WWE Raw Results & Winners (November 13, 2023): Drew McIntyre help Judgment Day retain the Undisputed Tag Team Titles.

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
November 14 2023
WWE RAW Live Results (November 13, 2023):

Judgment Day retains with the help of McIntyre, JD officially joins the JD (Judgment Day), Chaos 2.0, Pearce barred Judgment Day, Xia Li knocks Indi Hartwell, Miz defeated Ivar and much more!

The November 13, 2023 episode of Monday Night Raw is officially over. It is one of the must see episode of Raw on the road to Survivor Series as things got heated-up between the rivals. There are a number of twist and turns around Judgment Day and a lot of things happened on the show. Get to know what happened on this week’s episode of WWE Raw, as we came with the complete summary of the show with results, ratings and winners list.

WWE Raw Summary

Face-off: Team Cody & Judgment Day

Cody Rhodes kicked-off this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. He came to claim that they will win the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship tonight. However he is more excited for the War Games Match at Survivor Series and introduced his team. Jey Uso, Sami Zayn & Seth Rollins comes to the ring one-by-one.

As all the four members of the team were in the ring, Cody said that they are in the ring for one reason, that is Judgment Day. Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins had a quick face off, but got interrupted by the Judgment Day.

Damian Priest claimed that they will win at War Games as they are united as a family and not randomly picked like them. Balor and Priest tried to roast all their opponents and play a little mind games to develop tension between them, but got backfired as they blasted them with the mic.

Cody asked whose the leader of Judgment Day. To which Priest said that he is the leader of Judgment Day as Balor, Dom and JD McDonagh had a stare at him. Rollins and Sami Zayn asked for a match, as Priest confirms to put JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio against them then and there.

Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn vs Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonagh

Seth Rollins and JD McDonagh started the match, where Rollins taking initial control with shoulder tackle, through down. Dom saves JD, as the momentum turned on their side. Dom gets tagged in with a big boo! Sami Zayn tags in and took Dom for a 10 punches to the faces and elbow from the second rope.

Rollins tagged in as Dom delivers two Amigos and while going for the third Seth escapes and tags Sami in. Sami fights back, JD saves Dom and both show no interest in the match and walk away. Seth and Sami chased them as Sami delivered a exploder suplex on Dom. Dom scrolls out to escape Helluva Kick and McDonagh is sent out by Rollins. Zayn and Rollins went for a suicide dive.

After the commercial, Sami Zayn sent JD McDonagh face first to the turnbuckle. Dom and Seth tags in and Seth went for a superkick, knee to the gut and  a powerbomb, but McDonagh saves Dom. Dom tries for a 619, but Rollins escaped with a super kick. Rollins looks for a Curb stomp, but Priest and Balor attacked Seth from the back.

Cody and Jey join the fight as it become chaos in the ringside once again. The Raw General Manager Adam Pearce came to the ring with a bunch of referees and securities to separate them. Pearce announces that all the members involved in the War Games Match are barred from ringside during the main event tag team championship match.

Result: No Contest Ratings: 3.8/5

Zoey Stark confronts Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley didn’t left the ring, as she continued to argue with Adam Pearce. Pearce claimed that neither Rhea nor Judgment Day runs Monday Night Raw. As Adam Pearce is the one who runs Monday Night Raw as the General Manager.

Zoey Stark interrupted Rhea and asked her not to worry about other members of the Judgment Day and their matches, but about her. Zoey claims that she is already in her mind. Rhea says that she see Zoey as a mirror of herself, but the only way she could be champ is when she is in the opposite brand. Zoey claimed that she could beat Rhea Ripley and become champion at Survivor Series. Rhea tried to attack her, but falls out and walked away.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Otis

Shinsuke Nakamura appeared on the video package with subtitles teasing of waiting for his opponent and warning him of ending the career. After which Otis and Shinsuke Nakamura entered the ring and started the match.

