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Top five biggest betrayals in WWE history

Published at :May 19, 2024 at 3:36 PM
Modified at :May 19, 2024 at 3:36 PM
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Blesson Daniel

Betrayals have been the greatest storyline makers for WWE.

Betrayals are among the most stunning and unforgettable occurrences in professional wrestling. The WWE, with its combination of athleticism and narrative, has perfected the art of the dramatic surprise, frequently leaving fans stunned by unexpected results.

These betrayals, whether between tag team partners, friends, or even family members, have defined careers and spawned some of wrestling’s most memorable stories. They function as important plot elements that not only propel the story ahead but also elicit strong emotional responses from the viewer.

These moments of betrayal have left an everlasting impression on the WWE Universe, shattering locker room camaraderie in a heartbeat and upending long-standing partnerships with a single chair shot.

Betrayals in WWE are more than simply shock value; they frequently mark the beginning of epic rivalries and personal vendettas that culminate in legendary bouts and thrilling pay-per-view events. These acts of duplicity and backstabbing appeal to followers because they address universal themes of trust, loyalty, and the sorrow of betrayal. The effect of these moments may propel a wrestler’s career, elevating them from simple competitors to sports legends.

Join us as we count down the top five most shocking betrayals in WWE history, when trust was betrayed, relationships were fractured, and the consequences were nothing short of extraordinary.

5. Evolution betrayed by Randy Orton

During Triple H’s “Reign of Terror” on Raw, he formed the Evolution stable with Ric Flair, representing the best in wrestling: Flair as the past, Randy Orton as the future, and Triple H as the present. When Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship and Triple H was titleless, jealousy led to a dramatic betrayal. Triple H famously turned his thumb down, signaling Batista to attack Orton, marking one of Raw’s most iconic moments.

This betrayal also set the stage for Batista’s rise, culminating in his challenge against Triple H at WrestleMania. Although it initially set back Orton’s career, the young star needed more time to grow before becoming the company’s top guy. Ultimately, the betrayal was a pivotal moment for all involved.

4. Stone Cold joins The Corporation

Stone Cold joining The Corporation was one of the biggest shocks in Steve Austin’s career. Known as Mr. McMahon’s nemesis, seeing Austin team up with his mortal enemy stunned fans worldwide. Despite the criticism, this move led to the “Two-Man Power Trip,” making Austin and Triple H the top heels in WWE.

The heel turn enabled Austin to have dream matches against top babyfaces, including teaming with Triple H against The Undertaker and Kane. This also led to a classic match between Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit, where Triple H famously tore his quadriceps but continued to fight.

Aligning with McMahon also set up Austin’s later betrayal of WWE during The Invasion angle, leading to another acclaimed match where Chris Jericho unified the WWF and WCW Championships at Vengeance.

3. Kevin Owens betraying Chris Jericho

We all knew it was coming eventually, but not like this, damn it. Chris Jericho, one half of Jeri-KO, planned the “Festival of Friendship” to celebrate their accomplishments and reaffirm their bond. After Jericho presented his surprising gift, Kevin Owens handed him one in return—a new list with just one name: Chris Jericho.

What followed was a shocking and brutal attack on his former friend, leaving fans devastated and questioning if true friendship could ever survive in the world of wrestling.

2. Sami Zayn betraying The Bloodline

Sami Zayn’s betrayal of Roman Reigns to protect Kevin Owens from The Bloodline. This storyline was pure gold, intricately weaving years of history and pulling on our heartstrings. Owens and Zayn’s deep friendship and Reigns’ rise as WWE’s top heel created immense tension. Jey Uso’s initial resistance to Sami and eventual acceptance added another layer of drama.

At the Royal Rumble, when Roman Reigns pushed Sami to attack Owens, Sami chose to hit Reigns instead. This betrayal led to Sami’s beatdown by Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa, while Jey, feeling deeply betrayed, turned his back on Roman.

1. Seth Rollins betraying The Shield

After smashing past Evolution at Payback, the Shield appeared to be the most dominant team in wrestling history. Only one of their own could challenge them. The next night on Raw, Seth Rollins did the unthinkable by assaulting his two sworn brothers (Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley) in the center of the ring with a steel chair.

Seth had thrown away all he had done with the club by taking the easy way out and becoming the game’s golden boy. His array of achievements demonstrated that he made the correct decision. But still, this is one of the biggest betrayals in WWE.

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