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Top 10 players to play for both Juventus and Inter Milan

Published at :November 5, 2022 at 7:31 PM
Modified at :November 5, 2022 at 11:06 PM
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Hardik Malhotra

There have been a few footballers over the years that have played for both clubs

A profession is all about exploring and adapting to a new atmosphere. A person is considered skillful only when he can showcase his abilities and knack in all adverse situations. Similarly, this is the case with football when management scouts players for their team. At the time of transfers or also known as summer and winter windows, when team management aims at a particular player, it doesn’t focus on its current team majorly. But will surely keep a close eye on the player’s growth chart during his playing minutes with the current club which might give several thoughts before buying it to the new club.

When transfer talks have been at their peak for today’s discussion, how can we ignore the Italian club’s marketing tactics and their big buys? So let us have a close glimpse of the top 10 players who got the rare opportunities to confuse and expand their fan base by playing for both Inter Milan and Juventus, which carry various chapters of rivalry among themselves.

10. Andrea Pirlo

Pirlo played for AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus (Courtesy: AC Milan)

The midfield wizard had an amazing career with Juventus when the club in 2011 after winning two UEFA Champions League trophies with AC Milan. But the midfielder began his career with Inter Milan where he played 22 appearances within three years. The legendary midfielder also managed Juventus for a small period as a coach.

9. Roberto Baggio

The Italian showed his world-class skills and football from 1990 to 1995 during his time at Juventus. He won the 1993 UEFA Cup along with the team. Later he played for Inter Milan for two years from 1998 to 2000.

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The legendary Swedish striker currently plays for AC Milan but has a list of legendary clubs for which he has played. At the beginning of his career, he was purchased by Juventus from Ajax where he had two brilliant seasons. But later that due to the relegation of the club he decided to leave the club and join the rival side of the club. He bagged four Italian Championship during his career in Inter Milan.

7. Fabio Cannavaro

The world has witnessed various defenders in football but someone like Cannavaro is a live example that the world has seen on Italian soil. He build his fame while playing for Parma and later in 2002 got the opportunity to play for Inter Milan. His time with Inter was only two years after which he was bought by Juventus. He is the only defender since 2006 who has received a Ballon d’Or.

6. Giuseppe Meazza

He is the greatest forward Inter ever have. The forward played for the team blue Milan from 1927 to 1940. He scored 282 goals for the club and later joined Juventus where he scored 10 goals in 27 matches for the club.

5. Patrick Vieira

As the list of midfielders has now kept increasing a name must be on the list for this article otherwise the midfield position will seem empty. Patrick Vieira, the great French defensive midfielder who had a golden football career while playing for Arsenal also played for Juventus for a while when bought by the club in 2005 and clinched four titles for Inter Milan.

4. Marco Tardelli

The list welcomes another world-class midfielder, Marco Tardelli who played for Juventus from 1975 to 1985. He gained fame as one of the best midfielders in Italy after he scored a spectacular goal against England in the World Cup. He lifted five titles for the Italian side and later got signed by Inter Milan for a contract of three years.

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3. Edgar Davids 

Dutch midfielders have always marked their name in the hall of fame of world football. Edgar Davids is one such Dutch midfielder who went to Juventus during the winter transfer of 1997 after lifting the UEFA Champions League with AC Milan and creating a fan base himself. He lifted the Italian Championship thrice while having a six-year contract with the club. Later he was bought by Inter Milan during the transfers of 2004. Currently, he is one of the coaches of the Dutch national team.

2. Leonardo Bonucci

Leonardo Bonucci
Bonucci has played for both Juventus and Inter Milan (Courtesy: Juventus)

The current captain and star defender of the Juventus and Italy national football teams have something new in his career line-up which everyone must keep a note on. Everyone must be knowing the player because of the world-class performances he has been doing for Juventus. His involvement in the team has certainly led the club, to lift eight Italian titles since 2010. But everyone must keep a note of the player because the player made his professional football debut with Inter Milan a year back, where he got the chance to represent the club only four times during the entire season.

1. Christian Vieri

One of the former leading goals scorers of Italian football who played for Juventus in 1996-97, bagged the Italian Championship for the team. Later playing in various clubs like Lazio and Atletico Madrid the centre forward also got a chance to play at Inter Milan, where he had a tenure of six years but could lift the Copa Italia only once for the Blue Milan.