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Potential plans for CM Punk to turn heel & reunite with Paul Heyman

Published at :December 4, 2023 at 7:16 AM
Modified at :January 14, 2024 at 12:11 AM
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Akash Dhanagaran

CM Punk has finally made his return to WWE at Survivor Series: WarGames. He made a surprise appearance at the final moments of the show after a long wait of almost a decade. His return speculations and rumors had alway circulated around the internet despite his absence.

As the return rumors got settled, CM Punk’s storyline speculations started circulating around the internet. At this stage, a potential plan of CM Punk’s storyline involving Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman has been speculated.

CM Punk & Paul Heyman reunion

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer speculates that CM Punk could take his time to reunite with Paul Heyman and turn heel, making Roman Reigns baby face, which could be approached in multiple ways.

“The plan is to take a lot of time before getting to Roman Reigns vs CM Punk. The feeling right now is that it will be gigantic at the time they chose to get there. Whether it results in Paul Heyman leaving Reigns for Punk & Punk going heel & Reigns face, which was the speculation we got, there are multiple different ways to approach it”

CM Punk has been a Paul Heyman guy during his final few years of his first run. Punk too had a great WWE Championship reign with the advice of Heyman and had issues with fellow Paul Heyman guys (Brock Lesnar & Curtis Axel).

We have seen a lot of times Paul Heyman turning back on his clients in the past like turning on Brock Lesnar for Big Show and Roman Reigns, turning on CM Punk for Brock Lesnar and so on. This pitch could reunite Punk & Heyman once again and possibly bring an end card to Roman Reigns’ heel turn.

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