WWE SmackDown Results & Winners (October 20, 2023): IYO SKY retains-Bianca Belair returns

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran

October 21 2023
WWE SmackDown Results & Winners (October 20, 2023):

IYO SKY retains, Belair returns, Jey Uso is fined $1000, Knight sent message to Roman, Cena & The Bloodline went in a brawl, Rey accepts Logan’s challenge

The October 20, 2023 episode of Friday Night SmackDown is officially over. The show marks some of the exciting segments that is built for a match at Crown Jewel. This is one of the pretty decent episodes of SmackDown, with lots of teases and three other matches. Get to know what happened on this week’s episode of SmackDown here, as we came out with the complete summary of the episode with results, grades and winner’s list.

SmackDown Results

LA Knight sent message to Roman Reigns through Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman kicked-off Friday Night SmackDown recalling what Jimmy Uso did on Monday Night Raw. He spoke about how he took Roman’s words and costed Jey and Cody’s Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. He also confirmed that Roman Reigns vs LA Knight for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship will be held at Crown Jewel. Heyman sends a sweet warning to Knight by stating what Roman will do to Knight, where Knight interrupted him.

Knight calls Roman Reigns here, but he is not here tonight. He asked Heyman, to speak on his face of what Reigns will do to him. Knight said that he will not stop until he win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and asked Heyman to make Roman understand whose game is this, when everybody saying “LA KNIGHT!”.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Santos Escobar vs Montez Ford

Both took each other to the corners and Ford had the initial strikes with a couple of kicks to the front and back of the mid-section and a drop kick to Escobar. Escobar delivered a standing splash, Irish whip and overhead kick to send Escobar out of the ring.

After the commercial, Ford was still in control and Escobar tried to fight back. Ford delivered a modified Bull Dog from the middle rope. Escobar delivered a Drop kick, two flying shoulder tackle, Super kick and a Suicide dive to slowdown Ford’s momentum.

Escobar took Ford in and hit him with a running double knee splash and a HurricaneRana from the top rope.As Ford scrolls out Dawkins pushed Escobar through the ring post. Del Toro and Wilde attack Dawkins and Escobar took him down. As Escobar enters the ring, Ford rolled him down for a pinfall victory.

After the match, Dawkins and Ford attacked Escobar, where Carlito came down to the aid of Escobar with a chair, which made the Street Profits retreat.

Winner: Montez Ford Ratings: 3/5


  • LWO was on the backstage, where Rey came to see them and asked them to take care, as Rey & Escobar will take revenge next week in a tag team match against Street Profits.
  • A video tape of Pretty Deadly having a recreating was played, where the Brawling Brutes attacked them with a ten beat to the chest.
  • Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa were backstage in the couch, where Jimmy Uso came and spoke about what he did to Jey Uso & Cody Rhodes on Raw. He kept speaking, as Heyman finds it annoying. They see the TV monitor, where John Cena arrived to the Arena.

John Cena’s Segment turns into a Brawl

The GOAT is here with the mic. He addresses the WWE Universe in San Antonio, Texas. He says that he came out with a harsh truth. He says that Cena doesn’t have a match in the weekly shows since 2002 days. He also says that he thinks of retirement, but the crowd goes “you still got it” and Cena is fired up. He believes the WWE Universe and is ready to face anyone tonight. 

Solo Sikoa stepped in and went for a fight. As Cena and Solo Sikoa fought each other, where Jimmy Uso rushed to the ring and Super-kicked Cena. As the fight turned into a 2 on 1 assault, an unknown person from the WWE Universe with a black dress attacked Jimmy Uso, who unveiled to be Jey Uso. Jey attacked Jimmy, but the securities stopped him. While inside the ring, Solo tried to Samoan Spike Cena, but Cena delivered an Attitude Adjustment to Solo.

At Backstage, Securities took Jey Uso to Nick Aldis, where Aldis fined Jey Uso with $1000 for invading SmackDown. Adam Pearce was there by the side and both the GM’s had a face off, teasing of a brand rivalry and walked away.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Logan Paul called out Rey Mysterio

Logan came the ring and recalls his boxing match last week. He is sick of people hiding behind the mask. Paul says that he is not here for Rey, as he already beat hit. Last time when Logan defeated Rey, Dom was his son, Roman regularly showed-up to wrestle, and LA Knight was not here. He says that he is not here for Rey, but he has the Championship that he deserves.

Rey Mysterio interfered him and says that he remembered a lot about his son Dom. He says that he carries a long legacy, Logan had some too, but with a big mouth  like Dom. He taught some lesson to Dom last time, and is ready to whoop Logan Paul’s ass. Rey accepted his challenge, as Logan gave him a hand shake and walked away.

Ratings: 3/5

Grayson Waller & Austin Theory vs Dragon Lee & Cameron Grimes

Theory & Lee started the match, where Theory took Lee down and Lee took Theory down. Waller and Grimes tagged in to be the legal men, where Grimes took Waller out, hit a running punt kick over the apron on Theory. Waller pulled Grimes leg from apron, but Lee and Grimes laid them down and stood tall before the commercial.

After the commercial, Waller and Lee were on the ring, where Waller controlled Lee and tagged Theory in. Lee escaped 2 on 1 attack and tagged Grimes. Grimes is fired up. He delivered a top rope cross body on both. To the end, Waller hit a Sideliner and Theory hits a A-Town Down on Grimes for the win.

Winners: Grayson Waller & Austin Theory Ratings: 3.5/5

Kevin Owens interview

Cathy Kelly interviewed Kevin Owens. He is asked about separation from Sami Zayn. He says that the separation is worrying, but everywhere he goes is the Kevin Owens Show. He then spoke about meeting the familiar faces on SmackDown roster and crossing path with The Bloodline.

WWE Women’s Championship- IYO SKY vs Charlotte Flair

As soon as the match started Flair took SKY down and measures for a Figure 8, but IYO scrolls out. After the commercial  Charlotte Flair locked IYO’s head between her legs and squeezes the neck. Flair stood on apron, where Bayley grabbed her leg and IYO kicked her down for a Suicide Dive. IYO locks Flair’s head, and Flair fought back. IYO sent Charlotte out, and when tried for a kick to the head, Flair sent IYO face first to the apron. 

After the commercial, Flair and IYO were on the top rope, where IYO delivered a sit-out powerbomb and running knee splash on Flair. IYO locked Flair with a one hand cross face, but Flair countered it with a throw. Flair hit multiple chops and a couple of suplex on IYO. IYO tries to fight back and went for a cross body, where Flair caught her and delivered a middle rope Fallout back drop.

Flair tried to stomp IYO but landed badly hurting her knee. IYO went for a Moonsault, but Charlotte has her legs up. Charlotte delivered a spear, and went for a pin, but Bayley took IYO’s leg to the ropes. Charlotte took Bayley down and threw her flying over the announcement desk.

Dakota Kai distracted the referee, when Charlotte delivered a spear on IYO. Where IYO had a championship belt to protect herself which made Flair knocked out by the impact. IYO then pinned Flair to retain her championship.

After the match, IYO SKY & Bayley attacked Flair, where Bianca Belair returned and took the fight 2 on 1. Belair delivered  KOD on Bayley and sent Damage CTRL away. As both Belair & Flair standing tall, WWE SmackDown went in air.

SmackDown Results

  • Montez Ford (W) def. Santos Escobar by pinfall.
  • Grayson Waller & Austin Theory (W) def. Dragon Lee & Cameron Grimes.
  • IYO SKY (C) def. Charlotte Flair to retain the WWE Women’s Championship.

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