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WWE SmackDown Results, Highlights & Winners (May 03, 2024): A Preview of Backlash 2024

Published at :May 4, 2024 at 8:49 AM
Modified at :May 4, 2024 at 8:49 AM
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Akash Dhanagaran

AOP defeated New Catch Republic, Heyman doest’t want Orton & Owens to fight The Bloodline, King of the Ring announcements, Rhodes & Styles face off & more!!!

The May 03, 2024 episode of Friday Night SmackDown is officially over and it is one of the must seen WWE shows in the recent times. This is the final episode of SmackDown before WWE Backlash PLE & the first live show in Lyon, France. A number of interesting matches & segments were featured in the show. Get to know what happened this week on SmackDown as we came out with the complete show summary, hightlights, results & winners list.

SmackDown Summary & Highlights

Bayley, Naomi, Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill vs Damage CTRL & Tiffany Stratton

Naomi & Kairi Sane started the match where Naomi took control of Kairi. Belair got tagged in to hit a springboard Moonsault and a vertical Suplex. Tiffany Stratton got tagged in and she delivered a spine burster to Belair after being distracted by Asuka.

As the momentum swung, Kabuki Warriors took control of Bayley after the commercial by locking her in their corner. Tiffany got tagged in to hit a gymnastic back elbow splash to the corner and an Alabama Slam and took Cargill & Naomi down on their corner. Bayley fought back & tagged the fired up Cargill in. She wiped all her opponents down. Cargill & Belair worked as a unit to took down Kai.

All the members started entering the ring, where Jade took Asuka out, Bayley hit a Bayley to Belly Suplex on Tiffany, Kai took Bayley down & finally Belair hit Kai with a KOD and picked up a win for their team.

Backstage Interview

Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill were interviewed backstage about their win and their tag team championship match at Backlash. They are so confident that they’ll be the champions. However Belair it seems like Belair has not done with Bayley yet. She yelled her saying that after winning the Tag Team Championship she will get rid of Damage CTRL.


Carmelo Hayes met Nick Aldis and declared himself for the King of the Ring Tournament. Bobby Lashley met Hayes and welcomed him to SmackDown. lashley advised him, but Hayes said that he is already having a great time than him with getting picked in the first round draft and facing Cody Rhodes in the main event. Lashley said that he losst, but Hayes asked when got his last shot. Lashley stopped Hayes from moving and asked him to be aware.

New Catch Republic vs Authors of Pain

New Catch Republic vs Authors of Pain WWE
New Catch Republic vs Authors of Pain

Pete Dunne & Akam started the match, where Dunne was sent out. Dunne fought back with series of drop kicks and tags Bate in. Both worked as a team and take Akam. Bate went for a couple of running uppercuts, but Akam took him down with a clothesline and tagged Razer in.

The momentum swung on both the sides with Bate having some advantage as he took Rezar out and Bate hit a senton on them outside the ring. However AOP took control of bate too soon.

However the quick tags helped Dunne & Bate, where Bate took Rezar for a swing. in the final moments Bate and Dunne came so close to finish the match, but Scarlett distracted Dunne & the referee. Bate however went for a suicide dive on Akam, but Kross threw him down with an innovative offence to help AOP hit their finisher on Pete Dunne for the win.


Nick Aldis met Paul Heyman backstage and asked why he wanted to pull Randy Orton & Kevin Owens out of the tag team match against Solo Sikoa & Tama Tonga tomorrow. Heyman said that it was for the sake of Owens & Orton, but Aldis denied his request. Heyman said that he is not concerned about it anymore and Aldis is.

Aldis asked whther it is by the orders of Roman Reigns, but Heyman replied saying that he has not spoken to Roman Reigns since WrestleMania 40. Aldis questioned then how did he announced Roman getting withdrawn from the Draft. Heyman revealed that he was the one who made the decision & not Roman.

RKO Show

RKO Show with Paul Heyman WWE
RKO Show with Paul Heyman

The First ever RKO Show had a great reception from the WWE Universe. Kevin Owens said that he received a call from Paul Heyman a number of times, but he doesn’t want to pick the call. But Heyman called him over & over and finally requested him to be at the RKO Show to say them something important.

