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Top three things we loved and hated about WWE Smackdown (May 24, 2024)

Published at :May 25, 2024 at 2:25 PM
Modified at :May 25, 2024 at 2:26 PM
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Blesson Daniel

This week we saw superstars getting confirmed to head to King and Queen of the Ring PLE

The go-home show for WWE SmackDown before the King and Queen of the Ring pay-per-view in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, brought plenty of excitement and drama.

With the final matches in the King and Queen of the Ring brackets and other significant confrontations, the episode had its highs and lows. Here’s a breakdown of the top three things we loved and hated about WWE SmackDown on May 24, 2024.

Loved: Nia Jax Advancing to the Queen of the Ring Finals

One of the highlights of the night was Nia Jax defeating Bianca Belair to advance to the Queen of the Ring finals. Despite the complexities surrounding WWE’s participation in Saudi Arabia, the Queen of the Ring semifinals were thrilling. Belair, wrestling with a leg injury since her match against Candice LeRae earlier in the tournament, showed incredible resilience by making it to the semifinals. However, Jax capitalized on Belair’s injury, focusing on her opponent’s weakness to secure the win.

Jax will face Lyra Valkyria in the finals, promising an intense showdown. Valkyria has had an impressive tournament run, but Jax’s dominance and experience make her a formidable opponent. Winning the Queen of the Ring tournament would be a significant achievement for Jax, elevating her status and providing a fresh direction for her character. It would also set her up for a title shot at SummerSlam, adding depth and intrigue to her heel persona.

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Hated: The Bloodline will not be at WWE King and Queen of the Ring

The absence of The Bloodline from the King and Queen of the Ring pay-per-view is a significant disappointment. Once a dominant faction, their relevance has waned with Roman Reigns and both Usos absent, and Solo Sikoa appearing sporadically. Tama Tonga’s loss to Randy Orton, despite interference from Sikoa, further diminished their presence.

The Bloodline’s lack of involvement in major events, especially international shows, is concerning. Their dominance at Backlash seemed like a return to form, but their current trajectory suggests otherwise. While this may be setting up for something bigger, the decline of The Bloodline feels like a missed opportunity to maintain their momentum and impact.

Loved: Chelsea Green showcasing her talent

Chelsea Green’s match against Bayley was a standout moment, showcasing her talent beyond her comedic persona. Green, often seen in tag team action with Piper Niven, had a chance to demonstrate her skills in singles competition. The match was competitive, with Green hitting several impressive moves on Bayley, reminding fans of her in-ring prowess.

The match’s extended duration, even going through a commercial break, allowed Green to shine. Niven’s decision not to interfere during the match added credibility to Green’s performance. Post-match, Niven’s interaction with Bayley set up a potential feud, adding another layer to the women’s division. This segment not only highlighted Green’s abilities but also set the stage for future storylines involving Bayley and Niven.

Hated: Bianca Belair overselling her knee injury

While the women’s semifinal match was exciting, Bianca Belair’s overselling of her knee injury felt excessive. The “pick a body part and wear it down” strategy has been overdone, making it predictable and less engaging. Seeing this tactic used in both the men’s and women’s semifinal matches, targeting the same body part, felt repetitive and uninspired.

Tama Tonga and Nia Jax targeting their opponents’ knees in their respective matches against Randy Orton and Bianca Belair seemed redundant. Although Jax emerged victorious while Tonga did not, the repetition made WWE seem creatively exhausted. The injury angle appeared unnecessary, especially since both matches ended cleanly. While it may lead to interesting angles at the King and Queen of the Ring event, it felt like a missed opportunity for more original storytelling.

Loved: Finding a second pair of brass knuckles from Logan Paul’s pants

The confrontation between Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul added a layer of absurdity that was surprisingly entertaining. As the two hyped their title bout at King and Queen of the Ring, the segment took an unexpected turn when referee Ryan Tran patted down Rhodes and Paul, finding a second pair of brass knuckles in Paul’s pants. The ridiculousness of the situation made it memorable, blending humor with the tension of their feud.

While the segment might not have been the most logical step after last week’s contract signing, it provided a moment of levity. The unintentional hilarity of the segment, combined with Paul’s bumbling persona, made it a highlight of the show. In a feud that has divided fans, this segment stood out as a unique and entertaining moment, showcasing the unpredictability of WWE.

Hated: The charity case of Carmelo Hayes

The inclusion of Carmelo Hayes in the Grayson Waller and Austin Theory segment felt misplaced and underwhelming. While Hayes is an incredible talent, aligning him with Waller and Theory seemed like a step down. Hayes spoke about banding together with Waller and Theory to fend off veterans looking to steal their opportunities. However, the segment felt forced and did little to elevate any of the participants.

Hayes, who is leagues above Waller and Theory in terms of talent and charisma, seemed out of place. The decision to pair him with the WWE Tag Team Champions felt like an attempt to boost their relevance rather than a strategic move for Hayes. Moreover, Hayes taking an indirect loss due to his teammates’ downfall further diminished his standing. The segment came across as a convoluted setup for a potential feud with LA Knight, which could have been handled more effectively.

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