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Gunther beats Randy Orton to win WWE King of the Ring 2024 tournament

Published at :May 26, 2024 at 12:57 AM
Modified at :May 26, 2024 at 12:57 AM
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(Courtesy : WWE)

Blesson Daniel

“In-Ring General” Gunther defeated Orton to become new King of the Ring.

Randy Orton strikes at the core of dominance as he faced Gunther in the King of the Ring Tournament final. Orton’s journey to this pivotal match has been marked by intense showdowns with AJ Styles, Carmelo Hayes, and Tama Tonga of The Bloodline. Each match has showcased Orton’s enduring prowess and strategic acumen, solidifying his status as a formidable competitor in WWE.

On the other side, Gunther’s path to the crown has been equally impressive, featuring fierce battles against Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, and “Main Event” Jey Uso. Gunther, the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in history, has demonstrated an unyielding dominance and a relentless drive to seize the King of the Ring title. His journey reflects a blend of raw power and tactical precision, making him a daunting opponent for Orton.

The stakes for this final match are incredibly high. The winner will not only be crowned King of the Ring but also earn a coveted World Title shot at WWE SummerSlam. This opportunity adds an extra layer of intensity and significance to the showdown, as both Orton and Gunther are eager to secure their place at the top of the WWE hierarchy.

With such high stakes and formidable competitors, this match promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable encounter. Will the 14-time World Champion Orton leverage his experience and cunning to triumph, or will Gunther’s unprecedented reign and dominance carry him to victory? Find out here

What happened in the match?

Gunther was the first one to enter the ring. Then came “The Viper” eyeing his opponent but the best thing during his entry was the crowd going bonkers. Randy Orton took his time coming inside the ring. As the bell rang both men started the match at a much slower pace as they kept brawling with submission maneuvers and grappling. But, both men seemed equal as they kept on countering each other.

But, Randy gained some momentum as he kept putting the “In-Ring General” in a brutal headlock, but Gunther used a chop to get control but Randy countered with a punch. Not to be surprised Gunther again made it back.

As Gunther started getting the momentum he planned a powerbomb on Orton but he countered with an RKO which Gunther somehow managed. But, as Orton fell on his back the injury was quite visible which Gunther used for his attacks.

Gunther kept punishing Orton for some and the damage was done it was visible but Orton somehow countered and started gaining some momentum but Gunther relentlessly kept attacking him. But later in the match, Orton came in hitting Gunther with a turnbuckle DDT and started planning an RKO but Gunther yet again countered but outta nowhere we saw an RKO, but “In Ring General” before Orton could make a pin Gunther got out of the ring.

Then Gunther took the match outside the ring but Orton countered and slammed Gunther twice into the announce table. But, Gunther again attacked the injured back to gain momentum. As the whole body of Orton kept getting hurt by The In Ring General Orton had to give up but he didn’t somehow in his last minutes Orton countered with an RKO but Orton couldn’t plant it with his injured knees helping Gunther to become the King of the Ring 2024.

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