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We will analyse the mistakes, says KBFC coach Ivan Vukomanovic

Published at :October 17, 2022 at 5:36 AM
Modified at :December 13, 2023 at 1:01 PM
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(Courtesy : ISL Media)

Anaswara V Rajan

Kerala Blasters are yet to defeat ATK Mohun Bagan in the ISL.

Kerala Blasters FC started their campaign in the Indian Super League 2022-23 season with a magnificent win over East Bengal. But they lost to ATK Mohun Bagan 5-2 in their very second match of the season at Kochi. Ivan Kalyuzhnyi scored the opening goal of the game while Rahul KP netted the second after going down 3-1 to Bagan. Ivan Vukomanovic met the media for the post-match press conference to discuss his side’s performance.

Here’s what the Kerala Blasters head coach said:

Thoughts on the game

Ivan Vukomanovic admitted that they were aware that they are going to play against a strong team. Even after a huge loss the team has got a clear picture on their mistakes and knows where to improve. He admitted that some bad decision making of the players led them to lose the game. 

“Today we got an idea. I think we are strong. We are not allowing our opponent to come along in the middle line. The two goals, easy goals. Because we had a good moment. They made a good decision at that moment on how to tackle it. The players also realised that when you are playing against strong teams it's about how you act and react to that moment," said the tactician.

He added, "We wanted to press high in the second half. When we were 3-1 down, we tried to get back into the game. We had good chances to get into the game. We are sorry for the result. We will analyse these mistakes.”

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On Hormipam Ruivah's performance

After the loss, the mentor stood by his team's young defender Hormipam Ruivah. He said that Ruivah is a good player and the mistakes that he has made today are all part of the game. He added that not only the 21-year-old, but every other player will realise their mistakes. He also mentioned that this is just their second game. 

“Hormi is a good young player. Making mistakes, especially in his position, is a part of the game. Playing the second game in front of the home crowd, not only him but every player has to realise this is how you go on the highest levels. For the next time, we will analyse the crucial wrong decisions, especially in the second half,” commented Vukomanovic.

Coach’s message to fans

Ivan Vukomanovic said that when they play at home they play to win. He added that the fans have to know that loss is also a part of the game and there is always another game and that is the beauty of football. 

“All the fans have to know that whenever we play at home, we play to win. We want to play for them. There are also certain things we have to take into consideration. Tonight, the moments we conceded the goals, you have to know that you have to deal with in the home. Because it's football. This is a football game. This kind of competition. There is a nice part in football. This is a game, you win, draw, lose, slip over, you continue. Because there is a next game,” mentioned the coach.




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