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Top five unknown WWE Royal Rumble facts that feel illegal to know

Published at :January 27, 2024 at 4:39 PM
Modified at :January 27, 2024 at 4:39 PM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Royal Rumble is one of the epic special stipulation matches which is widely popular and has a huge fanbase. Over the years 36 Royal Rumble pay-per-views were held (excluding Greatest Royal Rumble) with 42 Rumble matches. Where 33 Wrestlers had won and main evented WrestleMania.

Since we are a couple of days away from the 37th Royal Rumble pay-per-view we take a look at some of the unknown facts of the WWE Royal Rumble match, which feels illegal to know.

5. Disqualification

Royal Rumble matches are usually special stipulations with no disqualification matches, however there are certain rules where referees can eliminate the participants. Finlay in 2008 and Drew Carey in 2001 got disqualified for showing up before their actual entrance number and got disqualified from the match.

4. Vince hated the Royal Rumble idea

Pat Patterson discussed the Royal Rumble match with Vince McMahon, and Vince said it was a stupid idea and it won’t work out. Which Patterson revealed during an interview years after the success,

“We had a big meeting with Vince and Dick Ebersol. I gave my idea to Vince. He knew the idea, but he didn’t like it. Vince said ‘Tell Dick Ebersol that stupid idea you got.’ I told Ebersol the idea and he went crazy! Dick said ‘Vince, this is unbelievable television!”

3. Benoit broke 21-year old record

One name that WWE refuses to mention anywhere is Chris Benoit. However, he broke the record for the longest time inside the rumble match record of Bob Buckland after 21 years in a 2004 rumble match. Where he entered #1 and lasted 1 hour 1 minute 35 seconds to win the match. However, after Benoit’s tragedy, WWE erased all traces of him and the Rumble match.

2. Multiple Entries

Multiple entries in WWE are actually allowed where Mick Foley entered the 1998 Rumble match thrice with three different gimmicks. Foley entered as Cactus Jack as #1, Mankind as #16 and Dude Love as #28. However, got eliminated thrice and also holds the record for being eliminated thrice in the same Rumble match.

1. Co-Winner

Usually the Royal Rumble match would feature one winner with a 1 out of 30 ratio. However, in 1994, WWE announced both Bret Hart and Lex Luger as both of their feet touched the ground at the same time. It is the first and only Rumble match to feature co-winners in WWE history. Similar situation arose in 2005, between Batista and John Cena where the match was restarted between the two and Batista won it.

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