These trophies make up the most prized laurels in world football.

Whether it’s a club or a national team a football team consists of 11 playing players and six or seven substitute players whose names generally pop up on the screen of a common man’s television. For some more attention, the name of the manager and the team’s logo lit up in front of every football fan’s iris. But what are these 22 players in the field fighting for with a ball? Are these, the only valuable individuals on the team? After their career of about 18 to 20 years, what will the originality of these players be in monetary means?

“TROPHIES, TITLES, CUPS” is the answer to all these questions which have been stated above because the truth of life is that a sportsperson is only remembered for his good deeds, achievements, and skills after a certain age.

Now as the topic for this article has already taken a turn towards trophies and titles, let’s discuss the top 10 most expensive trophies in the world of football.

10. English Premier League Trophy

The English Premier League is one of the oldest football leagues in the world which has been ruling Europe and the UK for decades. Many iconic football legends stepped onto the English fields in the search of that trophy which later led them to mark their team’s name in the history of the league. The trophy is constructed from silver, gilded silver, a precious gemstone found in Africa, and malachite leading to a total cost of $10,000. The current holder of the trophy is Manchester City who lifted it the last season.

9. UEFA Champions League Trophy

The iconic and the most prestigious trophy in club football. It is a trophy for which 32 teams compete among themselves but the teams among which they face each other are usually the top four teams coming from different leagues of Europe. The trophy has been carrying a certain amount of respect and major leadership qualities for ages. It carries a total cost of $15,000 which has been made up of original silver. The current holder of the cup has been Chelsea FC.

8. Bundesliga Meisterschale

This trophy was made for the German League, Bundesliga in 1964 by the renowned art professor, Elisabeth Treskow. It was made for the 18 teams of the league among which FC Koln was the first team who lifted the title in 1964. The shield carries a total weight of 11kg which included a Tourmaline weighing 71.98 carats and the rest silver, and gold in the making added. Also, the trophy amounts to about $57,102 in total.

7. Seria A Trophy

The trophy also known as Scuddeto was made for the top-ranked Italian club in the league in 1960. Ettore Calvelli was the renowned artisan who crafted the trophy for the league. The trophy has a blue sodalite base and some gold rings which later in total carries a total weight of 8kg with a height of 58cm. The $66,000 trophy has been a close friend of Juventus FC lifting it 36 times and currently having it in the new hands of AC Milan.

6. African Cup of Nations Trophy

The trophy has a major role to play in the life of the African subcontinent-playing nations. It is one of the top and most prestigious awards in African football which has been going since decades. The country that has been ruling the trophy majorly is Egypt, while the current holder of the $150,000 trophy in 2021 is Algeria.

5. Ballon d’Or Trophy

It is one of the top most prestigious awards for an individual footballer in the world. The award was made by a French jeweller in 1956. Ballon d’Or mainly focuses on the player who has played a brilliant role in both their club and national team. The award carries a total weight of 12kg with a mixture of brass and gold in it. Also, the award till now has been lifted by Lionel Messi the most (7 times). Cristiano Ronaldo is just behind him in lifting the award 5 times. The current Ballon d’Or was being lifted by the French striker Karim Benzema.

4. FA Cup Trophy

The FA Cup trophy is the oldest competition in England. Although, the first team who took over the trophy was Arsenal. Now, Arsenal has become the top team with the most FA cup titles. The title has been made up of Sterling Silver and thus carries a total cost of $1,180,000.

3. UEFA Europa League Trophy

This trophy belongs to the second tier of the UEFA league where the teams from Europe’s league according to their coefficients make the group stage. The Europa League majorly made up of a silver and yellow base which costs $4.5 million.

2. Copa Libertadores trophy

The South American League’s top club trophy comes number two on the list. The league introduced in 1960 and currently has a total number of 18 clubs. The trophy made up of sterling silver with silver-coated bronze with a total cost of $8.5 million. The latest winner of the Copa Libertadores was Palmeiras.

1. FIFA World Cup Trophy

This trophy is the ultimate goal for every footballer to achieve in his/her international career. A top-level quest for the cup arises after every 4 years when FIFA organizes a world football event for the top 32 qualifying national teams for that golden trophy. The World Cup made by an Italian artisan, Silvio Gazzaniga. Also, the most number of FIFA World Cup earned by a country is Brazil. The current FIFA World Cup which will be taking place in less than a month in Qatar will showcase the $20,000,000 trophy again this year.

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