman Reigns’ top 10 WWE Universal Championship title defenses

October 28 2023
Roman Reigns WWE

“The Tribal Chief” is one of the greatest champions in sports entertainment history

In the high-stakes world of professional wrestling, where champions rise and fall, there emerges a rare breed of athlete who not only captures the gold but defends it with unparalleled tenacity and skill. At the forefront of this select group stands none other than “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns. Reigns, with his commanding presence and unwavering confidence, has redefined what it means to be a champion in WWE.

This is a journey through the top 10 title defenses of Roman Reigns, a showcase of the incredible battles, the formidable adversaries, and the moments that have solidified his legacy as one of the greatest champions in sports entertainment history.

So, here’s the list of Roman Reigns’ top 10 title defenses:

10. Kevin Owens, WWE Royal Rumble 2021 in a Last Man Standing match

This was a ferocious battle that immediately overflowed into the audience. Aside from a hiccup with the handcuffs, which slowed things down, this was an exciting battle of elite fighters prepared to go to any length to win.

9. Logan Paul, WWE Crown Jewel 2022

Logan Paul and The Miz put on one of the finest rookie performances in WWE history against Rey and Dominik Mysterio at WWE WrestleMania 38. At WWE SummerSlam, he delivered an all-star singles effort against The A-Lister. However, he had yet to completely realize his potential. He had to demonstrate his total in-ring knowledge against Roman Reigns, which he accomplished. This is arguably the most Reigns has ever had to carry a bout. While Paul looked wonderful, The Head of the Table was the ringmaster, keeping the pace and emphasis on the tale throughout.

8. Daniel Bryan, WWE SmackDown, April 30, 2021

Daniel Bryan tested Roman Reigns in ways that no one else had in his entire reign. While the lack of a genuine audience was noticeable, everything else about this match was flawless. The American Dragon went after The Head of the Table’s right arm, daring him to maintain his strength despite the agony. He wore the champion down with confidence, believing he could make him tap out again. Reigns had to step up his game, fighting back with a laser-like focus on Bryan’s head and neck. This total technical duel lasted over 30 minutes.

7. John Cena, WWE SummerSlam 2021

In his only aired battle in 2021, the Champ showed little ring rust. This was a solid experienced battle that aided Reigns’ ascension to Cena’s level. Cena’s chances of victory were never seriously discounted by the two. Both John Cena and Roman reigns gave fans the spectacle they wished to see.

6. Cody Rhodes, WrestleMania 39

Roman Reigns retained the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the main event at WrestleMania 39 on Sunday night, extending his unprecedented near-950-day reign as world champion. Rhodes appeared to have won the bout, but Solo Sikoa attacked him with a Samoan Spike as Paul Heyman distracted the referee, allowing Reigns to deliver the Spear and pin him.

5. Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan vs Edge, WWE WrestleMania 37

Daniel Bryan and Edge are excellent dancing partners for anyone in WWE, and The Head of the Table had excellent singles matches with each of them. The fact that Bryan and Edge fought one on one for long stretches contributed to the intrigue of this battle. They hadn’t met since 2010, and even that bout was cut short. The two were fantastic together, fighting with the zeal of two veterans who realized their prospects were dwindling. Reigns found his openings against the two men, but he was consistently outmatched.

4. Sami Zayn, WWE Elimination Chamber 2023

By joining The Bloodline, the Honorary Uce became the most popular wrestler in the world. His huge personality was contagious, and the audience adored him long before he turned on Reigns. The mood at the Bell Centre in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, was unforgettable. Nothing could compete with the excitement of the moment as Reigns and Zayn circled each other, testing the responses of the fans. The two understood just how to use the audience. The near-crash experiences were memorable. The entire audience fell hushed in awe when The Head of the Table triumphed. It was a strange experience.

3. Jey Uso, WWE Hell in a Cell 2020, in an I Quit match

In one of The Bloodline’s most critical battles, Jey refused to give up until his brother Jimmy Uso intervened. The home stretch was filled with theatrics that went on much too long, but Reigns pushed Jey to one of his greatest performances.

2. Brock Lesnar, WWE SummerSlam 2022 in a Last man standing match

While The Head of the Table and The Beast Incarnate had many epic battles, their funny and chaotic tractor war was the best of them all. From totally raising the ring to Reigns burying Lesnar behind a stack of tables and chairs, this war concluded on a spectacular note.

1. Drew McIntyre, WWE Clash at the Castle 2022

After capturing the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar and uniting the world championships, Roman Reigns appeared unbeatable. Only a particular skill, and only on a specific night, could vanquish him. Drew McIntyre was the first to take the stage, and he appeared to be on his way to dethroning The Head of the Table.

The Scottish Warrior was the famous warrior battling for every single fan in attendance at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. This had the dramatic big-fight atmosphere that WrestleMania is known for. Even those who did not anticipate McIntyre to win became interested as the race progressed.

It was not a contest for the Head of the Table. Reigns’ confidence, which had grown over the previous two years as champion, had been shattered. It was a fantastic moment, constructed on the history of these two stars and their common ascension to the top. It was nearly surprising when Solo Sikoa intervened and saved Reigns. Nobody believed McIntyre hadn’t pulled it off. This is one of the few matches that will eternally define this reign, and many consider it a squandered chance.

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