Paul Heyman came to the ring and asked Randy & Kevin to withdraw from their match, as the rules for Solo Sikoa & Tama Tonga are different from Roman Reigns. Randy Orton questions, who is the real Tribal Chief. Heyman says that the whole world knows that there is only one Tribal Chief.

While Heyman tries to spill the name, Solo Sikoa & Tama Tonga attacked them from the back. This turned out into a brawl. Orton & Owens stood tall in the end taking down all the securities, Solo Sikoa & Tama Tonga.

LA Knight vs Angel

LA Knight took took control of Angel throughout the match. Where he banged his head on the apron. He hit a corner knee splash and a slam on Angel, to lay him down. Angel tried to fight back, but it was too late, as Knight hit a BFT and picked up the win.

LA Knight & Santos Escobar

After the match LA Knight announced himself to the King of the Ring tournament. Santos Escobar stopped him with the mic and announced his entry too. Both argue who is gonne win the tournament, with LA Knight winning the arguement in his signature style.


Carlito was interviewed backstage and was asked about why he attacked Dragon Lee. Carlito explained that he done it to have his WrestleMania spot. He thought he should be the one to be at WrestleMania, but Rey announced Dragon Lee instead. He had no other choice other than taking Dragon Lee down from the match card. While Carlito tried to give more details, Dragon Lee came from nowhere and attacked Carlito.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match- Austin Theory & Grayson Waller (C) vs The Street Profits

WWE Tag Team Championship Match- Austin Theory & Grayson Waller (C) vs The Street Profits
WWE Tag Team Championship Match- Austin Theory & Grayson Waller (C) vs The Street Profits

Before the bell, Grayson Waller took Montez Ford down with a cheap shot allowing Austin Theory to have his first shot on Angelo Dawkins. Street Profits however took control of the champs with Ford hit a Rock bottom & Dawkins hit a Swantom Bomb on Waller.

After the commercial, Ford was fired up and he took both Waller & Theory in control. Waller got tagged in and went for thr coast to coast, to hit Dawkins leg. Theory looks to hit a rolling DDT, but Dawkins took him with a throwdown. Ford and Dawkins tried to finish the match, but Theory pulled the ropes. Ford was down, referee checks him. Waller used the distraction to hit a rolling flatliner and the champions retained.

Face Off- AJ Styles & Cody Rhodes

Face off- Cody Rhodes & AJ Styles WWE
Face off- Cody Rhodes & AJ Styles

Cody Rhodes asked what they wanna talk about in French. But AJ Styles stopped him saying that he didn’t care about what they want. Styles asked Cody to focus on him and not to get distracted from the crowd. Cody tried to be friendly with Styles & siad both were from the same place and had same path. Styles stopped him saying that he doesn’t want to hear him that superhero story.

He claims that although he is elder than him, he is still having the same energy. Styles recalls Cody Rhodes past, how he left the company, got back with open arms and all the wrestlers helped him to finish the story.

But Styles’ story is totally different, he earned his spot for his hardwork. Styles looks to end Cody’s reigns soon. But, Cody said that he is honoured to defend against Styles, but it is not his end and it is the beginning. Styles tease of having too sweet gesture, but slapped Cody.

Backstage Brawl

Solo Sikoa & Tama Tonga brawl against Randy Orton & Kevin Owens backstage with securities separating them. This is getting wild. The show ended with Owens taking Tama Tonga & Randy Orton hitting Solo Sikoa with the chair to the back.

SmackDown Results

  • Bayley, Naomi, Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill defeated Damage CTRL & Tiffany Stratton.
  • Authors of Pain defeated New Catch Republic with the help of Karrion Kross & Scarlett.
  • Paul Heyman was the special guest of the first ever RKO Show.
  • LA Knight defeated Angel by pinfall.
  • Austin Theory & Grayson Waller defeated Street Profits to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.
  • Carmelo Hayes, Bobby Lashley, LA Knight & Santos Escobar announced themselves for King of the Ring Tournament.
  • Randy Orton, Kevin Owens & The Bloodline kick start a brawl.
  • Cody Rhodes & AJ Styles had a final Face-off before their match.

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