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Top three things we loved and hated about WWE NXT (June 18, 2024)

Published at :June 19, 2024 at 1:30 PM
Modified at :June 19, 2024 at 1:32 PM
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Blesson Daniel

A battle royal was held in this week’s NXT to determine the No. 1 contender to the WWE NXT Championship.

After the explosive Battleground event, WWE NXT wasted no time in continuing the momentum with an action-packed episode on June 18. With Heatwave looming on July 7, the show was filled with high-stakes matches and significant storyline developments.

Cody Rhodes‘ announcement last week set the stage for a 25-man Battle Royal to determine Trick Williams’ next challenger. Meanwhile, Kelani Jordan faced a formidable opponent in Michin for her first defense of the Women’s North American Championship.

Additionally, a unique Triple Threat tag team match put several rising stars in the spotlight, and Oba Femi spoke about his future as the North American Champion. The night was full of surprises and intense action as WWE NXT fans eagerly anticipated the next steps toward Heatwave.

Here’s a breakdown of the top three things we loved and hated about this week’s WWE NXT.

Loved: Joe Hendry’s Electrifying appearance in the NXT Championship No. 1 Contender Battle Royal

The NXT Championship No. 1 Contender Battle Royal had its fair share of ups and downs, but ultimately delivered a thrilling finish. One of the most electrifying moments was the surprise appearance of Joe Hendry, who cut a passionate promo about bringing the NXT Championship to TNA.

Although Hendry was eliminated early by the combined efforts of the NXT locker room, his presence added a jolt of excitement to the match. The final moments, led by veterans, were exhilarating, and The Young OG’s victory, eliminating Frankie Kazarian, was a highlight. This sets up an intriguing matchup with Trick Williams, promising a compelling storyline moving forward.

Hated: The Overcomplicated main event scene

The main event scene of NXT felt overcomplicated with the addition of Ethan Page into the title picture. While Page’s quick targeting of Je’Von Evans’ bandaged ribs and subsequent victory showcased his opportunistic nature, it overshadowed Evans’ earlier Battle Royal win.

The ensuing brawl involving Shawn Spears, Trick Williams, and Evans seemed to dilute the impact of Evans’ triumph. A simpler build focusing on Trick vs. Evans would have been more effective, providing clarity and stronger storytelling leading up to Heatwave.

Loved: Roxanne Perez and Lola Vice vs Meta-Four vs Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx

Roxanne Perez and Lola Vice formed a dangerous duo in their Triple Threat tag team match. Perez’s strategic tag after Vice’s spinning back fist led to a decisive victory with the Pop Rox. Post-match, Perez’s betrayal with a spinning back fist added an unexpected twist, intensifying their rivalry.

This match not only highlighted the skills of Perez and Vice but also set the stage for an exciting feud as Heatwave approaches. The crowd’s reaction to Vice leaning into their chants suggests she could become a crowd favorite despite her heel status.

Hated: The Underwhelming Tag Team Match: The O.C. vs Chase U

Despite the presence of seasoned veterans, the tag team match between The O.C. and Chase U fell flat. Duke Hudson’s roll-up victory with help from Ridge Holland was a surprising but lackluster finish. The teams lacked chemistry, resulting in a match that never truly got going.

The O.C.’s involvement felt like an afterthought, and the potential of Chase U was overshadowed by previous distractions. NXT needs to refocus on showcasing these teams’ strengths to revitalize the tag team division.

Loved: Kelani Jordan’s First Title Defense Against Michin

Kelani Jordan’s first defense of the Women’s North American Championship against Michin was a showcase of her talent and potential. Despite outside interference from Jaida Parker, Jordan capitalized with her One of a Kind Moonsault to secure the win.

Michin’s experience helped elevate Jordan, making her look like a legitimate champion. While a clean victory would have been ideal, this match established Jordan as a fighting champion. Her early defenses are crucial in solidifying her status in the women’s division, and future definitive wins will further cement her legacy.

Hated: Carlee Bright’s Inexperience in the Ring

Carlee Bright’s match against Fallon Henley highlighted her inexperience in the ring. While Henley worked hard to make Bright look like a credible threat, the overall performance was marred by Bright’s evident discomfort and sloppiness.

This segment underscored the need for more development before consistently featuring less experienced talent in high-stakes matches. However, it’s clear that Henley is on the path to NXT gold, and with further training, Bright and Kendal Grey could become valuable additions to the women’s division.

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