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Top five WWE Superstars whose contracts are set to expire in 2024

Published at :April 17, 2024 at 2:41 PM
Modified at :April 17, 2024 at 2:41 PM
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Darshanbir Singh

Some big names could become free agents soon

WWE is a company that signs wrestlers on the basis of a contract. The contract is said to be of some specific period of time and has to be re-signed by the company and wrestler as it ends. Some of the wrestlers have a year’s contract, while others have it of 7 or 3 years, based on their capability.

There are many wrestlers whose WWE contracts are coming to an end in 2024. Here is a list of five popular WWE wrestlers whose contracts are set to expire soon.

Drew McIntyre

The Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre was costed his newly won Championship at WWE WrestleMania 40 by CM Punk. He’s all over Twitter and other Social Media platforms because of the tweets he has been putting lately on different Wrestlers and especially CM Punk.

As it is reported by Fightful, his contract is set to expire in a matter of weeks time from now, it is rumored that his contract can expire anytime after WrestleMania and nobody is sure if he has re-signed a deal with WWE.

Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins

The architect, Seth Rollins recently lost his World Title against Drew McIntyre in the WrestleMania 40. While he is an important asset for WWE it is being said that his WWE Contract can expire anytime soon. While the date says it is June 2024, people are quite sure that he will re-sign it and will prove to be an important person for the company.

Becky Lynch

‘The Man’ Becky Lynch has been performing at the highest level for years now. Just like her husband, Seth Rollins she is also an important Wrestler for WWE. Her contract too is said to expire soon and the approximate date for the same is said to be June 2024.

WWE has provided her with different opportunities and she has proved that she is one of the best Wrestlers in her division too. While it could be easily said that she will re-sign the contract, one should start thinking what wonders she can do in WWE in the future.


Ricochet is famous for his high-flying action. Recently, after defeating Ivar, he has proved himself as one of the best cruiserweight superstars currently in WWE. Ricochet has a lot stored for him in his WWE career and one can be assured that he will re-sign with WWE.

WWE need wrestlers in the Cruiserweight division and Ricochet is one of the best to do so. He could be soon put into a mid-card Championship feud or could be provided with a possible heel turn, making him the best out of everything. His contract is said to expire in Summer 2024.

New Day

The New Day, a WWE wrestling trio featuring Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods, currently competes on Raw. Following Big E’s hiatus due to a broken neck, Kingston and Woods form the active tag team. They’re celebrated for holding records like the most SmackDown Tag Team Championship reigns at seven and the longest Raw Tag Team Championship reign at 483 days, solidifying their status as one of WWE’s most popular and decorated teams.

It is said that their contract will expire in December 2024, where nobody is sure if Big E will be re-signed, Kofi and Xavier are said to be re-signed as they belong to one of the greatest Tag Teams in WWE history.

As 2024 sees the expiration of contracts for top WWE stars, uncertainty looms. Drew McIntyre’s future remains unclear amidst social media buzz. Seth Rollins, despite recent setbacks, is likely to renew his contract. Becky Lynch’s longstanding tenure suggests a contract extension, securing her pivotal role. Ricochet’s high-flying abilities position him for renewal, bolstering WWE’s cruiserweight division.

The New Day’s contract expiration in December 2024 sparks speculation, particularly regarding Big E’s renewal, while Kofi and Xavier’s seem probable, ensuring their tag team legacy endures. One should tune into WWE to see how it goes what are the plans for the Wrestlers who are mentioned above.

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