As the match begin, Nakamura punched Otis, but Otis looked like nothing happened. Nakamura hit a kick to the back of the head and Otis with a through down and mocks Nakamura’s fast kicks. Otis looks for a Caterpillar, Nakamura slides out. Otis chased him and hit a clothesline on him.

After the commercial, Nakamura had Nakamura in control with rapid kicks to the face. Otis countered his kick and delivered a powerbomb. Otis is fired-up as he ran through Nakamura’s counter moves and hit a clothesline and a Caterpillar, but its not enough. Nakamura fought back and measured for Kinshasa but Otis delivered a Powerslam.

Nakamura hit Kinshasa, but Otis stood still, Nakamura hit the second on the back of the head and its not enough, Nakamura with the third Kinshasa pins Otis for the win. After the match, Nakamura mocks Gable and walked away.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura Ratings: 3.2/5

McIntyre met Seth Rollins

Drew McIntyre met Seth Rollins and admitted that Rollins is still champ, because of McIntyre’s own fault. Drew gave him a handshake and says that he will work his ass of and will come back to challenge for the title again.

Piper Niven vs Tegan Nox

Tegan stroked Niven first with a couple of drop kicks, Senton, and punches to the mid section. Piper blocks her and hit a vertical suplex and a senton, but not enough. Niven crushes Nox’ left hand, stood on it, twist and locks the arm. Piper with a shoulder breaker, Tegan Nox fights back and hit a knee to the face.

Chelsea distracted and Piper Niven took control with a Clothesline. Natalya strikes on Chelsea’s neck, Nox with a World’s shiniest Wizard, but Niven lands her leg on the rope. Tegan however rolls Niven for the win.

Winner: Tegan Nox Ratings: 2.5/5

Backstage Interview [The Miz, Ivar & Bronson Reed]

The Miz is interviewed backstage and was asked about what drove him to face Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship to become the 9 time champion. Miz says that the bus that took him this far to put some respect back in the title. Ivar and Bronson Reed interrupts and they had a heat talks as Miz sneaks out.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Ludwig Kaiser

Ciampa took Kaiser out with knee to the face. Kaiser strikes back when brought back to the ring. Ciampa hit a big clothesline, Kaiser hit a kick to the ribs. When Ciampa tries to gain back control, Giovanni Vinci who stood on Kaiser’s corner holds Ciampa’s leg, which made Kaiser took control. Gargano complains the referee about it and Vinci was sent out.

After the commercial, Kaiser was in control locking Ciampa’s neck. Ciampa fought back with a clothesline and reverse DDT. Ciampa tried for a knee strike, but Kaiser blocks him and hit a Rolling slam and a kick to the face. Kaiser measured for an Arm locked DDT, but Ciampa escapes. Ciampa fought back, took Kaiser to the top rope. As Ciampa falls down, Kaiser looks to jump and end hitting knee to the face. Vinci attacked Gargano, which distracted Ciampa, as Kaiser rolled him for the win.

Winner: Ludwig Kaiser Ratings: 3.5/5

JD McDonagh in Judgment Day

Judgment Day was on the backstage discussing what to do when the Judgment Day is barred from the ringside tonight, when the titles are defended. Rhea asks for a advice from the leader, Priest, but he admits he said it only because they pissed him off.

They discuss about JD McDonagh’s sacrifice for Damien Priest and Judgment Day as they finally came to a decision to induct JD McDonagh into the Judgment Day. Priest went with a bag to meet McDonagh and officially inducted him into the Judgment Day.

Xia Li vs Indi Hartwell

Indi didn’t wasted anytime, lands three random kicks on Li’s face. Li however took control of her sending her shoulder first to the steel stairs and with a running knee. Indi fights back and hit a couple of clothesline and slineburster. Li hit a spinning heel kick, which makes Indi Hartwell unconscious. As a result of referee stoppage Xia Li won Indi Hartwell.

