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WWE NXT Results, Highlights & Winners (June 11, 2024): Cody Rhodes arrives on NXT

Published at :June 12, 2024 at 9:10 AM
Modified at :June 12, 2024 at 9:10 AM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Cody Rhodes appears, Wendy Choo & Eddy Thorpe returns, multiple challengers for Roxanne teased & much more!!!

The June 11, 2024 episode of NXT is the fallout episode of NXT Battleground 2024. WWE has showcased some of the exciting matches and segments in the show, to end some existing feuds and kick-start new storylines. A lot of things happened on the show, including Cody’s appearance, a couple of returns and much more. Get to know what happened this week on NXT, as we came out with the complete summary, highlights, results and winner’s list of the show.

NXT Summary & Highlights

“NXT Women’s North American Champion” Kelani Jordan

"NXT Women's North American Champion" Kelani Jordan
“NXT Women’s North American Champion” Kelani Jordan

‘The first-ever NXT Women’s North American Champion’ Kelani Jordan kicks-off this week’s WWE NXT. She thanked the WWE Universe and went on to address her championship win at NXT Battleground. She is extremely happy and said that she would cherish the moment for lifetime. Jordan said that she is the inaugural champ and has responsibilities to add more prestege to the title.

Jaida Parker interrupted the champ and claimed that she should have been the champ. She looks to defeat Michin tonight and would come for the title. Before Parker finishes up, Michin attacked her from the back and took her to the ring.

Jaida Parker vs Michin

As they brawl into the ring, the match began with Michin taking initial control. Michin hit Jaida with a Cannon Ball and locked her with the sleeper hold, however Jaida broke her choke to deliver a powerslam. During the commercial, Jaida took Michin in control and hit her with a clothesline. Michin fought back with a clothesline, drop kick and with a Tornado DDT.

Parker then fought back taking down Michin with a throwdown and with a hip attack. The OC rushed to the ringside to check on Michin. Jaida yelled them and took a steel chair to attack her. However Luke Gallows distracted the referee and Karl Anderson pulled the chair from her. Michin used the distraction and rolled Jaida to win the match.

The Gallus vs Wes Lee & New Catch Republic

Wolfgang & Tyler Bate started the match, where Wolf took Bate to their corner and tags Mark Coffey in. Bate then took Mark to their side and tagged Dunne in. Bate took control of Mark targetting his hand by stretching his fingers and stomping on the elbow. All the Six entered the ring, where Lee and Dunne cleared the ring, and Bate took Mark for a big spin.

After the commercial, Joe Coffey took control of Bate, but he escaped and tagged Wes Lee in. Lee was fired up and took everyone down. Everyone is sent out and Wes Lee jumped over them. Returning to the ring, Lee tried to jump on Joe, but Joe hit him with a clothesline and picked-up the win.

Brinley Reece vs Wendy Choo

Wendy Choo made her return with her dark side. As soon as the match began, Choo ran over Reece and never let Reece gain control. Reed however had a brief control with quick strikes, kicks and takedowns, but Choo over-powered her with a vicious clothesline and locked her with a choke to win the match by submission.

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes & Trick Williams WWE NXT
Cody Rhodes & Trick Williams (Courtesy: WWE)

Cody Rhodes addressed his upcoming match with AJ Styles at Clash at the Castle and said that he would be making AJ say “I Quit”. Trick Williams interrupted him and both discuss about the struggles to become the champion. Trick asked how he is handling being a champ, as the champs are being targetted. Cody explains that everyone think that they could defeat us to be the champ, but said that they need to prove them wrong.

Cody then went on to say that Ava gave her the authority to announce, Trick Williams’ next opponent. He said that a 25 Men Battle Royal will be held next week and the #1 Contender will be found. Cody also hints that a few members will show up from a completely different locker room. Cody wished Trick good luck. Trick asks whether he will come for Cook Out and he said yes.

Singapore Cane Match- Lexis King vs Dante Chen

Dante Chen attacked Lexis King while he makes his entrance to the ring. The match began when both of them stepped inside the ring. Both Dante Chen & Lexis King blewed extreme strikes with the Kendo Sticks, where King took control of Chen. A bunch of sticks were introduced and the match was completely carried out with the Cane.

King hinged a stick to the turnbuckle, but he himself got hit with that. This made Chen to take control, where Chen fought back striking and breaking the Cane into pieces. Chen hit him with a Cane to the throat in a suicide dive and went to blew strikes, but Lexis hit his groin with the Sceptre and hit him with a Coronation for the win.

‘Undashing’ Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes met Jacy Jayne backstage and gave her the ‘Undashing’ Cody Rhodes’ face mask to protect her nose.

Tavion Heights vs Eddy Thorpe

The match began with both grappling in the middle of the ring. Heights took Thorpe and threw him across the ring a number of times to take a brief control. He locked him with a Dragon Sleeper Hold, but Thorpe escaped. Thorpe fired up on his moves and hie the Manifest Destiny (DDT) to win the match.

Je’Von Evans vs Shawn Spears

The match began with Shawn Spears, threwing his shirt to Evan’s face and striking him first. Evans tried to fight back, but Spears cuts him off with vicious chops. Evans with a drop kick took control of Spear, but Spears turned things down and regained control, targetting the mid-section of Evans. Evans dights back with a Overhead kick and a Slam, but Spears hit him with a Superkick & an Elevated DDT.

Spears tried for C4, but Evans escaped and delivered a Cutter from the top rope. Spears rolled out and Evans followed him with a suicide dive and a clothesline. While looking for a crossbody using the springboard, he accidentally hit his mid-section. Spears used the momentum, took him to the ring and delivered his finisher, C4 for the win.


Cody Rhodes met fellow former AEW stars, Shawn Spears, Ethan Page & Lexis King backstage and told them that they came to the good place.

Roxanne Perez address NXT women’s division

Roxanne Perez address NXT Women's Division
Roxanne Perez address NXT Women’s Division

Roxanne Perez addresses her win at NXT Battleground and claiming that one women in the planet is as better as her. She asked Ava to come out and thank her for not letting the division down. Ava came out and said that it is a duty of the champion. Roxanne asked her to introduce her to the new opponent, and she is ready to prove them.

Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx interrupted her asking her is she thinking that, she is in control of the locker room. Jayne claims that she is here, before Roxanne ever step foot here. Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson interefered them and said that Meta Four is the one who run NXT. Lola Vice interrupted and asked them, haven’t they see knocking out Baszler in the NXT Underground. Jakara asked her to stand back in the line, and it started into a brawl. Lola Vice and Roxanne cleared the house and this week’s show came to an end.

NXT Results

  • Michin defeated Jaida Parker by pinfall.
  • The Gallus defeated Wes Lee & New Catch Republic.
  • Wendy Choo defeated Brinley Reece by submission.
  • Cody Rhodes announces a 25 Men Battle Royal to determine Trick Williams’ next challenger.
  • Lexis King defeated Dante Chen by pinfall in the Singapore Cane Match.
  • Eddy Thorpe defeated Tavion Heights by pinfall.
  • Shawn Spears defeated Je’Von Evans by pinfall.

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