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What venues have been shortlisted to host WWE WrestleMania 41?

Published at :April 18, 2024 at 5:38 PM
Modified at :April 18, 2024 at 5:38 PM
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Darshanbir Singh

With WrestleMania 40 just being concluded, what’s important to note is the next place where WrestleMania 41 will take place. With Cody Rhodes emerging as the winner of the Undisputed title, it can be difficult for WWE to decide on a place where it can top WWE WrestleMania XL.

Nick Khan, who serves as the President of WWE and sits on TKO’s board of directors gave some hints on where the next WrestleMania can take place.

It’s an interesting observation that WrestleMania XL in Philadelphia marked the last instance where the location had been determined before Nick Khan joined WWE. This highlights the potential influence of Khan’s tenure on decision-making processes within the organization, particularly regarding major events like WrestleMania.

Las Vegas

With WWE conducting several events in Vegas, it is one of the go to places for WWE when it comes to conducting events.

As per the ringside news, it is said that while the location for WrestleMania 41 hasn’t been finalized yet, Vegas could be possibly one of the places where WrestleMania could take place and also the stadium that can be selected would be Allegiant Stadium, and it’s reasonable to speculate that the event won’t be held in an outdoor East Coast stadium again, especially considering the logistical challenges and unpredictability of weather. Additionally, it’s unlikely to coincide with events like the Final Four, as was the case this year.

This suggests that WWE may be exploring different venue options and scheduling strategies under the guidance of Nick Khan.


One of the other venues could be Minneapolis, where the recent developments, notably the introduction of Minnesota House Bill 3934 on February 19th, have fueled strong speculations regarding the venue for WrestleMania 41, with Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium emerging as a prime contender. The bill hints at a significant sporting event coming to the state, with officials remaining quiet about specific details.

Talk about the bill brought up an interesting possibility: Minnesota hosting WrestleMania. It was proposed that this big event—possibly WrestleMania—might have an equivalent economic impact as the Super Bowl. The announcement of a third event is highly anticipated and is predicted to stimulate the economy even more than the legendary Super Bowl.

Since the first rumours of Minneapolis hosting WrestleMania 41 appeared in July 2023, the city has been considered as a possible host. The likelihood of this famous event taking place in the city is high, with U.S. Bank Stadium being mentioned as the possible location. The enthusiasm and anticipation surrounding Minneapolis’s possible selection as the host city for WrestleMania are highlighted by these recent occurrences.

While WWE has started planning where it will hold WrestleMania 41, it will be important to see what the main event scene will be. Will it be Roman v/s The Rock? or Bloodline v/s Bloodline? We will find out soon as the story progresses.

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