Top five WWE Superstars who have betrayed Rey Mysterio

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
November 13 2023
WWE Superstars who have betrayed Rey Mysterio

WWE Superstars has been subjected to babyfaces and heels in the long term storytelling. We were able to witness stars turning from face to heel and heel to face over years. There are many ways in which people turn from face to heel, and from heel to face, however there is a traditional way to do so in WWE. 

To turn from heel to face, the heel wrestler would save his face rival from a more bad heel wrestler. On the other hand, to turn from face to heel, nothing is more effective than betraying his/her stable/alliance or against the greater baby face.

Talking about babyfaces, Rey Mysterio is one of the greater babyfaces for a long time, a number of WWE Superstars have betrayed him over the years and turned heel. Here are the superstars who have betrayed Rey Mysterio and turned heel. 

Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio formed a tag team and became the WWE Tag Team Champions. They didn’t defend their tag team championship at WrestleMania 21, but instead faced each other in which Rey won. They had a match again at Judgment Day, where Rey again won by disqualification. Rey Mysterio had a match with Chavo Guerrero in a Steel Cage match, where Rey won. After the match, Rey’s tag team partner, Eddie came to the ring and assaulted Rey by turning on him. The storyline was remarked as Eddie’s frustration of not being able to win Rey in recent times. The betrayal resulted in Dominik Mysterio’s biological father storyline.

Chavo Guerrero

After the passing of Eddie Guerrero, Rey represented him and entered the 2006 Royal Rumble and won to pay a tribute to his soul. He then main evented WrestleMania and won the World Heavyweight Championship. Rey Mysterio during his championship reign had successful defense and was backed by the Guerrero family (Chavo Guerrero and Vickie Guerrero).

At The Great American Bash, when Rey Mysterio defended his World Heavyweight Championship against Booker T, Chavo Guerrero interfered and cost Rey Mysterio’s Championship. Where Guerrero hit Rey with a steel chair. Guerrero also made Rey lose in the rematch and this continued for weeks. Rey had a match with Chavo at SummerSlam, where Vickie Guerrero tried to stop both, but she aligned with Chavo and turned against Rey by both attacking him with a steel chair and giving him an injury.


In 2009, Rey Mysterio had a storyline with his former tag team partner Batista. They teamed up once again to capture the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship, but failed. At Bragging rights both participated in the Fatal 4 Way Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, where both had a healthy competition, where they fought individually. When Rey Mysterio prevented Batista from winning the title, The Animal got frustrated with his actions and betrayed Rey after the match and turned heel.

Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio and his father Rey Mysterio worked together since day one of Dominik’s wrestling career and had a great run with the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. However Dominik was constantly pressured with Judgment Day members, who asked him to join the stable and physically tortured Dom.

Dom on the other hand was slowly getting frustrated with Rey Mysterio, especially due to his alliance with former Judgment Day member & founder Edge. At Clash at the Castle, Rey replaced Edge in place of Dom and faced Damien Priest and Finn Balor, where Rey and Edge won the match. But after the match, Dominik low blew Edge and attacked Rey Mysterio. Dom betrayed his father, and joined Judgment Day to turn heel for the first time and stated that he should have been Eddie’s son and Rey is a deadbeat dad.

Santos Escobar

Legado del Fantasma, led by Santos Escobar with Joquin Wilde, Cruze Del Toro and Zelina Vega stood back Rey, while he was in feud with his son Dominik. At Hall of Fame 2023, before Rey was about to be inducted into the Hall of Fame class, Rey brought the LWO back by merging Legado del Fantasma with him. The LWO worked together as a unit and became one of the successful factions of SmackDown. Escobar was close to having a championship match, but due to injury he was pulled back and Rey replaced him for the championship match and won the United States title. Rey also defended his championship against Escobar, where Rey retained.

At Crown Jewel, Rey lost his championship to Logan Paul, after Logan hit him with a brass knuckle, which was left unnoticed by Escobar. Carlito, who recently aligned with LWO, found that Escobar was the reason why Rey lost his championship, which created tension in the group. When Carlito was attacked by Bobby Lashley and Street Profits, Escobar didn’t save him and instead watched Carlito getting assaulted. Rey saved Carlito and asked Escobar why didn’t save him and pushed him. Escobar then turned against Rey and attacked him from behind and potentially injured Rey’s leg.

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