Winner: Xia Li Ratings: 2.5/5

Becky Lynch confronts Xia Li

After the match, Becky Lynch interrupted Xia Li with the mic and went for a fight, but Xia Li escaped her Manhandle Slam and walks away. Becky took the mic and announced that next week on Raw, they’ll go one-on-one, as she made it official.

Face-off: Gunther & The Miz

Gunther met The Miz and congratulated him for being the #1 Contender for the IC title and his match against Ivar. Miz shuts him and asked him to spectate his match tonight, as he gonna teach the longest reigning IC Champion, why Miz is the greatest IC champion. He also claims that he would win Gunther as he could go any extend to become the 9-time Intercontinental Champion.

The Miz vs Ivar

Miz had initial punches, but sooner Ivar locks him to the corner and hit hin with a back of the hand strikes. Miz delivered a hurricanrana and three clothesline to send Ivar down. As the match went outside the ring, Ivar took Miz down and hit a Cross body splash on Miz.

As they came back to the ring, Miz fights back and delivered a DDT. Miz looks for a Skull Crushing Finale, but Ivar hit him with a Body-slam. Bronson Reed marched to the ring, as Miz took the distraction to deliver a Tornado DDT. Ivar with a sit-out on Miz and took the fight out. Reed took a chair on his hand and sat outside the ring to spectate.

After the commercial, Ivar hit a slam to knee and spine burster. Ivar went for a sit-out splash, Miz moves out delivered a DDT. Miz continued to hit back to back knee strikes, but Ivar soon stood up and hit a spinning kick. Ivar went to the middle rope and delivered a Body Slam. Reed distracts Ivar and Miz rolled Ivar for the win with the help of the ropes. After the match, Reed attacked Ivar and delivered a Tsunami on him.

Winner: The Miz Ratings: 3.7/5

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

Jey Uso and Finn Balor started the match as both took each other down. Jey hit a cheap shot on Balor and both start exchanging hands. Cody and Damian enters the ring and kicked a brawl. As they settle outside, Balor tagged Priest in, who hit a bug right hand on Jey. Balor tags in as both Priest and Balor hit a combination of kick to the face and a scissor kick. All the four again enter the ring and fight each other. Cody and Jey are in control before the commercial.

After the commercial, Jey Uso took Balor to their corner and tagged Cody in. Cody took Balor to with a knee to the mid-section. As Priest distracted the ref. Balor scratched his face and took control. Balor tagged Priest in as Priest delivered a Tombstone powerslam. Cody manages to tag Jey, and he hit a signature strikes on Priest. Priest took Jey to the announcement desk and commercial kicked in.

After the commercial, Jey hit a kick to the back of Priest’s head and tags Cody & Priest tags Balor. Cody is fired-up as he hit a powerslam and disaster kick on Balor. When looking for a Cody Cutter, Balor caught him. Balor looks for a neck breaker, but countered back to back.

Priest and Jey got tagged in, Jey hit a series of superkick on Priest and Cody hit a Cross Rhodes. Balor tagged-in as Jey and Cody delivered One D-Cody Cutter on Balor, but Priest stopped the pinfall.Priest and Jey fell outside the ring, where Drew McIntyre appear out of no-where and Claymore Jey and made Balor and Priest retain the title. After the match McIntyre and Rhea Ripley had a handshake on the entrance ramp, as Raw concluded.

Winner: Damian Priest & Finn Balor Ratings: 3.8/5

WWE Raw Results

  • Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn vs Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonagh ends in a no contest.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura (W) defeated Otis by pinfall.
  • Tegan Nox (W) defeated Piper Niven by pinfall.
  • Ludwig Kaiser (W) defeated Tommaso Ciampa by pinfall.
  • Xia Li (W) defeated Indi Hartwell by referee stoppage.
  • The Miz (W) defeated Ivar by pinfall.
  • Judgment Day retains the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.

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