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Top three things we loved and hated about WWE Smackdown (April 19, 2024)

Published at :April 20, 2024 at 4:46 PM
Modified at :April 20, 2024 at 4:46 PM
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Darshanbir Singh

While the Smackdown of 19th April just ended, there are several things that were advertised for this week’s Smackdown. While there were things that were liked by everyone, there were segments that were not liked by people. Here is the list of segments that we liked and that we didn’t in this week’s Smackdown.

Things we hated

No Cody Rhodes

The absence of Cody Rhodes from one of the important segments where the top contender was announced was one of the things that fans didn’t like, while both Cody and AJ Styles have a great history, the faceoff between the two could’ve been a real thing that the fans would’ve liked when he beat LA Knight.

Cody Rhodes’s video appearance on “SmackDown” left fans wanting more, eager for his in-ring presence. The announcement of a contract signing with AJ Styles next week adds anticipation to their feud. While disappointed by Rhodes’s absence, fans are excited for his upcoming showdown and the momentum it brings to his return.

Heyman not given a chance to speak

Solo Sikoa’s interruption of Paul Heyman, snatching the mic before the Tribal Chief’s return date could be revealed, frustrated fans craving updates. Heyman’s presence had built anticipation, heightening the disappointment of the disrupted announcement.

However, the interruption injected uncertainty into the storyline, leaving fans intrigued about the Tribal Chief’s impending return and Solo Sikoa’s role in the unfolding narrative when Tama Tonga returned and thrashed Kevin Owens.

Street Profits in the Championship picture

One reason why some fans may be disenchanted with the Street Profits’ resurgence in the championship picture is the perceived sense of overexposure and repetition. As a team that has previously held championship gold and been involved in numerous high-profile storylines, some fans may feel that the Street Profits have already had their time in the spotlight.

This sentiment could stem from a desire to see fresh faces and new talent given opportunities to shine in the tag team division.

Things we loved

AJ Styles in the main event picture

Fans are captivated by AJ Styles’ ascent to the main event picture for the Undisputed Title for several reasons. First and foremost is Styles’ undeniable talent and athleticism, which consistently delivers thrilling matches and unforgettable moments. His journey from humble beginnings to wrestling stardom resonates with fans, who admire his perseverance and dedication to his craft.

Additionally, Styles’ ability to connect with audiences on a personal level, coupled with his magnetic charisma, makes him a beloved figure in the wrestling world. Fans are eagerly anticipating his showdown with Cody Rhodes, eager to witness history in the making as Styles vies for championship glory.

Solo Sikoa dominating the Bloodline

Fans may be drawn to Solo Sikoa’s dominance within the Bloodline faction for his fresh energy and compelling character. His emergence as a formidable force adds excitement and unpredictability to storylines. Additionally, Solo’s rise challenges the established hierarchy led by Roman Reigns, creating tension and intrigue within the faction.

This shift in power dynamics promises exciting storytelling possibilities and keeps fans engaged. Solo Sikoa’s impressive in-ring abilities and charisma further contribute to his popularity, offering fans a new favorite to root for within the Bloodline. Overall, Solo Sikoa’s dominance brings a breath of fresh air to the faction, captivating fans with his presence.

Its Tiffy Time

Initially, Tiffany Stratton’s attack on Bayley and Naomi in this week’s “SmackDown” main event left fans underwhelmed with the non-finish. However, with Bianca Belair, Jade Cargill, and Damage CTRL observing from luxury boxes, a new perspective emerged.

It became a final showcase for the division, highlighting the depth of the roster as fans prepare for fantasy drafts across brands. Stratton’s impactful debut on the main roster, especially as a former NXT Women’s Champion, underscores the talent pool’s strength. Despite the end of an era, “SmackDown” remains rich with talent beyond the Bloodline saga, particularly within its women’s division.

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