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Clash at the Castle 2024

Cody Rhodes wins ‘I Quit’ match against AJ Styles at WWE Clash at the Castle 2024

Published at :June 16, 2024 at 12:29 AM
Modified at :June 16, 2024 at 12:31 AM
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Blesson Daniel

For the first time in his career AJ Styles loses “I Quit” match.

The Phenomenal One reminded the WWE Universe of his deception after duping Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes into thinking he was hanging up his boots. Just as Rhodes relaxed, Styles caught The American Nightmare off surprise, performing a Phenomenal Styles Clash from the ring steps to the floor.

With the ploy complete, Rhodes replied by offering Styles an Undisputed WWE Title Match at WWE Clash at the Castle: Scotland, but with a twist. Rhodes insisted that the bout would be an “I Quit” bout.

These two Superstars faced off at Backlash, France in a classic for the ages, with Rhodes emerging victorious after a hard-fought encounter. Rhodes has since retained the Undisputed WWE Championship against United States Champion Logan Paul at WWE King and Queen of the Ring.

And, after losing to Randy Orton in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament and beginning his explosive offensive, Styles returned to the championship race.

AJ Styles came as the no. 1 contender to face Cody Rhodes

AJ Styles was the first to make his entry for the “I Quit” match. Then came the Champ, “The American Nightmare”, Cody Rhodes. Fans were loud for his entrance as even after his music stop the crowd kept singing his song. As, both men made it to the center AJ Styles continued playing his mind games with Rhodes. It was the first “I Quit” match for Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes came into the match and started smashing Styles but with “The Phenomenal One’s” experience it didn’t took him long to regain the control of the match. Cody Rhodes later smashed Styles knees first to the steel steps. Both men took the match backstage where both men traded blows.

Both men kept wrestling continuously till Rhodes was able to bring back Styles again in front of the crowd. Later, “AJ sucks” chant started growing through the OVO Hydro venue. Later, Rhodes put Styles in a submission hold but “The Phenomenal One” couldn’t be stopped.

AJ styles later duped Cody Rhodes on the announce table and for the second time hit a brainbuster on the announce table. As, referee asked Cody did he “quit”, the moment he said “no” AJ took the mic off referees hand and busted open Rhodes’ head.

AJ kept damaging Cody Rhodes but “The American Nightmare” relentlessly kept moving on. AJ Styles tried hitting a Styles Clash on Cody Rhodes on a steel step but the champ countered.

But, it wasn’t enough for Cody Rhodes to take control as AJ styles powered himself to again gain the momentum attacking Rhodes with a steel chair on his throat. Later, Styles took a kendo stick and started hitting Cody Rhodes as he said, “I am gonna hurt you”. Styles relentlessly kept hitting Rhodes with a kendo stick. But, still it wasn’t enough as Rhodes shouted, “Hell No”.

AJ Styles says “I Quit” as Rhodes retains at WWE Clash at the Castle 2024

But, AJ styles didn’t stop as he took a belt and started whipping Rhodes later locking his head with the belt and relentlessly continuing his attack. As, Cody was knocked out, the referee kept saying as Rhodes is passed out, till he says “I Quit” the match continues. So, Styles brings water and wakes up Rhodes later locks Rhodes in a handcuff and keeps assaulting Rhodes. As, nothing worked out Rhodes went to “Mama Rhodes” but she slapped him thrice. But, Rhodes channeled his anger more on the champ.

As, Styles went for a Phenomenal Forearm, Rhodes countered which led to Styles falling into the table. Rhodes opened his handcuffs and attacked Styles using the same. As, Styles tried to get back Cody hit Styles with a Cody cutter and a Cross Roads. But, it didn’t seem enough as Rhodes again went for another cross roads. Then, he again went for a third cross roads on a chair.

Later Rhodes handcuffs Styles to the ropes and starts inflicting pain to Styles. Rhodes targeted Styles’ bad knees. Rhodes then took a steel steps and went to attack Styles but handcuffed Styles shouted in fear, “I Quit”.

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