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Top 10 wrestlers with most matches in WWE history

Published at :June 7, 2024 at 12:54 PM
Modified at :June 7, 2024 at 12:57 PM
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Darshanbir Singh

These superstars have etched their names in history

WWE has a rich history of wrestlers who give their 100 percent in the matches and have etched their names in history. While WWE has its tagline: Then, Now, Forever, Together, there are wrestlers who are actually there in WWE from then and are there now as well.

Here is a list of ten wrestlers with the most matches in WWE history. Most of them have left the company and some of them are retired. It will be interesting to see if any of the current-era wrestlers break this record sooner or later.

10. R Truth (1226 Matches)

R Truth is possibly one of the funniest characters in WWE history. He is famous for his John Cena Gimmick as well as the 24/7 Championship run. His most recent match on TV was with his Childhood Superhero John Cena on the 8th April 2024 edition of Raw where he won against the Judgement Day.

While he got a new Championship in the recent segment of Raw, it would be interesting to see how he plans out his WWE Career after coming from an injury.

9. Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins (1283 Matches)

Seth Rollins had a great World Champion run of around 300 days ending in 2024. As expected he was a workhorse Champion and is expected to fight many more matches after his title is lost to Drew McIntyre. While we do not know who will be his next challengers, its important to note that he has his many more matches left in his WWE career.

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8. Sheamus (1428 Matches)

The Celtic warrior Sheamus is set to return to continue his career on the Raw edition of 15th April 2024, as advertised on the show. Being 8th on the list he have had a really good career in WWE. It is expected he will have a better run this time when he returns.

His return to WWE marks the start of a new era for him. It is seen that he is still a babyface and will carry out his singles run. It will be interesting to see how it goes for him from now on.

7. John Cena (1453 Matches)

Sixteen Time World Champion John Cena played different characters in WWE and has fought over 1453 matches in WWE. His last match was against The Judgement Day on the Raw after WrestleMania 40. It is expected he will return soon to fight more matches in WWE and can do wonders in his final run in the career of Pro Wrestling.

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6. Dolph Ziggler (1571 Matches)

Nemeth, now known as Dolph Ziggler, underwent a successful rebranding and amassed an impressive resume in WWE. He captured the World Heavyweight Championship twice, NXT Championship once, Intercontinental Championship six times, the United States Championship twice, Raw Tag Team Championship twice, and SmackDown Tag Team Championship once, totaling 15 championships.

Ziggler also achieved accolades such as winning the Money in the Bank in 2012, headlining multiple pay-per-view events, and emerging as the sole survivor in two Survivor Series elimination matches. After a remarkable 19-year tenure, Ziggler bid farewell to WWE in September 2023.

5. Big Show (1620 Matches)

Across WWF/WWE and WCW, he’s captured 23 championships, including seven world titles: twice with WCW, WWF/WWE, and WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship, plus once with the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, making him the sole wrestler to achieve this feat.

With 11 world tag team titles and victories in prestigious battle royals, he’s solidified his status as a Triple Crown and Grand Slam winner in WWE. Big Show is now signed with AEW as Paul Wight.

4. Kane (1853 Matches)

Within WWE, Kane, the number four on this list with 1853 matches boasts a storied career, clinching three world championships and a remarkable 12 world tag team titles with various partners. He’s also claimed the Intercontinental Championship twice, triumphed as a Money in the Bank winner, and earned the prestigious Grand Slam accolade.

Kane’s accolades include a record-setting 20 appearances in the Royal Rumble and the highest total eliminations at 46, solidifying his status as a legendary force in the ring.

3. The Miz (2078 Matches)

At WrestleMania XL, The Miz extended his WrestleMania record to 14 matches, and 2078 matches in WWE. The Miz is currently teamed up with R-Truth and is holding the World Tag Team Championship, competing on Raw on a regular basis. This triumph marked another milestone in The Miz’s storied career, solidifying his legacy as a dominant force in the WWE.

2. Kofi Kingston (2181 Matches)

Kofi Kingston stands second in our list with 2181 matches (as of May 2024). As the first and only African-born world champion in WWE history, Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship win marked him as the 30th Triple Crown Champion and 20th Grand Slam Champion.

Additionally, his NXT Tag Team Championship victory in 2022 made him a Tag Team Triple Crown Champion. Known for his heroic persona, Kingston boasts 15 WWE-branded tag team championship reigns and innovative Royal Rumble eliminations.

1. Randy Orton (2396 Matches)

With a remarkable 2396 matches in WWE, Randy Orton holds the record for having most number of matches in WWE history. Orton has been in WWE since 2002 and has been the full-timer throughout his run. The Viper recntly fought in the King of the Ring Tournament finals to capture the only thing he has not accomplished in the company, but lost in a controversial way.

Orton’s cunning and ruthlessness kept fans enthralled, eagerly awaiting his next move. In the ring, The Viper’s legacy continues to grow, leaving a trail of electrifying moments in his wake.

While most of these players are not with WWE, it would be interesting to see how the players still with WWE will work on the matches. Can Seth Rollins beat Kane? We shall find out only on WWE.

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